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  1. Hondas are probably the most reliable cars the Japanese have ever made and also the easiest to fix. Unfortunately, car thieves know this and that's why Accords/Civics are so expensive to own in NJ. They are always top 5 of most coveted cars by them....which has always prohibited me from owning one, as I have no access to a garage and plus I don't want to worry about missing headlights, etc. Even in "good" neighborhoods, those are always problems.
  2. Honestly, I don't see what's so bad about this. You have 15 years to pay it, and you pay it back most likely with a line item when you file your taxes...and you lose what, $500 a year? And if you sell your house you pay off the difference with probably another line item. And at zero interest? It'd be foolish not to jump on that, if you could, providing it's going to be used wisely. Meanwhile if you put the $7500 into so much as a savings account, instead of being ghetto-fabulous by paying for flat-screen TVs, you'd have actually made money off the deal (in dollars, not cents). Most people unfortunately won't do that. They will pretty much squander it and then whine about about the extra expense. Yet another thing I did not know about until I read CIC.
  3. I don't blame you.....but don't shoot the messenger.... This isn't a bad deal though. I actually would qualify if I bought something now. My MAGI is definitely below $75000 (my gross is a bit higher, but thanks to my 457b, I bring it lower ). Yeah, I might have to start making some calls....the time is definitely right...just like prom night. :D :lol:
  4. This pretty much explains the "tax credit". It is a zero percent loan but you have 15 years to pay it back. If I do decide to close on something, I will definitely do this. This will pretty much be cheaper than taking a pension loan (even though the interest goes back to me....blah blah). http://www.bargaineering.com/articles/7500-first-time-homebuyer-tax-credit.html
  5. As someone who did public transportation for 5 close to six years without any ride, I will tell you, Y&F, that you did the wise thing. Not necessarily correct OR wrong, just wise. As someone with experience in public transportation, it takes balls to do what you did. I would dare say I might not have had that testicular fortitude. I do now, but not then. It is my hope that I get out of the auto payments I have now, but should that not happen, I will continue to make my payments. Just know that there is no shame in public transportation. I dunno if you're in Fairfield County or not, but from my personal experience with CT, I can tell you that that's probably the only area of CT that resembles where I call home (except of course for Greenwich....but hey, we need to quibble over dollars and cents...lmao!). But point being, the public transportation situation in those areas are not terribly bad from what I remember. You'll be ok, my friend.
  6. Dude....just stick with ol' fashioned beatdown. My personal approach would be American Psycho-ish...be very calm and cool while at the same time getting quite demented. Showing him the torture chamber and various devices while all the while explaining that I love my daughter and hope nothing ever happens to her. A good read of his eyes will tell me if he's getting the message before I have to get explicit.
  7. False: Had I answered this yesterday, it would have been true because I did go out and party (if you want to call it that). But I didn't spend anywhere near an amount I would have to secure a "good time" TNP: Is watching the Emmys as of the time of this post.
  8. Dr Phil is definitely one person I would send a FOAD letter too. I would definitely highlight my "expert opinion" that he really should FOAD.
  9. You need to watch that one Dave Chapelle White Collar Crime sketch from the Dave Chapelle Show (circa 2004). Pretty much reverses the justice system for white collor crime and drug dealers. Pretty much LMAO...especially when the judge dispensed certain advice to the white collar criminal. Was trying to find it on youtube, but could only find the one part of the sketch when the drug dealer played by Chapelle "pleads the fif". That whole sketch was funny.
  10. Think about that the next time you celebrate 4th of July...
  11. Yes I learned something new from my Federal Government...if you are a business that is TOO big to fail, but yet does, socialism is ok and the government will trash the capitalist playbook. The government will buy your bad debts if you have too many billions or even trillions in assets and everybody can high-five each and/or do some other Sodom and Gomorrah-type stuff. Yeah, Robert....it's ok for financial companies to mess up because hey, the US will bail them out, but meanwhile the debtor can't get that same relief because we somehow don't contribute to the economy the same way those companies do...even though you and I know that can't possibly make sense. The fact that something is law today doesn't mean it's right. In fact it will probably change as soon as consumer advocacy groups start to matter (read: give more money to those that matter). Until then, we got this I guess. BTW, I never said you were beating up on those who filed for BK. I was just saying that BK is something I would personally avoid like the plague, but I know there are folks who were able to go through BK and have financial redemption. As for the word "hate", I guess I've been in the urban setting way too long. Even that word gets desensitized. Because really, I didn't even make it so charged as you did.
  12. True: I would never deny that and I would dare tell folks to please purchase a copy to help keep this board up. TNP: Will try to have a good day/night.
  13. Look Robert, as I told someone else on this forum, "Real recognizes real". I have always been an advocate of keeping it real. The truth of the matter is this...people get over on the system all the time. But I am not even talking about the consumer (who, I believe should get over all the time, but the fact of the matter is, he won't). But when the consumer [debtor] does get over on the system, why hate? The system/rules were written so that we should have a fighting chance on having this clean slate. I'm a firm believer of that. At the SAME time though, I am also a firm believer in not pushing one's luck. I don't plan on f'ing over my current creditors. When I was a kid (and by "kid", I mean 18/19/20/21/etc...til about maybe 24), I really didn't know any better. Managing my finances was simply not important to me as getting laid was. I was young and stupid. If companies are allowed to use loopholes in the system, than why can't we? Else, really, WT(x) are we doing here? Really....WT(x). I don't want to repeat those mistakes again...in part because I now know better and also too I see that it was wrong. But there are folks here who were messed up than me. Hell, for all of my mess ups, I never had to file BK. Yet there are many a venerable poster who felt the need to. I don't crap on them, nor would I dare to. If anything, I applaud anyone who can turn a messed up part of their life and do what they need to do to succeed in the world. So if I, or anyone else for that matter, had a opportunity to turn a lemon into lemonade...why not take it? That's what I want to know.
