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  1. I just check my EQ report a week after a sent a letter to CAP 1 trying to work remove a history 4 1/2 year history of late payments and they have removed every single late payment. And my scor went up 67 points.
  2. So is there anything I can do to get them to report to mt TU report
  3. So which CRA do CJ report to, right now they are just showing up on my EX and it made my EX jump up 71 points.
  4. So i bought a small pair of ear rings. Is it o.k if i pay it off the very next day then purchase something 2 or three months later
  5. I have a good question , How should the Crown Jewelers credit card be handle. Should I like purchase something small every other month and how long should I keep it.
  6. O.k I have an account set up with MYFICO . And it suggested that I pay my revolving debt down to at least 5%. I have an Cap One credit card that has a past due balance of 1,700( Has been charged off since 2003). And my overall revolving balance is 2,300. Myfico simulated that if I got my revolving debt down to at least 5% my score would jump almost a hundred points. So if I were to go ahead and pay off the Cap One Card would they update my CR and make the balance zero. Because the Cap One balance is reporting in my revolving debt. Thanks in advance
  7. No I had already took care of the payment. But the bad tradeline was still showing up for both verizon accounts.
  8. I also just notice on my updated Equifax report that they removed all 17 INQUIRIES .
  9. Thank God I sent Verizon a GW letter 4 or 5 days ago on two old accounts that were sent to CA'S . And today I got an alert on my Equifax report saying my score had went up 41 points. And boom Verizon has deleted both accounts. And I just found this site 2 1/2 weeks ago and already got two major things off my report. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH. But i still have work to do.
  10. May I ask why should I close it. And if so should I look into get another CC since that is my only CC
  11. O.K I have A first Premier CC with a balance of 237.00 and the limit is 250.00. if I were to pay the balance down to about $5 0r $10 and keep it there for some months. Would that raise my FICO score. Or would I be better off just paying the CC off. ( What needs to be my behavior with this card in order to raise my score. )
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