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  1. I will stick to watching Alexander the Great on my DVD...especially when he had that nice "battle" with Rosario Dawson. LMAO...(btw, yes I was awake in Civ 1 for that particular battle you mentioned....ATG was outnumberred like 6 to 1 or some jazz and yet still won...)
  2. I get what you are saying, but I never thought it was "hopeless" in regards to the situation of the housing market. But the pain will be with us for some time. In my personal situation, I care more how this will translate in me (or others similar to my financial/credit situation) seeing a mortgage. I could have easily been one of those sub-prime borrowers that helped caused this mess (even though the sub-prime lenders and the prime lenders who packaged those mortgages into securities will be the ones you and others are going to tell me are really the ones at fault). Thankfully, I'm not...but maybe I should have gotten in when the gettin' in was good......only time will help me decide if I made the right call on that one.
  3. Hmmm...jq26 might be on to something after all. I hope this translates into a good morning come Monday: http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601081&sid=aNfrTGN77SSU&refer=australia
  4. No lie, if you are right, you will definitely do all my stock picking. Seriously. I should just fund my investment account, PM you my info and then just have you go to town... This whole situation, to me as a layman, definitely tells me that this housing mess will definitely not be going away anytime soon. While I do not have a mortgage yet, I fear that I am definitely going to need to be even more on point to make sure I can get funded for a house. As for the market itself...the only things I have are retirement accounts (the 457 and IRA) that does not include my pension. We are going to see the pain in the markets it looks like for a "hot minute", but hopefully by the time I'm 60, this would all be like a bad dream.
  5. Hello and welcome. You will want to see if you can contact their hardship department. Explain the situation to them and try to work out an agreement. Document all the people's names you spoke with and make sure ANY agreement you say yes to gets sent to you in writing. You can also try for a Payment for Deletion if you can pay the debt off in full by a certain date. Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
  6. What might be obvious to you or me, may not be obvious to someone else. Everyone drives on the same path at a different speed. OR Everyone drives on a different path at the same speed. Hopefully the destination equals their overall goal.
  7. Without tying religion into this, but if our actions that led us here are sins, then we are all sinners. If someone is living in a glass house wants to throw a stone at you for sinning, you should only need one good throw at one good spot. (And that is directed at NO ONE in particular...)
  8. I'm only going to respond to this because I want it clear that in no point did I personally bring up the ethnicity of these theives or honestly thought of their ethicity when I wrote my opinions. I did read that they were "Afro-Latino", but I personally did not care if they were white, black, purple or blue or what their legal status in the country was. My whole thing is these guys were burglarizing a home that had the potential of not being empty and some dude put an end to it while on the phone with 911. In retrospect, though...perhaps the label "hero" is a bit too strong for Mr. Horn, but was only speaking objectively and without any prejudice toward him or the burglars. Ok, now I'm done. (For real this time, promise. )
  9. Good point swt... I have seen folks (no one in particular) always asking for how to get out of a debt (legitimate or otherwise) as part of their personal credit repair. If these folks can't look within themselves to figure out why they are in the mess in the first place, then what is the sense in doing credit repair if you are not going to fix the underlying problem that got you there? I won't speak for anyone else, but for me, everyone does deserve a second chance. I'm working on mine now. But second chances does not mean you repeat the stuff you did on your first chance. I guess I just care too much for my fellow man (and woman... ) I personally don't want to see anyone repeat that same pain again. I know it sucked for me...I would not want it sucking for anyone else. It just started to stop sucking but there are still elements in my CRs that prevent me from getting the red carpet rolled out....I'm just getting the used red rug right now....but the red carpet treatment is at least imminent insofar as I'm concerned.
  10. CAs and JDBs you don't use the phone (ever...it's always mail with them because their job is to pretty much straight up lie to get that cash). OCs you can use the phone in certain (though I would only do it if I KNOW something on their end is messed up....otherwise it's trusty mail for me). CRAs you can also call depending on your situation and need, but some CSRs like to play games and it is probably only best to just deal with mail.
  11. False: Plus I even know the difference between Tupac Shakur (dead rapper) and Tupac Amaru (Peruvian terrorists...) TNP: Has read an interesting book recently.
  12. OP I agree with this 100 percent. My parents also used to get the catalog when I was a kid (and we're talking pre-high school) and I remembered the products they sold were always above the prices at Sears. (Yes, I learned the value of the dollar at a very early age). You get no benefit with Fingerhut (even if they do report to all three, and I personally can't tell you one way or the other if they do). Get the Secured BOA card. You MIGHT be able to get the 99/500 but I didn't have that option. I had to drop $2K just to have a nice 4 digit CL that gets used (as of this date, I have never went over 50% of the card once). But if finances are an issue, drop $300 (though I'd recommend $500 minimum). Your credit will dramatically improve, as did mine.
  13. MBNA is now FIA Card Services, owned by Bank of America.... They were a huge employer in NJ (Newark specifically). As far as I know, BOA laid off a lot of people there including a buddy of mine that was initially a MBNA employee. Things got real unhappy when BOA took over.
