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  1. I'm really having a hard time getting a grasp on all of this stuff (I don't know how some of you soak it all up!). I think I need to sit down one on one with someone to get solid legal advice that I can understand. Is it worth paying someone to help clue me in? If so, how do I find the right person?
  2. My original question was in regards to the information from the OC on my credit report. I am being pressured by an attorney representing LVNV and have been afraid to contact him. I am trying to find out if I am past the SOL but HSBC does not list when my account first went delinquent. Aren't they required to give that information to the CRA? Seems really dodgy.
  3. Am I understanding correctly then that the OC is not legally bound to keep accurate records of this type of information?
  4. Unfortuneately, I'm a text book case of how to mishandle your debt by burying your head in the sand. I do not have proper records. Wouldn't the OC be able to tell me? Is there some kind of law that requires the OC or CA to prove the original date of delinquency? Why are these sections in my Equifax blank? Seems shady!
  5. I found this quote regarding the SOL laws; "The statute of limitations (SOL) for a delinquent debt is the time limit for the creditor to file a lawsuit. This period starts when the debtor becomes delinquent." Problem is I am not sure how to determine the exact date that my account went delinquent. I checked my Equifax report and some of the charged off accounts don't even specify when the delinquency was first reported or when the account was closed. There are sections for this information but they are blank. Has this information been intentionally left off? How do I find out what date to use to guage where I am at with the SOL?
  6. I'm so confused on all of this stuff that i am thinking this may be the way for me to go. I have read about 'pay for delete' but it seems like an urban myth! What do you mean by getting LVNV off of my reports? Thanks
  7. Hi Big Time, Just checked my Equifax credit report online and it says that LVNV last reported my account 10/2007. Does that mean that I can DV them or do they just automatically report my accounts every month. I also found out that they have another account of mine which is twice as much as the one they are going after right now. This mean the current CA letters are testing the waters for the next barrage? Thanks for your time by the way!
  8. Interesting link. As of now I don't really understand what it all means but it sure does look like LVNV is aggressive about suing. Looks like I better start looking for some additional work asap!
  9. Thanks for the links Texttoy. The first one that popped up looked good but unfortuneately, I don't understand it. http://www.courtinfo.ca.gov/forms/documents/exemptions.pdf What does the exemption catagory specify? Does the dollar amount specify the amount of property they can seize or does it mean I am safe up to that number?
  10. Thanks Big Time. How do I navigate to that site to actually view specific cases?
  11. Thanks for taking the time to help me with this Big Time. I am going to send out a letter tomorrow. Do I simply state that I am disputing their claim or should I elaborate by asking them to confirm the details (sort of a hybrid DV letter)?
  12. I am interested in hearing from others who have been sued in southern california. More specifically I am concerned about the following information from those who lost; How much extra did you have to pay on top of the debt amount due to added legal fees? How long do you have to pay once a judgement has been made against you? What happens if you do not have the money? Can they sieze property that is unrelated to your original charges for compensation? Any info appreciated.
  13. Sorry for being so daft. I have been scouring the forums but have yet to find specifics as far as the next move I should make. Can anyone point me to the type of letter I should be sending at this point? I'd like to get it out asap. Do I send it to the attorney and the debt collector? Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the feedback everybody, much appreciated. I was under the impression that once a debt collector had an attorney involved it was too late to DV. After readng through the stickies however it appears many people have proceeded by DVing both the attorney and the debt collector. Should that be my next move?
  15. Just to clarify on the denial thing, should I go ahead and send the attorney a letter or do I just sit tight? Am I way pass the DV stage?
  16. Thanks Big Time. Where can I read up on the 'denial' and 'proof of discovery' follow ups?
  17. The debt is from a credit card and the original creditor was HSBC. It was reported around 8/5/05. The attorney contacting me is representing LVNV Funding (assuming that is the newest collector). Thanks
  18. Greetings, Kind of embarassed that I've avoided dealing with my debt for so long but I am glad I found this site. I really have no idea how to proceed. I have read through most of the DV postings but am still confused. I have 4 outstanding accounts (about 3-4 years old for all of them). They have passed through so many different credit collectors that I don't even know what is what anymore! Recently I have been getting form letters from a law firm here in southern california (Winn Law Group) on an account which is now a little over $1000. I just received a more 'personalized' letter and really get the feeling I am about to be sued. Is it too late to DV? I'm definitely way passed the initial 30 days from when they first started contacting me. If they sue me, will this open a 'flood gate' as far as being sued for the other accounts. I am assuming that as soon as one vulture gets a piece of me the others will rush in as well! I really don't know how to proceed and greatly appreciate any advice.
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