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  1. I don't think even Bruce can save us now. But, hey, at least someone appreciates BP! http://www.borowitzreport.com/2010/05/29/bin-laden-says-hes-professionally-envious-of-bp/ POSTED MAY 29, 2010 Bin Laden Says He’s ‘Professionally Envious’ of BP ‘I’ve Got to Step Up My Game,’ Says Madman THE BOROWITZ REPORT – In a new video that is light on his usual threats but heavy on admiration, Osama bin Laden admits that he is “professionally envious” of oil giant BP’s massive oil spill, saying that it puts his efforts to create destruction and chaos to shame. “There are times in an evildoer’s life when one has to stand back and admire a job well done,” Mr. bin Laden says in the video. “BP, you blow me away.” The Al-Qaeda mastermind adds that his first thought upon seeing BP’s spill was, “Man, I’ve got to step up my game.” Mr. bin Laden claims in the video that he rarely feels envious towards other evildoers, but says he likes “to use that energy to push myself to be the best terrorist I can be.” As for the envy he felt after seeing BP’s handiwork, the madman says, “I haven’t felt this way since the whole Toyota thing.”
  2. And if you're innocent, you had better hope that "one nutcase" sees that as well, before a judge railroads your sorry butt into prison.
  3. 10 things found in . . . A car's glove compartment 1. Insurance cards 2. Vehicle Owner's manual 3. Maps 4. Sunglasses 5..45 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  4. I can see where you're coming from Chester P. Dexter, there nothing wrong with being an adrenaline junkie if you roll that way. It's funny that I'm so conservative financially because I've always been a risk taker in every other area. Maybe if I could privatize the gains while socializing the loses, like the big banks, I'd be more comfortable. I wish you well!
  5. I had similar thoughts, margins are for someone with more "loss tolerance" than me. A broker once told me that everyone has two buttons, a greed button and a fear button. When he identified which button you had, he could sell you exactly what you were looking for. Apparently, I have the fear button.
  6. LOL! I'm just trying to protect myself and leave something for the kids, I'd trade for youth and optimism any day! Best of luck to us both, jq!
  7. Thanks, jq. I fall into the "short term" group, unfortunately(), but I see your point "long term". What do you think about the "President's Working Group on Financial Markets" AKA "Plunge Protection Team"? My contention is, they can only do so much then all hell is going to break loose. Pardon my French.
  8. jq26 said: I totally agree that the flight to safety is on. I'm curious though, how does one differentiate between a market adjustment and the beginning of a crash, like 1929? Not saying you're wrong, actually I hope you're right, but what do you see that I don't? I'm expecting more than a correction, or, at least, more than a minor correction.
  9. nascar said: Scientists say the Gulf Stream will carry the spill up the EAST coast of the US. Now, there is talk of using a nuke to seal off the oil spill! What kinds of seismic events might THAT trigger?! What a mess!
  10. Goldbug


    Count the silver, jq! I ran across this today, now I'm even less of a fan of Facebook than I was. Note, adult language warning: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/05/14/facebook_trust_dumb/
  11. Hay Was Used Successfully On The 1969 Santa Barbara Oil Spill The Two American Farmers Are Right - All Available Hay Should Begin To Move To The Gulf Immediately By Jeff Rense 5-13-10 The two wise American farmers who presented their hay solution to dealing with the massive, burgeoning Gulf of Mexico oil slick are right on the money. It's doubtful they remember, but the same technique was used in the historic Santa Barbara Channel oil spill. On January 28, 1969, there was a blowout at an offshore oil rig, Platform A, several miles off the coast of the city of Santa Barbara in the Santa Barbara Channel. The spill galvanized national and world attention to the potential nightmare and dangers of offshore drilling... link to rest of article:http://www.rense.com/general90/barb.htm
  12. Thanks for posting this, merrybucks. There's been talk of the metals mkt. being manipulated for a long while, now it's mainstream news.
  13. Oh yeah, I forgot to say, silver may be a much better investment $4$ than gold if it breaks loose, it's seriously undervalued. It's one downside is the transportation problem.
  14. Yeah, I believe in junk silver too, but you asked about gold. Junk silver is very hard to get now, BTW. The problem with silver is transportation. They are both good, it's just, value wise, a small quantity of gold = a huge quantity of silver. $ for $, 1oz. of gold equals 65 oz. or so of silver, 1 oz (troy) gold vs 6.5 lbs (troy) silver. You could trade your British sovereign (.239 oz. of gold) for a comparable amount of silver, for example, to cover smaller expenses.
  15. This is my 3rd attempt at a reply, but I'll try again. Maybe the 3rd time will be a charm! Bigwoodystyle said: The word I get from dealers is they are unfamiliar with most of the bars, so they're going to be hard to liquidate unless you go back to the co. that made or marketed them. The premiums seem to be high also. Every dealer is familiar with the francs, sovereigns ,etc. so they are easy to trade. Again, it goes back to premiums. The coins you mentioned are marked up more than bullion coins and if you sale, the sale price is going to be near spot price (or bullion price, same thing) unless you can find a collector. If things get bad enough there are going to be very few collectors of anything! Precious metals for me is strictly a hedge, I don't think of it as an investment to make money, although that may well be the case and I've done OK so far. Gold was $15/oz in 1913 and the paper dollar (silver backed BTW) was worth a dollar. Today, gold is a little over 1200 paper dollars/oz and the dollar is worth $.04. Do the math. If gold breaks loose and is valued at it's true worth, it has a long ways to go. Also, it will convert easily to euros, yen, yuan, whatever the preferred world currency becomes, in any case. Am I pessimistic? I read the news and study history. What I've learned doesn't inspire confidence! I certainly hope I'm wrong about what's going to happen, financially and otherwise, but metals are the best thing I've found to preserve what I've managed to accrue. If that fails, we're all screwed anyway!
  16. Goldbug


    The Sheriff's Dept. needs to hook up with the TSA and get one of their scanners, better image quality and they are used to checking suspicious packages. http://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local-beat/TSA-Fracas-After-Body-Scanner-Reveals-TMI-92971929.html http://motherjones.com/mojo/2010/05/proof-tsas-full-body-scanners-are-too-invasive I liked one of the comments on digg: "Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Will Have Their Small Penises Revealed For All To See.":wink:
  17. Goldbug


    I am no longer amazed! http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2010-05-08/news/os-suspicious-package-church-20100508_1_bomb-squad-markham-woods-road-suspicious
  18. These guys are on to something! BP ought to be beating a path to their doors! Eat your hearts out MIT!:lol:
  19. Bullion coins. I can't afford bars, they would be hard(er) to liquidate anyway. Paper is just paper, the intrinsic value is zero. Precious metals are just a hedge against inflation, I believe that as our currency continues to go down, metals will go up.
  20. Anybody watching the Dow? I just saw it drop 500 pts. in less than 5 minutes!
  21. Is this a threat? All that's missing is the crosshairs!
  22. http://www.physorg.com/news135003243.html The comments are hilarious!:roflmao: http://www.ecogeek.org/content/view/1864/81/
  23. Good photo! Might have been better if the photographer had changed his perspective a little and included the Capital.
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