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  1. I agree with you....I personally don't need anymore right now, and I'm just focusing on growing the limits on what I got. What is so special about the E*Trade card though? AMEX I understand, as folks seem to like getting fluffed for having an AMEX in their wallet.
  2. Cav, I had gotten a similar card in the beginning (Rewards 660) and I fired it after 6 months. A complete waste of money and time. I started in addition to that with Macys and CJ. CJ helped out a lot, and that was with the initial $1500 (now they're hooking up with $2500). I would try a HSBC card as they were able to give me love initially. I opened up with them in 1/08. I also hear Crap 1 likes giving people love. Otherwise, with those scores, I would take the secured. Honestly, and I'm guilty of this myself, I don't know why secured cards get such a bad rep. Yeah, the bad thing is that you're short x amount of dollars, but if you use it properly, you get it back after a year (and sometimes with interest, but in my case, I won't...but I wanted to strengthen my relationship with BOA so I didn't mind it in the end). I would definitely get a secured, IMHO.
  3. Not for nothing, but if you participated in no criminal activity, why spend money on a lawyer just to pal around with you? If you didn't do anything wrong, I would just show up to the police station. Then if the police arrest you for whatever reason or even if they want to question you, you invoke your right to be silent and your right to an attorney. Even in PR, they have to Mirandize you. Once you say the magic word "lawyer", they have to ST(x)U and leave you alone until your attorney comes...oh sure they will book you and send you to a nasty jail....but if you did nothing wrong, nothing bad will happen to you. So rather than have an attorney come with you, just have his number handy in case you need it.
  4. Don't bet on that. I had a talk with a Wamu supervisor who flat out told me I would never get a Wamu card, even if my scores were 800 because I burned providian back in 2001. I am truly hoping that Chase plays ball....and I even hope Chase fired that POS.
  5. I can see why jq26 left number 9 out when he posted that the other day...lmao.
  6. SB, Thank you. You definitely were helpful with one of my issues in the credit repair process and I definitely tip my hat to not just your help and advice, but to your deserved success as well. I hope you aren't too much of a stranger, and if you are, I hope to be not too far behind you. 11/27/08 is the anniversary of my rebuild (when I got my Macys card), so it is my hope that I'm not terribly behind you in homeownership. But I'm thinking summer '09 is when I'll be both ready AND still have a buyer's market. Much continued success, congratulations on both the house and wedding, and please...don't be a stranger.
  7. If they move me to Wamu I will get instant denial....all because Providian got burned i 2001.....(sigh...) It's cool though because hopefully Chase will play ball with me and as-much-as-I-would-like-to...I really don't want to apply for more credit right now. I think the hardest thing about this whole process for me (rebuild and repair) is letting the stuff you do have marinate for sometime before applying for new stuff. I think by next May, I should be ok. In the beginning, I was content with getting my foot back in the door...now, I want 4 digits left of the decimal when I apply for stuff. I look forward though to continue reading this thread though. Especially when Chase starts getting involved (if at all).
  8. Sounds like you are on the right track. I don't personally know what your timeline is for getting a house, but if you can, try getting at least one installment loan (i.e. secured loan from a CU or bank) that reports to all three. That will add to your nice mix of TLs and definitely give you a nice score with on time monthly payments.
  9. If it's within 3-6 months, that's probably true, especially if you're app spreeing during a turbulent economic time like today. Otherwise, not so much.
  10. How about that nice 936 Dow jump today? My 457 contribution landed on Friday 10/10-tail end of the worst week spiral. My contribution bought double what I normally "spend" on stock....so after today, I am probably going to see a nice boost in my 457. I won't have all of it back of course (right now), but still hoping that by week's end, we end up above 10K on the DOW. Confidence is starting to come back.
  11. Is Cabela prime? I've been to their website and it looks a bit dingy for "prime". Or is this one of those "don't judge a book..." deals?
  12. Even then, the Government would initiate that process for you. Also, if you're not going through WP, you would have to bring mountains of evidence that changing your SSN would help in preventing harassment or abuse; like Isis says "your life counting on it" [sic].
  13. Not true. You most certainly can get FICOs with an FA.
  14. Well, if you do use Internet banking, you can find when the check was processed and print that information out. That's your proof right there (you won't need to wait until your check was cashed by them, only when your bank sent the check). I am with Denita, you need to contact the association/management company before you contact the lawyer. I'm not entirely sure if this was their mess up, or yours, but you need to get this straightened out before you contact the lawyer.