  14. Exactly...which is why I thought I had something with my original post. Just because the debt "allegedly" is mine, doesn't mean I don't have rights...even if I might be culpable. But there are many people unfortunately who don't know their rights. Which is why these companies prevail. As that relates to me, I'm just saying maybe I have something and was looking for what that might be, if anything.
  15. I lol'ed at your lol....lol. LMAO. I have typos around here myself. Just in good fun plus I was hungry for some stake. :lol::lol: (intentional)
  16. Your business would need about a million in assets...and then they would think about it before they say you wouldn't need one.....especially in today's financial climate.
  17. My point was that if companies in general can do whatever they can to get their money back, why can't the debtor do whatever they can to clean their report up.Prior to 2007 I had ZERO credit. I paid back debts in 2007 (only because they were government debts and I had NO choice....). PERSONALLY speaking, I did my time in credit hell. Now I'm looking for parole. I'm starting to not live my paycheck to paycheck lifestyle that I was sooo used to, but that's only because I leverage my credit that way. I could not say two years ago "I'm not broke". Now I can and I still acknowledge I have more work to do. BTW this steak that the creditors have that you mentioned....I like mine medium well. (Wanted it quoted before you fixed it... )
  18. You do realize that many debt collectors collect their debts illegally, right? A friend of mine was talking about credit in general and asked me about my repo. I told him it was tell held by the OC and that it was set to die either next year or 2010. He then proceeded that it could go to collections and start the 7 year process again. I then told him that happens a lot and that reaging is illegal. What he thought he knew about credit he didn't. He is not alone though...he's with about 90% of debtors in this country who don't know better. Point being? Debt collectors get a good portion of their debts from illegal practices from people who don't know better. We ARE THE MINORITY. Seriously....it's one thing if you messed up in life and clean yourself up only to mess up again. Those folks I will never have respect for. But when you messed up in life and just want a second chance at a blank slate...why is that wrong? I don't think it is, and folks should be afforded a second chance. Just like rehabbing a student loan. You should rehab a debt. I think that would benefit both debtors and creditors instead of playing these games that both of us play. But that's just me.
  19. Fair enough. This is an answer I can live with. I can even prove to any lenders that this debt is done, but I just wanted to see if I had any recourse. We may never agree on bumpage, but I can definitely agree with you on this. Thanks WTC. I think I will leave this be. I just got excited when the OC sent that letter back. I really thought I might have something positive (for me!).
  20. Listen, I'm going to be completely straight up with you both, Robert and LUEser... There is pretty much nothing wrong with me asking the OC to prove this debt was mine, and I refuse to debate whether or not this debt is mine or not. You can take that any which way you want. All I can say is that this debt is dead. Finito, Gone, Done. I moved on and pretty much want the OC to move on too. Believe me, contrary to what you might believe, I would love to go back in time and stop myself from being fiscally irresponsible. I would love to stop myself from taking a cash advance from my Discover card so I could pay for a fake ID that I would enjoy for 3 years and not even pay the bill, hence would have my wages garnished for about 1 year and a half. But, I can't. I can pretty much just deal with the here and now. I have said it many times--I was young and stupid. I understand where you're coming from, and I'm not going to be a hypocrite. I was a scumbag...I have paid my penance in one way or the other and I am not going to debate with you about this. I am pretty much looking for proper strategy on how to deal with this with OC. I have less than a year but as Leslie said, if I can get rid of this sooner, the better for me. I humbly and respectfully ask that you try not to make me feel any worse because I want to get rid of this from my CRs before the 7.5 year period like many before me have done. That's it... There is no pain with this....if I have to wait out the year, I will. But if I can get rid of this sooner, I will do that too.
  21. No...this JDB in this thread is JDB2. OC is saying that the JDB they initially sold the paper to is the one responsible. But the OC is the one that is reporting. The lawyer I had for JDB2 is good...but for this I would do pro se. I believe I have something for this response, but I just can't think of what it is.
  22. False--I wouldn't ---- her with your ----. LOL TNP is considering making a major purchase soon (above $2k).
  23. Ok guys, here's the scoop. I used the BBB for a variety of negatives on my CRs. I finally got my response from this OC and will type out what it says Now it sounds cut and dry, but this is where it gets interesting. This "alleged" debt is the same debt from this other I asked about a few months ago thread. http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=285159 This the JDB was NOT the JDB that was in the BBB letter. OC sold it to JDB1 which then got sold to JDB2 (the JDB in the aforementioned thread). JDB1 isn't even on my CR reports, it's just the OC. So now I ask the CIC...what is the best response to deal with this? I can actually go pro se if I need to. The OC sold this account but is still on my reports (and the reports reflect that fact). Do I need to dispute the CRAs with this new information and then 623 it? OR Do I attack the OC directly? To be clear, this debt can never come back...ever. But the OC will not let it go from my report. This will die on it's own in a year, but if I can get rid of it now, it'd be so appreciated.
  24. In NJ it has always been EX for me. Soft pulls, hard pull, all of it.
  25. Every three months they give you a GLI (Guideline increase, same s---). But you have to call every three months. It also helps if you use the Macys card regularly. My next increase is end of October. I should see a nice jump.