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  1. Hi all, A good friend of mine has asked me to help him clean up his report. He's in a unique situation in that he doesn't have any credit at all. Nothing showing on his reports other than some collections and judgments. I want to help him but I really don't know where to start. I'll summarize... 1) For the past 6+ years he has only lived on cash, land contract for his house, no cc's or loans. 2) Had a hospital visit last year that resulted in a $6,000 balance that has now gone to collections. The $6,000 is divided up by 3 companies, one for hospital, one for labs, and one for cardiologist. 3) Has a Sears card he stopped paying on in 2003 that went to collections (Asset Acceptance). They filed suit and got a default judgment on him in Feb 2008. 4) Has an AT&T balance that went to collections (Asset Acceptance) in 2006. 5) Has a Providian CC that he stopped paying in 2002 that went to collections (Great Seneca). They filed suit and got a default judgment on him in 2004. Palisades now owns this debt. He has cash and wants to look at getting this stuff paid off and removed if possible. He also wants to start building credit and get a mortgage in the future. He's aware that there is no way that he's going to get any credit card without it being a secured card initially. So, any help on how to get started on this would be greatly appreciated. Fred
  2. I BK'ed Wamu in 2006. Was approved for a $1000 card 5 months ago. Was initially denied by Target but then approved last December for $300, they just raised my limit to $500 due to my great payment history (had made 2 payments) Was approved for an Orchard card 1 month out of BK. I truly believe it's a crap shoot as to if you get credit or not.
  3. I believe RNB is Retailers National Bank. I think JCPenney uses them.
  4. My hooters card still shows Merrick bank and if you go to the Hooters webpage and click on the link to apply for a card it takes you to Merrick bank. It might just be as someone said, they sold off some accounts.
  5. Just to update all of you.... I had received an email confirming my cancellation. In the email was another email address to contact them. I sent them a demand for my $1 back and they responded a few hours later saying it would be credited back and that my 'subscription' canceled. I guess I'll have to keep an eye out so they don't charge me again.
  6. Just an fyi folks.... I noticed a $1.00 charge from savingsmart dot com on my CC statement today. I never authorized this and from what I can gather through Google and the like, they are scamming people. Apparently, they get your info from PrivacyMatters and continue to bill you for this 'service'. I have tried to contact someone and I can't get an email address nor can I reach anyone on the phone.
  7. Methuss, Thank you for clarifying a lot of my questions. And now, some more facts and a question... 1) The redemption period for an abandoned property in Michigan is 30 days. They have already filed and followed through with the appropriate abandonment filings back in September. Of course, I never saw any of these papers until they were served to me with the eviction. 2) The legal agreement that we signed in July stated that I was no longer occupying the home. So why wouldn't that grant them the 'possession'? Obviously, they felt that they had possession or they wouldn't have had the property listed with a realtor. 3) The suit to evict me was filed before the house was listed. But, the listing to sell the house showed up before the suit was finished. And now, the house has been sold. I verified today through the listing agent that they have an accepted offer on the house. I just don't see where there should be an eviction judgment against me when I clearly stated, IN A LEGAL DOCUMENT, that I no longer occupy the property and that I turned over the property to the mortgage company. They have sold the property. As far as I'm concerned this should be a done deal. Granted, I may not be able to win this one but I'm not going down without a fight. The lawyer was very unprofessional with me and I'm sure the judge will be interested to hear that they were unwilling to discuss this with me. If I can't get it dismissed tomorrow, I'll try for an adjournment and start talking with lawyers. Do you think I have a chance to win this?
  8. I have a confusing situation. My ch 7 was discharged earlier this year. I gave up my house and there was a foreclosure sale that was scheduled to take place in October of 2006. That sale didn't take place because the mortgage was recorded wrong. So, to fix the mortgage, the mortgage company filed a quiet title suit against me. Basically it's just a legal filing to get the mortgage corrected. Well, to settle the quiet suit, we had an agreement with the mortgage company that corrected the mortgage, stated that I was out of the property, and granted a deed in lieu of foreclosure. The deed was recorded in July 2007. In August, another lawyer proceeded with a foreclosure on the property and held a sheriffs sale. I had called them and told them that they already owned the property and the deed was filed. That lawyer said ok and he'd take care of it. So, 3 weeks ago I get served an eviction notice for the property that I gave back in a deed in lieu!!! I go to court and the lawyer representing the mortgage company had no idea what was going on. He was just filling in. He called the main lawyers office and they told him to get a 2 week extension. Well, I've been following my case online and I noticed last week that there was no motion to dismiss the suit. I finally got a hold of the lawyer today and they say that they have to go through with the eviction because there is a 2nd lien on the house. She said she's just trying to protect her clients interests. I told her that her client already owned the house and that the house was just listed and sold!! No kidding! The house was listed with a realtor and an offer was accepted on Dec 13th. How the hell can you sell the house through a realtor when I'm supposedly still in it so you can evict me??? She tells me not to worry about it and I don't need to show up... yeah right. Then she tells me she's not my lawyer and that she doesn't have time to tell me the law. I thanked her, told her I'd call my own lawyer, and I'd see her tomorrow. She hung up on me. So, my whole purpose of this is to not get another public judgment against me especially since I've been long gone from the house. Anyone got some advice or comments?
  9. I certainly understand that they have a right to report the account WAS 30 days past due but they do not have a right to keep reporting the status as 30 days past due. Basically, I've had a current delinquency showing on my report for 4 years. My report states the following "Status: 30-59 days past due". That's incorrect. The status should not state that! It's not 30-59 days past due! Now, as for the refinance company info you spoke of, that's quite interesting. I'm going to have to look and see at the exact dates and see when the payment was made. Thanks for the idea.
  10. Ok, I'm not getting anywhere with this. The accounts are still reporting and I don't know what to do. The account wasn't charged off or anything like that so I can't use FDCPA. The only thing I can do is to sue over FCRA violations but I don't have any actual damages. What can I do?
  11. Well, the offer doesn't seem to be available anymore. I called the number, typed in my account number and the automated system said "your account has been cancelled, have a nice day". No offer or anything. Oh well, I guess I'll stay with True Credit.
  12. Bwahahahahah!!! You'd better stick to NASCAR!! LOL, J/K I say Dallas vs. New England.
  13. Ok, I've been looking and looking and I can't get an answer to the very question you ask. What makes it a violation for the CA's to not provide debt validation to me but yet verify to the CRA's? I'm not sure.
  14. Yeah, the link that Amerikaner already posted in this thread...
  15. Actually, I did a little bit more research after posting my question. Apparently, you can go about it this way... 1) Send the DV out. Wait for proof they received it. 2) Wait 5 more days and dispute with the CRA's. 3) If the company verifies with the CRA's and didn't with you then you have a violation to use against them. If they don't verify with the CRA's or you, then it will have to be removed at the end of 30 days. However, if they respond to your DV AND verify with the CRA's I'm not sure what to do after that. Experts, does this sound right? if not, let me know and I'll correct any misleadings.