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  1. Ok. I will read today. Thanks!
  2. Yes...Notice of Judgement in 2003....then nothing until 2017....Entry of Appearance and Writ of Revival. Anything filed would show on the docket, right? Should I be looking in another place as well?
  3. 5 year period to renew judgment lien against real PA. Apparently creditor can lose right to take action against real property if the judgement/lien or whatever isn't renewed every 5 years.
  4. WhoCares1000, I am so grateful that you reminded me about me 20-year deadline looming. Hopefully I have enough time to arrange things to protect us better. Know what tho? The judgement wasn't renewed/revived in the 5 year period (beginning 2003). They actually didn't revive the judgement until 2017! Can they do that? Maybe I can somehow get out of this because of their failure to timely renew?
  5. Thanks! Will make sure everything is in his name and my personal accounts has the bare minimum.
  6. Hi WhoCares1000, Thank you for your insight. I'm pretty sure, not 100% certain that they can't garnish wages in PA. As far as the levy, all accounts are joint martial accounts. Doesn't that protect any cash that my and spouse have saved?
  7. Hi All! It's been a while. Hope everyone is okay under the circumstances. I have been wanting to settle and old debt with Credit One. It was a judgement from 2003. Was eventually "sold" or given to an attorney to handle/collect. I guess that attorney didn't make good on it, it was given to another attorney. I was under the impression until now that creditors sold these debts to law firms, but I think the original creditor is still involved. The attorney told me that they would have to present any offer of settlement to the creditor. I have been to this point before with the law fi
  8. guyer6719

    Please try...

    It's been a while. Hello! Anyone wanna get drunk?
  9. guyer6719

    Top Shot

    Does anyone watch this show on the History Channel?
  10. congratulations...AFNI is the devil!
  11. guyer6719

    Please try...

    i just tried Southern Comfort/Lime....yuck...but i'm now in love with Seagrams Sweet Tea Flavored Vodka and also Sogno di Sorrento cream lemoncello...
  12. mine started reporting after i used my was within 30 days of the account being opened too...
  14. tarbaby and willingtocope: This was my car note account...and actually the very last payment...was struggling at the time. The last payment was due in November...but I didn't pay until January...that's 60 days PD as far as I can tell. Experian is reporting the 60 days PD in January...which is correct, but also reporting it as charged off as of February. They are also reporting the status as "collection/charged off". Do I stand a chance of getting the "charged off" removed since the account was only 60 days PD? Thanks in advance. That's the bad news...the good news is that Credit One Ban
  15. Is there a rule as to when an account can be charged off, in other words, does the account have to be 30, 60, 90 days past due to be charged off...or is there some other circumstance? I ask because I have an account that was 60 days past due and the creditor charged off. I did pay it, but I would like to have the charged off status removed.