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  1. Hi Mary, Please keep us updated on your case. LVNV has purchased all of my debt and are hungry to collect (though I've yet to actually be taken to court). Good luck!
  2. Greetings, I need to send a DV letter to Financial Recovery Services, Inc. but the address on the letter I received from them is a P.O. box. I'm pretty sure I can't send a letter CMRRR to a P.O. box so not quite sure how to proceed. Anyone else run into this before?
  3. Thank you, I will check with the USPS. I have not disputed with the CRA's yet but will do that as my next step.
  4. I recently sent DV letters to two different law firms (both trying to collect on different accounts now owned by LVNV). Both of the DV attempts are past the initial 30 day period. I got the return receipt back immediately from one firm but have yet to receive anything back from the other. Is it typical for them not to sign or more likely that the post office lost my return receipt? How do I follow up on this? Do I keep sending them DV letters CMRRR until I get a signed receipt?
  5. Hi Fred, It is my understanding that if you do not DV within the 30 day limit that has been legally set for consumer protection, the CA is no longer under obligation to respond (this is based on what I have been told on this board as well as similar credit boards). Any links to info that proves otherwise? Thanks.
  6. Hi Fred, That's exactly what I am trying to figure out! From what I can gather so far, there aren't many options. As I am currently getting letters from attornies I figured it would be best to at least have proof of some sort of dialogue in case I get sued. Apparantly though, once you've missed the intitial 30 day window, they are under no obligation to provide you with anything. Happy happy, joy joy!
  7. Thanks for the responses. It's my own fault for burying my head in the sand for so long! I sent letters disputing the debt off to the law firms so now all I can do is just sit back and wait. If anything, maybe this thread will be another reminder to others to take action immediately!
  8. Thanks again for your help (and to Bigtime!). Sent of the DV letters yesterday so we'll see what happens. Sorry for hijacking your thread by the way.
  9. Yeah, I get the feeling they are hip to what is coming. I'm expecting a summons in response to my general denial/DV letter.
  10. *Groan* (kicking myself for not dealing with this sooner!) Assuming at the very least, sending them the DV will show that I tried to communicate with them if they take me to court. Just when I think I am going in the right direction it feels like one step forward, two steps back (no one to blame but myself though). As always, thanks for the input.
  11. If it makes you feel better, LVNV is after me for two accounts they have purchased. I will keep you posted as to what I learn.
  12. Greetings, After avoiding my situation for far too long, I now have two law firms attempting to collect on past debts. I am going to send them both letters of dispute tomorrow but had one question. Everything I have read refers to a consumers right to request validation within 30 days of being notified. I am several months past that 30 day limit. Is it too late for me to request validation from the attorney?
  13. About to send off dispute letters to two different law firms tomorrow (both representing LVNV). I was going over the original letter I received from one of the firms and noticed that it said the following; 'If you dispute the validity of the debt, or any portion thereof, we invite you to explain why. You are not under any duty to tell us anything, but if you decide to do so, we will take any information that you decide to provide to us into consideration in deciding whether or not the debt is valid." Why would they include this? Are they expecting a dispute (and thusly prepared for one) or is this standard language for these types of letters?
  14. I will definitely check out that thread this evening. To be honest, all of this is pretty overwhelming but it is starting to make some sense. Thank you for the example letters. Last question, am I sending this letter to the attorney or to LVNV (or both)?
  15. Thank you so much for your help. I think I just needed an extra nudge to move forward! Are you saying I should send the dispute letter to the attorney or to LVNV (or both). Should I keep it simple as was earlier suggested or should I go for a full on 'you must validate' type letter? Your time is much appreciated.
  16. Thanks for your advice. Hearing that you are feeling better is also quite encouraging. The amount they are currently trying to collect is a little over $1000. I know they bought another of my um, 'alleged' debts which is over $2000 (haven't heard anything of late on that one though). Another helpful soul here suggested I send a letter to the attorney simply stating I know nothing about the debt they are trying to collect. Would this be your advice? I am SO ready to break this paralysis and finally take care of my mess! Thanks again and congrats on your success.
  17. I am receiving letters from an attorney on behalf of LVNV. I have been ignoring them (yes, I'm in denial but trying to snap out of it!). I have gotten the advice to send a general denial back to the attorney disputing the claim (haven't acted yet as I am afraid of provoking a law suit). In hindsight would you have sent the letter of denial after getting the first notice (prior to the suit)?
  18. So I think I've narrowed it down to which account is trying to be collected on. The SOL will be up 02/08. Does it still make sense to respond to the attorney with a denial? Should I continue not to respond or do I risk provoking my day in court?
  19. I was under the impression that if your debt was past the SOL you couldn't be sued at all. Is this incorrect?
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