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    It's been a while. Hello! Anyone wanna get drunk?
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    Does anyone watch this show on the History Channel?
  3. congratulations...AFNI is the devil!
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    i just tried Southern Comfort/Lime....yuck...but i'm now in love with Seagrams Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka and also Sogno di Sorrento cream lemoncello...
  5. mine started reporting after i used my was within 30 days of the account being opened too...
  7. tarbaby and willingtocope: This was my car note account...and actually the very last payment...was struggling at the time. The last payment was due in November...but I didn't pay until January...that's 60 days PD as far as I can tell. Experian is reporting the 60 days PD in January...which is correct, but also reporting it as charged off as of February. They are also reporting the status as "collection/charged off". Do I stand a chance of getting the "charged off" removed since the account was only 60 days PD? Thanks in advance. That's the bad news...the good news is that Credit One Bank is outta here and so is Cavalary...successful disputes on those two. In addition, I just opened a Crown Jewelers account. One more know how you pull your report and you can see the payments for the last 48 months? Do creditors or potential creditors see this when the pull your report...or do they just see the last two years of payments? Also, how old are the lates that don't hurt you?
  8. Is there a rule as to when an account can be charged off, in other words, does the account have to be 30, 60, 90 days past due to be charged off...or is there some other circumstance? I ask because I have an account that was 60 days past due and the creditor charged off. I did pay it, but I would like to have the charged off status removed.
  9. this morning i was telling a friend about all the bull-crap at the job that i wasn't looking forward to facing today. his words were, "it's just a job". i think that to most of us, a job is really more than a's our livelihoods, medical benefits, mortgage and car payments, etc., but do the people you work with and their antics really matter? i'm thinking NO. from this day forward, it's just a job for me. my friends and family don't work here. just venting....
  10. Admin... Guess what? They took the car this weekend. I thought for some reason that since that the repo couldn't come on the dealer's lot to take the car...maybe that the dealer would be liable if anything happened to the car while in their posession. Anyway...the young man called to ask for more time to come get the car and was informed that it was towed away and taken back to where it was purchased. Moral of the your bills...
  11. I think the answer to my question is "no", but I want to be sure. This is sort of debt related as well. Here's the situation. A young man leases a car with a cosigner. He doesn't make the payments and the company who has been hired to investigate and recover the vehicle is pulling out all the stops. The young man takes the car to the manufacturer's service department for service and a checkup. The recovery company is tipped off as the the vehicle's whereabouts. Can the recovery company legally send a tow-truck driver to...let's say...Chrysler's service lot to take the car?
  12. Cool! I'm gonna start as soon as I can.
  13. So, you know how one extra mortgage payment a year is supposed to help you pay off early and save on interest? How should this payment be made? Should I instruct the mortgage company to apply that extra payment to principal only, or just send the payment in and have them apply it like any other payment?
  14. Since I declined taking out the loan, the guy has really been calling me alot wanting to "work something out". He said he would offer me a lower interest rate....12.2% fixed for three years. LOL! Like I said, my credit isn't pretty but I'm not in a hurry to get the cash and I'm not that desperate. He would have me believe that nothing will improve my credit besides taking his loan. I'm in a better position now than I would be with that financing. firstsource: the lender is Wells Fargo Financial. Google them and predatory lending and see what happens. 2ndTimeAround: good advice. I am going to put all I can into paying off the mortgage. question for you, Goose123: he never, ever mentioned FHA.