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  1. I loved that show. The reruns come on now, but it will never be like it was when you were that age and watching the show.
  2. LOL! Well, I can't complain about just one. Hee-Hee!
  3. ...forgot about David's friend shooting himself! My favorite characters were Kelly, Dillon, Steve and Brandon. I loved the episode(s) when Brandon and Dillon wanted Kelly to choose between the two of them; the episode when Steve went looking for his biologicals; the episode when Donna's boyfriend was drunk at the funeral and referred to Donna's family as the Martians instead of th Martins;
  4. Did you like love this show? I did. Just had an hour conversation with two coworkers reminiscing about the show. So.... 1) Which character did you like most? 2) Which character did you liken yourself to? 3) Which was your favorite episode or development on the show?
  5. I hope you guys can clear this up for me...the more I read on the subject...the more I am confused. So, there is this thing called the RMCR that mortgage companies pull for home loans of over $150,000...correct? Ok...if you are repairing your credit and have success in removing negatives, does this also impact the RMCR...i.e....the negatives are also removed from the RMCR report as well?
  6. I'm Into Nuggets Yall I'm Into Nuggets Yall I'm Into Nuggets Yall I'm Into Nuggets Yall Ketchup 2 Mayo Ketchup 2 Mayo
  7. Billy Dee Williams either said: "Don't let the smooth taste fool ya" or "It works everytime" about either Colt 45 or OE/8-Ball (Old English 800) Anyone remember? I think the drink he endorsed was Colt 45, but I was a young'n at the time. Or maybe it was Schlitz.
  8. The party is in the office. Our holiday party is usually out of the office, but we lost a HUGE pharmaceutical client so things are alittle tight right now. But still, I think that everyone should have been asked to participate.
  9. I am ready to tackle judgemnet no. 2. I know the debt is mine. The amount of the judgement is something like $2300.00. This judgement will be reported until 2010. Question No. 1 - Is it likely that the creditor will accept half of this amount to satisfy the judgement? Question No. 2 - If the creditor does agree to accept half, do you think I would be able to make payment arrangements, i.e., $50 or $100 monthly to pay off the debt? Thanks!
  11. Today we got an email about our New Years celebration. The firm is going to supply sandwiches...I should add that the firm is owned by 8 people and it's their money...they are the shareholders. We also have partners and associates. An email went out only to support staff that we can bring in the trimmings, chip, pickles, etc. I can't understand why the partners and associates were not asked to particiate and bring anything in. When a coworker asked the sender of the email, she said that "the attorneys can't be bothered with that stuff...can you imagine them bringing food in on the train?"
  12. Wow! 11 years? I will be here 4 years in March, and this is the longest time I've stayed anywhere. He's a real nice guy, but everything is an emergency with him. Also, I get tired of hearing my name all day.
  13. is a pain in the @#$!!!! Just had to get that off my chest.
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    Yeah....I had $400 worth of parking tickets. My car got booted one day and then I paid the debt. Never knew they reported it. All of my parking tickets were in the Commonwealth, where I reside.
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    NCO Financial Systems - GONE! Parking Tickets - GONE! Judgement No. 1 - GONE! I'm on my way people! When I'm finished cleaning up my credit and I buy my new house, you are all invited over for a great big ole celebration...all the pigs-in-a-blanket and cheap wine you can handle...... I've learned alot here. Thanks to you all.
  16. It's being reported to the credit bureaus as timely, but I was wondering if there were some behind the scenes effects that I'm not aware of.
  17. Lets say the payment was due December 1st, and I pay it on December 30th? The payment is for December.
  18. MAD TV did a skit about him...I saw it last week. Hilarious!
  19. As I understand it, any bank or company that rates you cannot mark you late unless your payment is 30 days past due correct? Ok...suppose your mortgage payment is due on the 1st of each month...and let's say the late charge kicks on on the 16th. You consistently pay your mortgage on the 30th of the month with the late charge. Is this dragging your credit score down?
  20. And if the judgement has been satisfied but there is still a record of it?
  21. In a discussion on this forum earlier in the week, I believe someone said that mortgage companies/banks don't check public records. Is this true?
  22. I had several phone bills that went bad (residential phone bills). Apparently your phone can be disconnected for a while and it will go to collections, but Verizon will turn on new service for you again with the same phone # you had before but as if you were a brand new customer. So, the two accounts that are being reported are for very small amounts. I contacted Verizon several times to see if they would do a PFD, but I was told each time that they do not offer that to their customers. Thinking about DVing them, but not sure what my chances are since they are a local utility company and I