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  1. thanks for the catch I posted it without realizing it.....
  2. Here is a list that I got....... • Penalty For failing to respond in writing to my debt validation letter .Thus you are in violation of Section 392.202( of the Texas Finance Code .No later than the 30th day after the date a notice of inaccuracy is received, a third-party debt collector who initiates an investigation shall send a written statement to the individual, • Penalty for Misrepresentation of your businesses (because I can prove unequivocally that Worldwide is just a DBA name for West Asset Management) , Thus you are in violation of Section 392.304( of the Texas Finance Code failing to
  3. Give me your opnion on this answer to my BBB complaint, should I assume they will delete. Oh answer back with the information I have.... And should I just sue...... RECEIVE BUSINESS RESPONSE : I am a Compliance Manager for West Asset Management, Inc. ("West") and this consumer complaint has been forwarded to me for reply. I have thoroughly investigated West's collection activities regarding this consumer's complaint through the interview of West employees with personal knowledge of the matter, and through the review of West's collection notes. My investigation reveals an account in the amount
  4. can i sue a collection agency that is housed in georgia if I am in texas... what if they have a business in texas but I have never spoken to them, do I sue them, it is the same company....
  5. Wow, this would be amazing if in 2 days they give me response without even attempting to contact the JDB, I explained in great detail the procedures I took and the complete ignorance of the JDB and even quoted the violations they committed. I have all documentation. I also sent a complaint to the BBB and my AG. Hopefully one of them at least try’s to help me out.... If that is the case with FTC is there an agency I complain to about FTC. LOL!
  6. Is it normal procedure to send an automatic response to your complaint within one or two days. The reason I ask is because I sent a complaint to the FTC on a JDB and they sent me a response explaining to first send the CA a validation letter. I truly hope they are not done with the investigation just in 2 days.......
  7. The fico score only calculates your last 12 month history of inquires, while your actual credit report shows you your last 24 months .
  8. You do a request for validation per FDCPA on collection agencies and a 623 investigation on the original creditor. So you wouldn't send this letter to the CA.
  9. You are correct international risk management does have a bond but they only made a hard inquiry on my credit report the collection account actually showing shows Worldwide Asset Purchasing in Nevada, when I attempt to look for them I see no bond except one they had in Georgia back in 2004.Plus the first letter I got from West Asset Management was not from Sherman TX but Georgia. I think being able to bring this information on the table might not get me this violation but does add to the deceitfulness of this company. How they use multiple DBA names to make it believe it is another CA attempt
  10. I agree with you to Krash, there has been one account that they say is mine that keeps getting sold or assigned to another CA. Every time they try to collect I call and say do you realize the CA you got this from tried already and failed, what makes you any different, none of you can prove this is my account. So they go ahead and send it to some one else. I mean this debt must be worth about 20 dollars for all the scum buckets who have tried to collect on this.Oh and about the gas thing, yeah it's getting bad specially that I have an SUV but I guess were just going to have to live with in our
  11. Validation is a right afforded to you under the FDCPA section 809. That section also states that if a request for validation is received within 30 days of initial contact, the collector MUST cease all collection activities until validation is provided. Continued collection activities include, but isn’t limited to, reporting the alleged debt to the CRAs, sending dunning letters, phone calls asking for payment, or reducing the debt to a judgment (suing you). If you request validation AFTER the initial 30 days, the collector MAY continue collection activities under that section; however, if the
  12. The way it works is actually quite simple. Once you recieve a letter from the CA or a collection account appears on your credit report. You immediately DV the CA(do not let 30 days go by). At this point they have 30 days to respond in writing their results on your validation request. During the course of this time they must cease all collection efforts.That also includes reporting the debt to the CRA however it is hard to prove a case when there is a statement showing the account is in dispute.So if it is after 30 days you send them a second letter in reference to the first one, saying it's be
  13. i am writing in ITS letter and i remember someone in here writing a non disclosure agreement statement to prevent from selling or even giving out information on their account to anyone else. if some can point me and the OP to the right direction it would be helpful because this is the only part I have left in writing.
  14. well this is what i got so far... Texas Finance Code violations Section 392.101, which prohibits a third-party debt collector or credit bureau from engaging in debt collection in Texas unless the third-party debt collector or credit bureau has obtained a surety bond and filed a copy of the bond with the Office of the Secretary of State. Section 392.202( No later than the 30th day after the date a notice of inaccuracy is received, a third-party debt collector who initiates an investigation shall send a written statement to the individual Section 392.304( failing to maintain a list of all busine
  15. ok, well i found some interesting information about worldwide asset purchasing, this company is part of a group of companies under the worldwide name, however in 2004 was bought buy the west cooperation for 178 million dollars...west actually merged multiple collection agencies in what we know as west asset management. on west asset management website explains the merger, which means they are one in the same. Plus on the BBB website it shows under West Asset Management additional information stating Worldwide Asset Purchasing as a DBA name. Neither have a bond in Texas and of course now I have