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  1. Good Call, I think I will. BTW, I got my Amax on Saturday with a 3K limit, AZFCU says I am a risk.
  2. I was really happy with these guys. I recently had my CC limit on the my Visa to $3000 from $2000. That was actually in October and then about two week ago they dropped my CL to $200. I called and asked and they said my credit is now bad based on a soft pull. So, I got angry and got a supervisor who without my approval pulled my report and said he would need to get back to me. When he finally did he said there was not noticeable difference from my report from the previous pull in October, but only could say that my report was now high risk. I think they did it because I had a zero balanc
  3. The same thing happened to me a few years back, but I had two loans with then, a sub and unsub, so this may not work for you. I consolidated my loans with them and then disputed the one with the late payments. When you consolidate, it is now a new loan and Sallie Mae did not dispute my dispute on the closed loan. It may be work a shot for you. It currently shows "Account paid satisfactorily"
  4. I have been a member since Feb of 05 and bump on average 5 days a week and I am still going strong.
  5. They told me the only thing I was eligible for was a 3% drop in my interest rate, so I took that. Still pretty darn good if you ask me.
  6. They ran EQ and I have 5 derogs all paid, none of which were unpaid or tax liens. One was a paid repo though. I had paid 2 of them off just 4 weeks earlier.
  7. I got the MC first and they told me the same thing. It has a $300 CL. I have had it for 8 months. Last month I applied again for the store card and I got an $750 CL. I have not got a increase on the MC yet though and they only random checks for increases. Since they are through HSBC along with Orchid MC I got Orchid the same day and Orchid started at $300 and is now at $600. I suggest getting the MC and applying for the store card in 6 months.