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  1. we are not as worried about wage garnishment as we do not work traditional jobs. we are more concerned about assets. thanks
  2. The summons we received on 12/19/10 was 2 pages. Page 1 - Summons with court date and clerk signature. Page 2 - "Affidavit of Support of Summary Judgment" which is from DFS Services signed on July 12, 2010, notarized in Ohio. Case in Nevada, the plaintiff is Guglielmo. The Tennessee summons has Zwicker & Associates in Tennessee. I am not sure where to go next. File Motion to Vacate in Nevada? File Answer to Summons in Tennessee or both? I will look into slow pay motion. Thanks!
  3. Yes, they mailed a notice of motion for summary judgment. We replied with response to motion for summary judgment (July 8) and also sent the plaintiff a letter (July 14) that we had filed that with the court and we would not be able to attend the hearing (July 21, 2009). The next thing we got was January 14, 2010 a settlement offer letter from guglielmo. The next thing after that was summons, December 19, 2010.
  4. We were not present at the hearing for summary judgment and told the court and the plaintiff we would not be there as we moved to Tennessee. "Parties Present" is a link from the web site. "Minutes" has recorded that "upon Court's inquiry, plaintiff advised she received the Deft's response to Motion two judicial days before today, and provided letter addressed to counsel by Deft., indicating the Deft. would not be present today. Colloquy regarding Deft. residing in Tennessee. Arguments by Ms. Ohlinger regarding claims. Court stated Deft. has not brought any genuine issue of material fact and o
  5. The series of events for this case: 03/30/2009 Complaint 04/14/2009 Summons 04/23/2009 Motion DEFT'S MTN TO QUASH SERVICE OF PROCESS 04/29/2009 Certificate of Mailing 05/04/2009 Opposition Opposition to Quash Service of Summons 05/26/2009 Motion to Quash DEFT'S MTN TO QUASH SERVICE OF PROCESS Parties Present Minutes 05/26/2009 Reset by Court to 05/26/2009 05/26/2009 Reset by Court to 05/26/2009 Result: Granted 05/28/2009 Affidavit of Service (reserved at the hearing for motion to quash) re: Summons and Complaint 06/03/2009 Answer 06/03/2009 Certific
  6. Wondering if the Plaintiff or court is required to notify you of a judgment being awarded in a case if you have responded and answered all compliants, and filed change of address with the court, etc.? If that is something I need to look for in our case. Thanks
  7. Thank you for this reply. I have won against Guglielmo & Associates before but was not in this circumstance where we have a judgment from another state. Are judgment cases bought and sold the same way that junk credit accounts are bought and sold?? I am wondering if Zwicker & Associates could have purchased the case?? We have 3 parties on this case. Guglielmo, DFS LLC & Zwicker & Associates. Guglielmo failed to provide proper validation originally. We had this in our original answer, won a motion to quash service and then once we notified the court we were not able to be ther
  8. Looking for threads or posts on Summary Judgment enforced from another state regarding similar situations. Discover Bank Credit Card suit in Nevada by Guglielmo & Associates. Moved while the case was open. Filed all change of address to the court and notified the court we were not able to attend any future hearing. Summary judgment issued in Nevada. Received "Civil Summons" & "Affidavit in Support of Judgment" with a court date yesterday in Tennessee by Zwicker and Associates. Not sure what avenues to take for this one. Thanks!
  9. I already have a DV letter for al ready to go. Just wanted to see if I was thinking in the right direction! Thanks for the post!
  10. I requested a validation to a letter I received from Nelson, Watson & Associates. They were in receipt of the letter on May 1, 2008. I never received anything back from them. Today I received a letter from Kravitz, Schnitzer, Sloane, Johnson & Eberhardy, CHTD regarding the same account. I am wondering if I should persue the issue with Nelson, Watson & Assoc. or if I should send an entirely new validation letter to Kravitz, Schnitzer, et. al. or both. Thanks!
  11. You can read all of my posts here on the forum but I was sued by Credigy Receivables & Guglielmo & Associates for a charged off Fleet Bank Card. The original credit limit on the Fleet Bank card was $1,500. They were trying to sue me for over $16,000 plus threatening to tack on another $5,000 in attorneys fees. I represented myself in the Clark County Eighth Judicial Court (Las Vegas, NV) under the arbitration system and won. The case took about 10 months but I am walking away with paying only about $550 in costs to represent myself. I never even had to step foot in the arbitrators of
  12. I finally received the papers from the Credigy/Guglielmo & Associates lawyer yesterday for Dismissal WITH Prejudice!!!! This case/arbitration has taken almost a year. Thanks to everyone here that has provided input and suggestions as I am an opera singer, not a lawyer. I would be happy to try to help anyone else in the same situation. The thing that saved me was being diligent about getting copies of my credit report 2 times a year even though my credit was bad. It was the credit reports that provided information saying that the original debt was purchased and not assigned. I saved al
  13. Three weeks have gone by and I have still not received the papers to dismiss with prejudice. I called the arbitrator on May 9th to give a head up about not getting any papers. The Credigy lawyer tried to call last week...but no message. (I told him I'm not taking his calls.) No word back from the arbitrator. The court sent a letter saying the arbitration was closed. I am sending a letter back to the court to say "whoa....nothing is signed and closed yet." I hate to end-run...but this has been dragging on and on long enough.
  14. I was looking up another item in the State of Nevada's licensed businesses and looked up Guglielmo & Associates and also Credigy Receivables and cannot find them in the data base. I know....I should have looked at this way back - I asked for their proof of licensing in my interrogatories -- which I never received any thing back on. If anyone has any suggestions on how this can help me at this point - as far as maybe getting a motion to dismiss, etc. I'd appreciate the info. Thanks!