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  1. I received a letter today from the Law Offices of Abreu, Palma & Abreu out of Miami, FL. It says they are currently acting as a debt collector on behalf of CACH, LLC (<--I have no idea who that is) and that the original creditor is GE Money Retail Bank. I'm not even sure about the account with them either. It seems to me after reading the back of the letter that CACH, LLC may in fact be one & the same with the law office. Do I DV this "Law Office"? What do they have to show me as proof?
  2. Thanks! I pretty much responded with that I dispute the validity of the debt and the fact that the SOL has expired and to not contact me again.
  3. Just read this article and thought I would share... F.T.C. Fines a Collector of Debt $2.5 Million - Yahoo! Finance
  4. I received a letter today from a collection agency regarding a debt that has been out of SOL for years - I would say the debt is at least 10 years old - and is not on my CR or anything. How do I respond to this? Do I DV or just tell them to beat it?
  5. So is it safe to assume I should try to deal with them instead of the CA's?
  6. Professional Recovery says "Re: Your account with our client HSBC" Malcolm Gerald says "Creditor: HSBC Bank"
  7. I don't know. How would I know? The first letter came from Professional Recovery Systems and the second came from Malcolm S Gerald & Assoc
  8. I DV'd CA (Professional Recovery Sys.) in early November and never heard back. I then received a collection letter from another CA (Malcolm S Gerald & Assoc) in late December, does this mean they probably sold the debt to the other CA? I will be DV'ing the new CA too but am wondering if I should do anything else?
  9. I DV'd Enhanced Recovery and in "response" they sent me copies of 4 months of statements from OC. No cover letter or any other info. What should my next step be? Should I send a settlement letter or wait to hear from them? Should I not deal with them and go right to OC?
  10. last payment was in march of this year
  11. I received a letter from United recovery Systems and proceeded to DV them. I got a letter back from OC (Macy's) just giving me info about when the account was opened and when the last payment was made. It also says that I should contact United recovery to make any arrangements. Is this letter validation enough? Do I wait to hear from United Recovery again? The debt is $3300 and ultimately I would like to get rid of the debt all together but am in no position to pay the full amount and tried to make arrangements before and Macy's wasn't willing to work with me.
  12. I sent another letter Certified and it was delivered today (10/14), how long do I give them before I contact an attorney about it if they violate my letter to stop calling?
  13. Yes, my DV had a cease & desist request - it was a form letter found on this site The OC is the one that told me they would only take full payment, I haven't dealt with the CA yet - as soon as I heard from them (the CA) I DV'd. On my CR it only has the original creditor listed and not the CA. It actually says there are no collections at all on my CR
  14. I want to just settle it and get it over with. I can't afford to pay the full amount and I originally tried to offer them a settlement and they told me they would only take payment in full so I just let it go. Would I be better off trying to settle with the CA or wait until it goes to a JDB?
  15. I'm not sure if it is a CA or JDB...it's GC Services Collection Agency Divison The amount is $1200
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