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  1. I have a hard time taking this seriously, it has to be a troll! Most people have debt problems through no fault of their own, medical problems, job loss, divorce, etc, or just get in over their heads and have to default.
  2. Iceland does it right again! I'm guessing they don't think banks, and bankers, are "too big to fail" or "too big to jail"! I like the way they think! Link:
  3. costs a whopping $2.99 and takes 30 minutes to read if you skip over the insurance stuff, which is not applicable in this case anyway. I think the book is worthwhile just to have all the info available in one place. But, whatever.
  4. Hey Bridget, Welcome! To answer your question and hopefully give you some peace of mind, I'll tell you based on personal experience, that the situation is nowhere near as bad as it appears at first blush. BUT, you need to get on this soon. First thing, check with Amazon and get the Kindle book "How to Negotiate Your Hospital Bill and Apply For Financial Assistance" . If you don't have a Kindle, there's a free Amazon App to read the books on your computerI believe, you may have to hunt for it. It's a good book and it mirrors a book by Ralph Nader that he wrote years ago. Actually, buying a Kind
  5. Do you mean this DOA? Just a wee bit of a problem here, don't you think?
  6. Until fines equal actual loss to consumers, plus legal fees, it's just the cost of doing business. Pay $700 million fine for stealing billions? Gee, there's no profit in that!
  7. More good news!
  9. What is your experience with Sharebuilder? I know it's a Capitol One company which is usually enough to make me look elsewhere, but I'd like to hear what your experience with them has been. I'm thinking about getting back into stocks on a small scale. Never thought I'd say that after 2008-2009! Thanks!
  10. Woman Accused of Filing 3,000 False Tax Returns in $7.5 Million Scheme
  11. Interesting. Explain how you can be pro-business and anti-consumer? Can you have a business without consumers? That defies logic. The bill is supported by the the debt collection interests using lobbyists, the way to defeat it is by funding a stronger lobby or by constituents of the lawmakers holding said lawmaker's responsible. Party doesn't matter much to most state lawmakers, it's about the money or getting reelected so they make more money. For the most part, on a state level the voters still have control if they'll just use it. Nationally, not so much.
  12. So, the implication is that the Republicans are anti-consumer?
  13. Determined1's link worked for me, debt zapper's link did not.
  14. I'm going to celebrate Tax Day (the REAL April Fools Day) by reading the Federal Tax Code. Link: