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  1. Updates? I got a message from these guys today but they are looking for someone else.
  2. Awesome. (and quick) I am interested in this "draft complaint". Is it official or something just typed up? The reason I ask is I have several JDB with violations I am dealing with and would like to send them a draft complaint to get them moving. I do have an attorney I can refer it to if needed after that point but would like to not have to go that far. You can PM me an example if needed. Thanks.
  3. It's still a violation see Foti v NCO ( this makes leaving a voice mail message a communication and then look at the definition of communication in FDCPA. )
  4. I settled and FDCPA violation with a JDB on my own....release has been signed and sent back....how long should one wait to receive settlement check? It has been close to 3 weeks sense the release was sent back to JDB. Would you now insist on overnighting the check with a deadline or you will submit to your attorney for handling? Thanks.
  5. Pulp, How are you getting around their Bona Fide Error Defense? I have a collector who is using the Bona Fide Error Defense - they placed several calls to my home using automated dialer. The 1st was the message(initial contact) another I answered and said Hello there was a pause then a hang up. Another was a message that said "I did not detect a valid response" and another I answered and went through the prompts then got "I detect a valid response, goodbye" 3 weeks later 4+ calls no dunning letter - they are using bona fide error as a defense to not violating FDCPA because they have processes in place to catch such things. Your opinion? Thanks.
  6. If you get calls from CA/JDB and when you answer there is a pause then hang up would that be a violation? I know one of the complaints of the automated dialer is the fact that when the caller answers there is dead air and/or disconnected. That scenario has happened to me several times. I'll answer and say Hello...Hello and then click. TIA.
  7. I'd like to know the answer too as I have a paid off auto loan that reports like that. I have disputed and it comes back verified as accurate.
  8. Well if the account has been sold to another CA the first CA that has the TL reported on on credit reports are supposed to delete their tradeline. Send a copy of the letter they sent you to the 3 CRA's and request a deletion.
  9. You can sue the data furnisher under section 623( of the FCRA for reporting inaccurate/unverifiable information. You must dispute with CRA's first though.
  10. Thanks, I'll call the CRA's and go from there. Oh, lol, another question what if the DOFD for the OC's is different between the 3 CRA's?
  11. Sorry to intrude......but how would you dispute the re-aging? This is occurring on all 3 of my credit reports, for the most part none of them are reporting the same thing. The JDB's fall off date is past the OC fall off date and 1 JDB fall of date is 1 year past the OC fall off date. Thanks.
  12. I just read a post that said the JDB's must include verbage in their letter that they may or have reported negative info to the credit bureaus. #1. I have Pinnacle on on my reports for 2 different debts. For one of the debts I never received notification. I only found out about them when I pulled my credit report recently. They were added 2/09. Are they in violation? #2. The other Pinnacle account was put on my credit report 2/10 and letter was sent by Pinnacle(NES) w/in 60 days but the letter did not say anything about may or have reported negative info to credit bureau. I found out they were on my reports recently as well. Violation? #3. Palisades- hubbys debt, received dunning letter 1/09 and they reported to credit bureaus 1/09. Their statement says "when permitted by law we may report info about your account to credit bureaus" Consequently late payments, missed payments or other defaults on your account may be reflected in your credit report. Is this statement o.k.? Also how is this reporting possible when I have no payment arrangements with them to have the ability to pay late or miss a payment? Thanks.
  13. I understand that to mean that I have not filed suit against them not to mean that I will not file suit against them. Which is true I have not filed suit against any of them.
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