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  1. Ok from the info I can gather tonight... DOLA 2005 Reported By: Equifax Reported On: 06/13/2009 Date Opened: 04/01/2009 Account Number: CAPIT-**** Creditor's Name: PORTFOLIO RECOVERY ASSOC Address: Riverside Commerce Center Norfolk, VA 23502-4962 Reported By: Experian Reported On: 06/11/2009 Alert Type: Grid Code G (Collections) Creditor Type: Other Collection Agencies Date Last Updated: 06/05/2009 Derogatory Amount: 00003004 Date of Alert: 06/10/2009 Creditor Name: PORTFOLIO RECOVERY&AFFIL Creditor Address: 120 CORPORATE BLVD STE 100 NORFOLK, VA 23502-4962 I can work with it being on my CR, I just can't have any chance of collection becoming suit/judgement. Thanks newryman! I may be resorting to that.
  2. Well, well.... What do you know?? I think this TL just popped back up on my CR under Portfolio Recovery. Dated 6/13/09 They called this morning attempting to collect a debt. No Dunning Letter, and they wanted me to verify their information. This account(Crap1) was charged off in 2005. It should be well outside the SOL for SC (3 years). So I wonder what their next move will be. I can't play games with these guys this time, I am to be hired at my life-long waited for career on 7/06/09. This one "new" derrog could end all of it for me. It has taken me way too long to get my foot in the door for this to take it away. Any suggestions on how to handle this one fast? I am going to have to present it to my new employer next week. I'm not going to contact Portfolio. Ok off to do some research....
  3. An update.... My credit report is now in good enough shape to allow me to take the first step towards my new career. It has been a LONG road, and I am close to the end! I am so happy to have gotten this far. Only a little more catchin up to do.
  4. It took all 3 of them about 4 years to get a correct address for me. They still don't have the correct employer information. I don't remember ever authorizing them to collect my data, so why do I care if they have it right?
  5. They probably don't get many requests that way, so maybe we all should make a request on Feb. 16??
  6. OK, knowing that installment credit helps in your FICO scores, and establishes a more solid history, should I try to get some kind of installment credit? I have no mortgage history (couldn't possibly qualify for one now anyway), and haven't had an auto loan in over 10 years. Should I worry about it, or just continue to live with little to no credit usage? I've gotten a few small CC, but as I don't use them, they will eventually become closed with little/no activity.
  7. I can't clean up the 1 negative. As explained above. The closed unfortunately affect getting other TL though, AND I was going to use it for a Christmas present. Oh well, I'll have to find a different present.
  8. I just ran my TC and updated to see how things looked. I had 3 GEMB accounts. Paypal($500), and 2 store cards. #1 ($1000) #2($2000) Well, earlier this week, I received a letter from GEMB/Paypal stating that my credit limit was now reduced from $500 to $340. I don't know why. But I am afraid to pay it off, because I believe they will close it. It's only there to establish usage. Well, back to today..... I see that GEMB store #1 card was closed due to inactivity!!! What the heck??? I am finally trying to establish a few positive TL and they up and close it. Now I have a CLOSED TL that was only 1 year old. GEMB #2, I used for a $1200 purchase 6 mos no interest. Paid it off in 4. Just used it Monday for $360 in effort to not have it closed, and hopefully not reduced. I want to apply for more TL, but I won't use them, so why open them in order to have the closed in a year?? I have learned to live without credit , and it has done nothing but cause me more headaches. I cannot gain employment with a Gov't entity due to my credit reports. I have applied for a number of jobs that I am qualified for, and have always been declined due to "information received from Equifax." The only reason I started to clean all of this up was to get hired! I now show 15 closed accounts, and 7 open accounts. Should I leave these closed accounts, or selectively remove them?? Guys and gals..... help me out here.
  9. Well, it's been a year now since I have been trying to settle this. Still no luck. I call to talk to the person in charge of this account and she keeps telling me she can't accept payment, as long as the BK terms are being met. Well, that means around late 2009, I will be able to offer payment on this. I have a letter from BB&T stating that they cannot and will not attempt to collect any money for this debt until the BK terms run out. Good news?? I guess, although I have twice offered to PFD, and was told that if she could accept the money, she would have no problem deleting it. I'd rather have it gone.
  10. How can you get current FICO scores without buying them each time? I registered w/ My FICO and want to use it to watch things progress. I have already found 2 things per CRA to dispute. I have True Credit, and I think it sucks. It isn't very accurate.
  11. What state should I use in figuring out the Statute of Limitations? According to Ron Opher, of www.ron4law.com: In my opinion, the FDCPA applies, and so the only relevant jurisdictions are where the consumer signed the loan application and where the consumer currently lives (bank location is irrelevant). If those states are different, I believe the creditor has the choice of where to sue and can select the state with the longer SOL. There may also be an argument that the contract was signed "under seal" which might lead to a longer Statute of Limitations than an ordinary contract. According to this, is it the OC or CA that can sue for judgment? I am thinking only the OC, since they are the ones reporting. I could be wrong. I recently had a CA call and try to collect on a settled account. It was a new CA to me. I asked what the DOLA was, and stated 07/15/05. SC SOL is 3 years, so I told him that I already settled that account, my CRs show this, and besides it's now out of SOL, since today was 07/18/08. He told me that just because it's out of SOL, didn't mean it was uncollectable. I asked "if you can't sue to get a judgment, then how will you collect it?" He said, "We'll send you a Dunning letter then" and hung up. I'm still waiting for that letter.........
  12. I know, I know, She'll put it in writing or she won't get paid. It's non-collectible for 2 more years. As soon as I know I have enough to cover it, I will make the offer again.
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