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  1. Yeah, but the alleged hygiene of Walmart employees is ok? Based on three Target stores in my immediate area, I can pretty much state with confidence that I'm not generalizing the per-capita area these stores are located is NOT on the low side. Much different than generalizing about folks who work on their own cars or frequent nail salons. I can tell you this though. Whether I have $1 or $1 million in my pocket...I can never be an elitist. A realist, perhaps, but never elitist. I was always brought up to be humble. Dad taught me well, in that aspect of life.
  2. It is pretty much common knowledge that Tar-gey targets (no pun intended) the moderate middle class folk while Walmart targets the class below... Either way, after watching that documenatary on Walmart, as well as their attempts to kill any unionizing of their employees so that they can enjoy simple benefits like the rest of America, I refuse to seriously patronize them for major shopping. The way Walmart does business and treats their employees is almost criminal but I guess when you get that big, you stop caring.
  3. Rav, Did you try any data recovery on that hard drive? I was able to recover data for my police chief friend a couple of years ago when one of his bacon subordinates reinstalled an O/S for him. He wanted to pay me a lot but I told him a few PBA cards in his name would be fine....lol. I have also seen services that will recover data from a HD that just went dead due to bad sectors. All may not be lost if you still have the HD. Anyway, yeah man, I have been in your shoes and know what you are going through. 9/11 pretty much had me experiencing what you're going through now. I have since made it a habit to deal with my resume every two years in case something "better" comes up. Not saying you can't write a great resume, but if you need help, there are excellent resume-writing services you can use that are $175 and under. Give them a list of jobs you have had, write up a small summary and you get an instant $20k+ job... http://www.resumeedge.com has helped out me and a couple of my friends. Very reasonable. Whatever happens, my friend, hang in there. You are going to make it and when you start getting stressed, think of your family and kids (the good parts, not the parts that stress you out... ).
  4. Sad thing about this and many other stories like this, there are never any winners. The only ones who really suffers are the kids. It is my hope that when they grow up, aside from them growing up happy and healthy, is that they never have to go through the pain of the child support system...on either end.
  5. I like Prosper only to see how much of a letter grade I've gone up. Right now I'm a "C" but I started out a "E". As an E, I could not get funding for a $1000 because before they rose the allowable interest I was capped at 13%. Now I can go higher, but at this point....I dunno.....I would really need a good reason to borrow $1000 and at the high rate too.
  6. Oooooooooh snap! Gunny, I hope that last line was enough to light that fire under your belly. Make the FDCPA your new rifle and gun and show those a******* what's up! You got the tools now use them!!
  7. It's closed with them and gone "forever" with them...not with anyone else who buys the debt. Only time will tell us if this is as good as dead. Since they still have the debt, they can easily sell it to someone else. It's called "zombie" debt, a debt that never dies cause they sell it to some other dirtbag JDB. There is nothing precluding this JDB from selling the debt to someone else.
  8. Just to let you guys know... I tried the "new" method of getting rid of my Sterling INQs. I did it about 1 week and a half ago after JB Robinson approved me. The INQs are still on EQ and Sterling has since been reporting on all three (EQ was my last one and that was a couple of days ago). I did not check off not mind and did the proper format. Read the new method Isis left me to make sure I didn't mess up. I still have 6 INQs on EQ.....I will wait until next monday to do it again. But it's probably not going to fly because the Sterling Trifecta are now a part of my reports. Also, while I'm talking about the Trifecta, I am noticing that on two of them, I have a high credit limit of zero dollars and the one has the 3000? I was under the impression that all three would report as 3000?? Should I give those folks at Sterling a call and see what's up?
  9. I would like to motorboat any pronounciation of Oklahoma. Oh yeah....
  10. BS, (as in your initials...LMAO...) WTC might have a point. They might be gone, but there is nothing in their response that would prevent the JDB to resell your debt. That might actually not be a bad thing though. You can then go through the regular DV process with a new timely DV, have them mess up and then sue them for FDCPA and/or FCRA violations. Then if/when you settle with them, you would then kill that debt once and for all. Right now, you just have a minor skirmish. May not be the best way to go about this, but I was able to kill a JDB in that manner. Or perhaps you'll be lucky and they won't sell your debt at all...but then that would really be BS (as in NOT your initials...)
  11. Hmmmm, ten days, huh? Well, I did bother with the BBB to get rid of my CA....might as well try this as well. At this point it can't hurt.....this will be the last thing I do before I go "pro se"... Congrats, bro. Score another win for the good guys.
  12. Well, I wish I had a million dollars, but it is what it is. There is no unlimited FICO reporting...if there were, that's all we'd ever use. No one said credit repair was easy or cheap...I would like to spend loot elsewhere, but really it's not terribly expensive....I mean really, $35 is pretty much a week's worth of Starbucks, a weeks worth of cigarettes (on average)...and a good time at the bar. If it were $350, then yeah, I can understand what you're saying...but $35 bucks? That's something you can ask the bum begging for change for..... BTW, my current FICOs are always higher than my TC FAKOs. My Fakos are low 600s with EQ such a bit shy of 600....so take that for what it's worth.