  15. I know exactly how you feel. When I had gotten that boost of all the hard work I put into my defaulted student loan, this POS JDB just swooped in and tried to ding me, which was when I decided to go the NACA route and succeed. I would just keep attacking both the JDB and OC though. Or maybe get yourself a lawyer (on contingency, of course).
  16. Leslie, From what I understand about the 623, I know that a 623 letter gets sent after you get verifications from the CRAs. The idea is that if the OC can't prove it's yours, you can sue the CRAs under the FCRA. You have a lot going on right now though. What I would do is forget about the 623 and just mail the bank again asking them to verify this debt is yours. Maybe you'll have to do an FTC ID Theft affidavit? I think the OC will be willing to play ball if you just attack them straight up.
  17. Leslie, (Knocking on my head [in-lieu-of-wood]), through my TU Backdoor pull, I saw that so far I have no split file, and I've been pulling almost everyday since end of 11/07. Even if one gets a split file, it can be fixed (albeit a pain in the behind). If it means my INQs are gone, then hey, my INQs are gone.... And even though WTC and I will never see eye-to-eye on this issue of bumpage, I personally decided that 5-6 INQs with a great number of positive TLs and only 3 baddies is not going to be the end of my world. Every INQ I have is tied to a TL that I can sell to a mortgage lender. "CRAPOLA" (read: credit monitoring) sites are most certainly useful. If some pain-in-the-butt JDB decides to insert a false TL (which has happened to me), I can immediately act with a DV. OR, perhaps some other TL that gets opened up in my name pops up (and I have been a legitimate ID theft victim as well). $15 bucks a month is not going to exactly wreck my world financially, not-for-nothing. I'm sure I can manage on 50 cents a day....
  18. Due to my bumping experience, I can tell you that 1 INQ is about a 5 point FICO difference for me. (between 6 INQs and 5 INQs). To put it in perspective for you, that 1 INQ can be the difference between 660 (good) and 655 (not good). By the same token, even if that INQ were to never go away, you'll probably see a 10 point jump within 2 months anyway. (Provided of course, there are no negative items in those two months...) Two sides of the same coin, pick one.
  19. Did you call your management company that processes these checks? That would have been the first place I would have called? Also, I trust that if you're [still] writing checks out and mailing them, you make notations in your checkbook when you wrote the check (but really, why don't you use online banking....it really is safe, convenient and makes it VERY easy to go back to for issues just like the one you're having.....). I would call your management company first before contacting the lawyer.
  20. Awesome!! You will find that after you got enough TL's, you will want to slow down on getting new TLs for awhile and let the ones you got age until you reach a point you can get better limits. This will show responsible credit use. Aside from that, you look like you're doing right....keep it up. You will find that the light really is at the end of the tunnel.
  21. I was under the impression you don't DV an OC, but send a 623 letter, and even then only when all CRA verified the OC account.
  22. It depends on the age of your accounts. If you merely pay a debt that's yours, then the age resets itself as a paid collection. Then that's another 7 years. That's why most folks here advocate trying a PFD method. Also, just because a debt is yours, doesn't mean you will pay it if it's disputed and gone. To elaborate on what I mean, a few years ago (before I knew better), I had paid a medical account for my DF for $300 to a JDB. What ended up happening? The JDB sold the debt to another JDB for the same amount. This wasn't a different bill, this was for the same medical I had paid JDB2. When I mailed them a copy of the money order and bill from jdb1 they backed off. But that type of crap happens ALL the time. I'm not saying don't do the right thing, I am saying do the right thing and protect yourself.
  23. So basically, they are condos that are mostly used as rentals? Wow...I'd be afraid of getting a condo in a complex like that. While I consider myself to be a good renter, owners who occupy their condos tend to treat the common areas a lot better. A renter might not care about how the halls are looking. The common areas pretty much add as much value to the condo just as the condo itself, as well as location (e.g. Beverly Hills, or Compton). I hope you put some thought into that.
  24. Personally, I can't see the DOW getting into the 7000s....I agree with Suze Orman about the bottom nearing 8200, though perhaps she might be trying to put a smiley face on a real messed up situation Wall St. is going through. Best thing I can advise is if you can find a way to move money around, increase your contributions to your 401K plan. Buy cheap. One thing I'm curious about is if the DOW will ever see 20000 around the time of our retirements (20-30 years)?
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