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  1. There is nothing about providing licensing information in the FDCPA and they have no time limit to provide validation in response to a timely DV. If you requested DV w/in 30 days of receiving the initial dunning letter then they must cease collection efforts until validation is provided. If they have reported to the CRA's, then their tradeline must show as "disputed by consumer". Are you still w/in your states SOL?
  2. You can log into their website and initiate an online dispute. That will generate a new report. Print it. Cancel the dispute and then mail it in.
  3. They cannot garnish without first filing suit and obtaining a judgement. Next time they call him, he needs to verify he is the person they are seeking, verify your mailing address and inform them they now have 5 days to send details of the debt. End the call. When you recive the dunning letter, follw the DV process.
  4. Glad to see Lamont getting what he deserves. In a way, I guess I should thank him. Harassment from Claims America is what brought me to CIC! Thanks Lamont!
  5. See post # 6 for the relevant statute: http://debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=287274&highlight=hannah
  6. Correct. The only way you can reset the reporting period is to bring the account back to a current status with the OC and then default again. Also, California is one of the states where a payment will not reset SOL unless accompanied with a written acknowledgement of the debt and wriiten promise to pay.
  7. Have the CRA's suppressed the tradelines and Inq's on your reports? They had 4 business days from the receipt of the IDT Affadavit and police reports to do so per Sec 605B of the FCRA
  8. SOL in TX is 4 years as well but Repo's fall under the UCC SOL (4 years as well) which begins running after the vehicle is sold at auction and a deficiency balance remains.
  9. SOL would generally start with the Date of Last Payment. Do your reports show that?
  10. Date of Last Activity in these examples would be the last update by the data furnisher. They look accurate to me.
  11. THOMAS LANDIS tom@landislaw.net www.landislaw.net267- 257-1212Four Greenwood Square, #220 3325 Street Road Bensalem, PA 19020 Phone: 800-853-4000 or 215-642-3400 Fax: (215)-642-3401
  12. I hate going to FreeAdvice. It's not free, you have to pay thru embarassment and humiliation. I learned after a few posts. Amerikaner and Fizzle bumped heads with quite a few people there.
  13. Go to the bank and have a hard debit block placed on the account. Internet PDL's have many different names that they will debit your account with and some wil even present a paper check. You need to make sure that nothing will cause the account to re-open and put you in an overdraft situation. Who is the PayDay Lender? How much did you borrow and how much have you re-paid. HI requires IPDL's to be registered with the state. If they are not, then they are operating illegally and you may only be obligated to repay the principal only. PM me if you have any questions.
  14. Answer the phone next time they call. Verify you are the consumer they are seeking, verify your address and then inform them they now have made initial contact and have 5 days to send you their dunning letter. End the call. Do not allow them to engage in any further conversation. When you recive their dunning letter, follow the DV process.
  15. I'm just happy to log on and see Deanna is really a female and not the horribly fat jiggly avatar she used to have.
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