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  1. Thank you every one of you for helpful suggestions. We are not behind on our bills, only CCs. I am talking to BofAm. Have couple of temporary plans already set up with some. Became a second job to me (Jen), don't have time to go to the gym, or anything. We are not sleeping well, both of us. This is so overwhelming. But emotions aside, I was thinking to get an equity only because I thought we can write down on our taxes, especially with our daughter in college. We can not claim CCs, but we can claim equity...
  2. I looked everywhere, and found NACA site, made an apt. for a workshop. Should we try to get an equity loan to pay our CCs? Do you know anything about NACA and if they will help in our situation? I know that I am just being all over the place, but I am at the point where I am trying to keep my job, negotiate with cards, and looking for a supplemental income. Alex seems to be totally overwhelmed and it is up to me now. If I get an equity loan at 12%, it still bits some of my cards... :confused: Unfortunately, our debt to income ratio is hurting us. Also, we are 90 day delinquent.
  3. I spent two hrs on the phone today asking to lower monthly payments on hardship programs with two cards with no result.
  4. Can you please tell me what is a CIC site?
  5. I did call, all of them. I offered what we can afford, but so far they are sticking to their plans, guidelines, policies, computers tell them what to do. Where do I go now?
  6. Just right now I finished talking to BofAm after DIscvr. At D I talked with a supervisor as well as with payment splst. Both OC said - only what we are offering, otherwise go to CCCS... debt management agency.
  7. Thank you, Rick. It's very helpful, knowing that we are not alone is helpful. I just talked to Discover, and I practically begged to lower payment plan. I talked to the supervisor, but nothing happened. She said that she can not do anything for us more than computer and guidelines will allow her. I am looking for a second job, but meanwhile this is like a fool time job, talking OCs...
  8. Thank you! Can we negotiate this payment? Do we ask for "pays as agreed" over the phone, or should we do everything in writing? You help is so appreciated! It feels extremely lonely with this going on & not being able to talk about it much with people...
  9. We are still very new to this, but learning every day! If an OC offers a hardship program with certain guidelines/payment plan (we have two in the negotiations now), do you have a room to negotiate it down? Who would be the best person/persons to talk? One customer service rep at BofAm said that his computer wouldn't let him change the monthly payment. It is still too high for us. What to do?
  10. BofAm offered a hardship for one of the cards for 190/month for 60 months
  11. How? Do we let it go to CA? We are only two months behind...
  12. Thank you, Amerikaner83! DMB: http://www.dmbfinance.com/ Cards - Chase, Bank of America, GM, Discover...
  13. We are learning how to deal with this situation. Both are overwhelmed with debt & work & child in college. I (Jen) started talking to the cards after reading your excellent 1-19 (step 20 is missing!) step program. Started documenting/logging everything. Very helpful! But we don't have money to settle!!! I got some few hardship programs, and most of the customer service people were nice/understanding/human... But Alex just started a new job, wants to go with DMB Financial. I am apprehensive... Help! I don't know what to do... We are current on all other bills. Only credit cards are the problem (not a little problem, though). How do we deal with it? I don't want to go deep into this mess, but we don't have funds to pay what they are asking. Tried to refinance/ get an equity loan, wasn't unsuccessful so far...
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