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  1. That must be it then...I will see what Leslie says also before I make the jump....
  2. If I'm not mistaken, we got our Redcards more or less the same time. (I think I got mine a bit after you got yours) If you get your CLI, please let me know and I will try to do the same. They have definitely been getting used, so I can't see why I cannot get some love.
  3. Bank Of America does and if it's cash-money, you have immediate access to it. In all of my years of banking, BOA's the only one that I will deposit ANY cash on hand at any of their ATMs just because it is soooo convenient to do so. No more envelopes, or waiting x amount of days for transaction to be cleared/recognized, hence needing a teller to make my deposit. Sometimes, I have even deposited checks and it won't even be 2 days before it is fully cleared. I'm not taking away from a CU or this discussion on CUs. Just wanted to point out that at least one major bank will take ATM deposits.
  4. Hope you Wamu lovers love the bank (maybe Chase, HSBC or Wells Fargo) who may buy Wamu because they might be the next bank to fail. Whoever buys Wamu, I hope Providian gets dumped....otherwise I'm going to need to get in Good with Chase and/or Wells Fargo....
  5. Maybe it's just me but after reading that, I fail to see the connection. I was never into designer-anything. I was too practical to spend ridiculous money on even-more ridiculous clothing. At the same time, I don't need to be poor or rich to have good taste in style....
  6. (Sigh....) All I can do is nod my head.
  7. The Ficos are not looking good. Hopefully the next week will bring me some sweet love. Jets losing to a Brady-less Pats did not help matters any.....
  8. (sigh...) You cannot be denied unless you have actually had a CJ account and burned them. And if anyone did burn a CJ account, they would pretty much be laughed at and would not deserve any credit at all or help to get credit. (Seriously.) With CJ and Macys reporting for the first three months by themselves (and Macys at that time was only $100 CL), I was able to get a HSBC credit card. I have no regrets in buying POC jewelry if it means I can get real credit later on...and if you look at my sig, I did. (Of course...it helped that some negs got deleted too.....but hey... ). An easy $2500 th
  9. It is stories like this one that makes me continue on with my own credit repair struggles. I will agree with others, there is nothing minor about your victory, Epiphany. That story encorages others to keep trucking. I wish you success and happiness in your new home and please continue to be an inspiration to others.
  10. Only time I ever been around a farm is when I would visit either of my parent's family every other summer (they're the hicks, not me)... But even I knew not to mess with a farmer's daughter...and if I did....I best do a lot of running......
  11. By now, you are aware the Dow went down 504. I dunno if the Fed will cut the rate by half a point at tomorrow's meeting, but we haven't seen the Market tank this much I dare say since the 9/11 attacks. It will be no surprise to me if the Dow shoots up 400 tomorrow and another 200 the next day. But what the heck do I know....lol
  12. Where there is a will, there is a way.... Besides, who needs to wait until the evening hours? Plenty of times during the day when such activities can occur.... (Sigh...), Don't want to scare you though, but kids are gonna do what they're gonna do..all you can do is teach them the best you can....
  13. No way...I would have never guessed that.... (About the drug part anyway...not the getting lucky)
  14. You go girl...go out and do your best booty dance! LMAO.... Congrats hon.
  15. Man, I remember one time I was messing around with my 14 y/o girlfriend (I was 16). Her father was a corrections officer. Long story short, he came home, I was naked and hiding under the covers pretty much praying that whatever happened happened quick and painless. He never came into the room and I had to stay there like a church mouse until he left. It is pretty much guaranteed that if I have a child, I will be blessed with the "player's curse" and have no sons. I may need to go back to the bottle HARD when that happens.
  16. There is ongoing consensus that after a full year, that INQ would not affect your score much. I could never notice it because of when the various INQs happened pre-credit repair. Post-Credit Repair, because I was able to get rid of the bad INQs, I am only able to find out about Macys and then the others after that.
  17. Since the very beginning, the only "score" I have ever cared about is my mortgage score. Everything I have done credit-wise has been to try to get that up to 700 land, including getting a car loan. Phase two of my plan has been to save for a sizable down so that by the time I am really ready, I can get my house at a reasonable rate. The CCs I have allow me to spend on necessary items like bills and groceries. I have taken "want" items out of the equation, and if I did get "want" items, I ALWAYS made sure I could pay it off. I think/calculate very long and hard "Can this be paid off next check
  18. Hold on, you're speaking my language now, so I totally understand what you are saying (not that I didn't before, but this is the first time (for me anyway)you went into somewhat technical detail, though I will concede you have tried before to convey this). So what you're saying is if a lender asks for a complete report, they will get every INQ. BUT if they do it online [immediate] (which MANY of them seem to do), then they will see exactly what we see?? Hey buddy I can see understand that. Now here's a question for you and anyone else is what lenders would do a complete report? I can assure yo
  19. Fair enough. I would imagine and concede every state has at least one or two major cities. I may also imagine that places like Omaha, Des Moines, Fargo, and the like have corporations headquartered there because rental space for square footage would be dirt cheap, not to mention taxes. Then the next town or two over is pretty much cow-tipping land. In any event, inquiries are supposed to stay on reports for two years. After one year, that INQ is supposed to not affect the score much, if at all. We can all agree on that. Bumpage though pretty much is the creation of soft inquires that one gene
  20. Who is your team? I figure Iowans would root for either Colts or Rams, but what do I know. Aside from your usual rants, I will rant right back, but politely so that you don't hit me with your 800 lb fist. 1) Fact--INQs that are bumped will not be on reports lenders will see. Nothing mythical or urban about it (since there are rural folks, probably like yourself as I don't see anywhere in Iowa to be an urban metropolis...but perhaps to say the whole state is farmland may perhaps be ignorance on my part). 2) Fact--When *B/bumping/bumpage happens, it is very reflective of your FICO reports. Un
  21. I don't think so either, and pretty much agree with everything you said regarding teens and cell phones. I remember when I first bought a pager at 17 and by that time I was working. Our opinions aren't going to matter one way or the other in regards to this kid's pain. This story should be followed by someone (not me) so we ultimately knows what happens to this moron. Yes he did a jerk thing, but you should not use a sledgehammer to kill a fly either. If this kid gets the punishment that's getting sought-after, this guy is ----ed for the rest of his life.
  22. Before the magic of BOA's "My Portfolio", I had written a nice spreadsheet that outlined all of my bills. But BOA makes it so easy for me to look at all my creditors and what I owe. However, I made it a habit to keep track of my CC spending to not go over "X" amount. This allows me to always have cash, and not run into Ravenous Wolf's problem (as I have also robbed from Peter, Paul, Joseph and Mary to pay whomever). But my system ALWAYS allows me to have cash leftover AND pay my bills in full. It also helps that I started out having a nice infusion of cash from my tax refund. I still have the