  13. Of course there other options... You can apply for a mortgage at a reputable bank and get an inq on each of your reports and then ask to get a copy of your report. Or, you can suck it up for 12.76 each and get your reports from myfico.com. You can see if WAMU will give you a CC and get a TU report only. I am sure that you spend $35 at the bar or some other recreational activity easily. But you are going to need a baseline to know where you really stand.
  14. You need myfico.com, bro....that's the only site that will give you a "true" idea of what your FICOs are looking like. When you pay for them, make sure you get a discount code...do a search here. I can tell you off the top of my head current3 is good til end of August. (You can use it for one or three....but if you don't have three then get three). Then you will have an idea of where you really stand.
  15. Whatever you do, always get a CarFax report. Always insist on getting a VIN and get the report. You might be spending x amount each time, but better to do that than get a new looking car that has a salvage title (or had one at one time). I had saw a nice looking Focus that looked very clean but the price was a bit on the low side, even for a Focus. I checked out the CarFax and saw it had been in accident and had a salvage title. That was a red flag right there.
  16. Try a recon call and or letter. I have only personally had one recon and that got me a fricken $300 limit on my Itunes and my B&N limit got decreased.
  17. 1) Do you know why you were denied? They usually tell you the BS reasons in the denial letter. 2) Do you know what your real FICOs are? (TrueCredit is Fake-O (FAKO), though 710 should get you some decent stuff...I'm low 600s and one high 5 on TC) You can try a recon letter to the CEO of those cards...can't hurt. Do a search for Fizzle1979's posts...he is the recon/gw master....
  18. LMAO....they don't need to be part of me, that's for sure.
  19. Are you kidding??? I'm a guy and I WANT big hooters....lmao.
  20. Need to send a GW letter to a CEO or other higher up? Use this link to find that person to send your GW, 623, or other type letter: http://www.portfolio.com/resources/company-profiles I figure this should help out newbies and oldies alike.
  21. Link with CEO: http://www.portfolio.com/resources/company-profiles/Sovereign-Bancorp-Incorporated-1330 Link to other higher ups and Board of Directors: http://www.portfolio.com/resources/company-profiles/Sovereign-Bancorp-Incorporated-1330/people
  22. The only time I ever expect "as a courtesy" is when it is MY fault. If it is not MY fault, I quickly snap back and say "Courtesy? No, this was not my fault and this should be done because you ----ed up (yea, I actually say ----ed up_. The phone morons get in line quick when I do that. I've only had those issues with BOA. Knock on wood, I have never been near due date with HSBC. Though as I read more and more, perhaps I should not deal with them when my credit improves.
  23. The only crappy thing with me is that they refuse to give me a CLI OR EVEN another CC. I have not tried lately, but I don't see myself staying with them terribly long if I can't get love. I have been to busy to call and I am not sure if I want another INQ. But I always use online bill pay and I have it down to a science now. I have two things that get charged monthly on the 20th and 28th of each month. Since it's always the same amount, I just pay it when I'm charged the Pet Care insurance. Then when TC charges me, the balance is always paid. Since HSBC reports at the end of the month, I always show a zero balance.
  24. I guess when Cavalry gets sued, and they will, I can definitely cite this case.
  25. Listen, I am very familiar with the "build your own equity, quit paying your landlord's mortgage and start paying your own" schpiel. That is all fine and great. However, if you have homeownership as a goal, like I do, you need to set priorities for how you will achieve that. I thought sincerely NACA would help me do that, as I don't need good credit and all that. But like Goose said, yeah maybe your credit will improve where you can get ANY FHA mortgage...but you will find that you could pay DOUBLE your rent for that house you want. A normal mortgage would give you a payment shock of maybe a few hundred dollars more, but if it's double, than you have too much house or too much mortgage. Your energies will be best spent on credit repair and credit rebuild. We all started there. Then you may want to put a couple of bucks away in a savings account. That is really the hardest part, but trust me, if you can sock away few bucks here and a few bucks here, you'll have a decent down payment. I know what you mean with that light at the end of the tunnel....I did not expect to see $12k in available credit in only 9 months. One more word of advice....never, under any circumstances be late on a bill that shows up on a credit report. There is no emergency on Earth that can be an excuse for it...trust me lenders don't care. PIF those bills monthly, no carrying balance that will pay interest as that is for chumps and suckers. I've been doing that for 9 months....and the results have paid in dividends. No balance transfers and no cash advances....and it will remain that way. I wish you the best of luck and yeah definitely post any problems or concerns and people will help you out.