  14. To me that question is akin to Coke vs. Pepsi or Chevy vs. Ford.... Two different brands that essentially perform the same purpose with people who swear one is better than the other.
  15. You are the proverbial smart-a$$, but you are also smart. Take that for what it's worth. I not only found your post informative, but I did give you rep for it. I also gave Debt Guy rep for his post simply because it was well thought-out and informative. It makes me wish I was never such a scumbag debtor in the first place. But then...I'd have never ended up here. I guess everything has its positives and negatives...
  16. That INQ is back in full swing on TU. (Target).... So I guess the new thing is credit karma and CIP then? Then dump TC? Part of the reason I didn't want to dump TC and switch to CIP is because I hate reading CIP...but I guess I can get used to it.
  17. Well, I don't know what his state of mind was or if he just always wanted to know what it was like to kill. I was just going by what was going on in that particular situation. Obviously, if some kid was crossing his yard with his bike and wasn't planning to seriously tresspass his property and he kills this kid, then oh yeah, he deserves punishment and death. As far as I saw, this guy was protecting property (yes that was not his) and most likely prevented a more serious crime from occurring. I don't advocate any killings, personally, but I can understand why he remains to be free. It is sad those gentlemen died, but I refuse to shed a tear for folks who were committing serious wrongdoing in the first place. That's all I will say on that subject. No more dead horse beatings.
  18. Ok...I heard the complete Joe Horn tape. Plus the side conversations. I had to listen to it twice just to make sure I feel the way I do. This one right here: I dunno, maybe I'm just terribly naive. Other than the fact that two human beings are gone from the Earth, I just can't find anything wrong with what this guy did. He was excited, but he just sounded pissed and frustrated at what he was witnessing and he felt like he needed to do what he needed to do. Yes, like Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon, maybe he should have shot them in the leg, or something. I mean think about it, what if there were people at home? His actions potentially could have saved lives. If anything, he should be thanking God he didn't mutter anything racial (other than saying what the suspects were). Otherwise, I would probably be more inclined to agree with you. I can see why he "got off", but in this case, I can agree with that with some objectivity.
  19. Deanna/SWT, I promise you I will youtube the tapes.....it's just that the wiki article pretty much made him sound like a hero to me. I mean, let's be honest. 911 dispatchers are not police officers and hence have no authority. IF THEY ARE police officers, it's because they pissed off a superior officer so bad that it was either they take some 911 calls or be fired. So if this guy wasn't happy that he was going to kill people, would that have made him more hero-like? Does that mean that Texans should not defend his/her neighbor's property if they see wrongdoing? I haven't heard the 911 tapes yet, but I guess I'm gonna have to. I really want to understand why this guy is hated.
  20. I know this will garner some sweet discussion, enjoy: http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/080905/mortgage_giants_crisis.html
  21. If only, brother.....If only.... But eventually I would get bored of even that....one has to do something, regardless of how inherintly lazy one is. Even laziness gets tiredsome. But if one can do a clickbymail instead of waiting a good 20 minutes to an hour in line in a smelly post office, that would be very convenient. But at the same time I am personally concerned about privacy. But I would be very intrigued to know how secure CBM actually is for people.
  22. If you go to a supermarket, 7-11, or gas station and you see a keypad with numbers on it by the place you're supposed to swipe, guess what? You can use your ATM card.... I was once like you though. Always had to spend money when I got it, because I could. One thing I hope to advise you on if you're going to have an ATM-only future...try to do it at where you bank at. Only a fool (like I was) would pay those atm transaction fees....must've easily spent hundreds a year....in the last three-four years, I can only count one time I used a ATM that was not mine, and that was only because I was with a large group of friends and I needed cash immediately to help cover a bill. (It was my own fault...I didn't realize that the format of the dinner was in a format that everyone pays the same amount, regardless of what you ordered...had I just paid for what I hate, it would have been...uncouthe to say the least and I did not want to be that guy).
  23. Seriously though...the girls on those magazines can't possibly be representative of the actual waitresses from what you guys are saying...the two Hooters that I went to (one here, the other in Indy 9 years ago) pretty much should have the name changed to "Guts." Nothing Playboy-ish about them save for a cute face and a very pushed-up bra. Don't get me wrong...nothing wrong with a woman with some meat, but when you wear skinny girl stuff and you're not a skinny girl (or even well proportioned), it is truly a turn off. If the same girl wore weight-appropriate clothing, she could be a hottie. But if I saw her in weight-inappropriate clothing first, she could never get the second look.
  24. Maybe you got to hear the "real" story, since you're down there, but based on the article I read, I can't see how this guy is a villain? Seriously, these two guys broke into a home, this guy stopped them, and while sad that these two guys died, they were committing a crime? If someone was violating my home when I'm not home and my neighbor shot him dead, I am probably not going to cry about it, and probably neither are you. This guy (again based on the Wiki article) is a friggin hero.
  25. While those guys did not initally end up on his property, the second they touched his front lawn, he was able to invoke Castle Doctrine. I don't see what sad about it. Joe Horn is still free, right? He did the right thing in my eyes.