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  1. Leslie, Please accept my condolences and I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
  2. The CA/JDB can't control the CRAs and they have to say that to Cover their @$$. It is completely normal and you will find that it generally takes a couple of weeks to a month (at most) to be rid of once you get that message. At this point, all you need right now, is CONGRATS.
  3. Isn't it possible that the system just got beat and that folks merely caught a break?
  4. So when a hard pull is done via a non-web site (like at a bank, for example), why are those INQs not there? If those INQs existed on a hard pull, I would probably be the first to agree with this.
  5. Taxpayers win. WF will be buying Wachovia. Citi might sue, but we'll see how that goes.
  6. Sad thing is, she will pay that money only to tank her credit again. Simply because she put no work into repairing her own credit. But, DM, I'm happy for you, girl. Easy, easy, easy money.
  7. You are a sweetheart, truly hon. It is very possible that there is no upturn, but if that possibility exists, get all your guns togethers and stay the heck home. Thunderdome will definitely have arrived and I'll have to leave the People's Republic of New Jersey for real. It just won't be safe here. You need to look at the history of the Stock Market (if possible, find yourself a chart of the Dow Jones from it's inception to today). Pay close attention to the times of the depression, the 1970s, the 1987 crash, 9/11 era, and now. You will understand what we're talking about.
  8. Sweetheart, you think $4500 is something I want to piss away?! Believe me, it is very difficult looking at my accounts right now, so much so that I don't want to look. I don't even want to look at any website with teh let's D-O-W... If your dad (or others) lost $100000 so far, that means they have at least several hundred thousands to a million left. It is probably advisable for those folks to keep doing what they're doing and when the sell off happens, to put more money in safe money (bonds, Money Market Funds). If your dad tries doing something now, he will lock in his losses. Besides, your
  9. All the same, you do sound like someone who could pass a Series 7 exam. You are a bit more technical about finance than your average investor. Not a bad deal...but like Tommy, I was kinda thinking the same thing.
  10. I'm more appreciative of his Lethal Weapon work myself (the first 2....that last 2 was just eehhhh to garbage).
  11. I actually have American Funds Growth Large Cap. Before the Market tanked, they were doing quite well, and I would not get rid of them ever. To answer your fears, Deanna, you are a young woman. You're not going to take money out for years to come. When you get into your mid 40s, that's when you start getting into some safe money like bonds, money market, etc. In a couple of years, it's going to be a bad memory....and you will be thanking yourself that you didn't do anything stupid. It is hard to hear that now (I know, cause it's just as hard saying it), but you're going to be ok, as will I, J
  12. System Unavailable Attention: (AA's 457b Company)'s participant website is currently unavailable. We apologize for this inconvenience. Man, I would love to get the server logs for the last week.......lmao. People are flooding the web site.
  13. He has the right idea and I might as well do the same. (But only 2% more because I really can't afford anymore than that) The idea is to BUY when the market tanks, not sell, ESPECIALLY if these are retirement account and you have a 20-30 year horizon. Unless you feel that the world is going to end up like Mad Max and the Thunderdome, you buy into a selloff. If you start switching stuff now, you will lock into your losses, and you will not recover the way you should have. In both my Roth and 457, I have 100% stocks, but I'm diversified into 31% Large Cap Growth, 21% Large Cap Value, 20% Intern
  14. When I got approved my scores were all in the 660s. I believe I was in the 660s with EQ and 666-671 with TU. If your scores are above mine, you would definitely get it, and I'd recommend going for Kays first then either of the other two. If you have a FA though, they will make you go to the stores. That drive to Eatontown really blew for JB Robinson, but the drive to Jareds as well as the butt-kissing (to me) really made it worth it...
  15. Oh yeah, totally. The reasons you are in Florida are the same reasons I like Texas. What differentiates Florida from Texas for me though is that jobs tend to be scarce, and if they're not, they tend to be on the lower side. Mind you, that's not always the case, but in general, Florida is best for retirement. Texas on the other hand has a lot of tech jobs that I found have paid the same or higher than jobs in the NYC area. That always bugs me out because cost of living is still relatively low for such developed areas as Austin, Houston, Dallas. Mind you the last two have areas that rival Harlem
  16. Robert and Methuss, I definitely want to unlearn the lie. I don't personally use my credit like it's extra cash and I actually regret using debt to get my car. I want wealth, really I do and I think I can get there if I continue to kill the debt that gets generated monthly by my car. I also try to have a couple of hundred dollars in cash because I am so afraid I'll be like many of the CICers (and I'm talking about veterans) that will get into debt because of an unforseen emergency involving my parents or something else. As Robert as said, right now for me, it would just take that one thing fo
  17. Deanna, Tommy, jjgross and anyone else, Thing you have to keep in mind is that while my salary might be greater than yours, cost of living eats up at alot of my salary. If I took my salary and moved to where you live, Deanna, I'd really really be happy. I looked, I would only need $56k a year just to live how I live now. New Jersey (and really, it's the metro-NYC area) has the highest cost of living in the entire Union, followed by Connecticut. Texas cost of living is LOW....especially Austin, compared to New Jersey. Texas is also a highly developed state and is a technology mecca. I desire to
  18. I will definitely find the sources for that information, but I know that EARLY on, folks are going to leverage credit in the very beginning. How else are small businesses going to raise the capital they need if they don't have investors. And even if they do, they are going to get a small SB loan to get things started. Perhaps when they get that 10MM, they won't need credit anymore.... My whole point is that rich people use credit, and for that matter money, much differently than you or I would. I'm trying to aspire to that ideal but until I get rid of my debt, I won't see it.
  19. Don't mean to rain on your parade. I'm just so mad that citi can't even double my POS CL. You try getting gas on a V-8 engine in the NY area with with $200 a month...it's pretty laughable. I just want Citi to play ball with me. I don't know anything about WF, other than friends/family who have (or had) mortgages with them. There are no WF branches currently in the northeast. With Wachovia, that will definitely change.
  20. Based on all the news that's out there, that's not surprising. This is probably evidence that BOA doesn't want to take bets on anyone anymore, and if they do, not willingly. At best, at least I'll have $4k if they choose to double me. Or the $2k that I have now. I'll be ok though. How long did you have Hooters when you got the extra $1k, CC?
  21. Nah, still at the $200 with Tarjay.....I will probably see the visa in the year 2000 and never. LOL A CLI on a secured card?! That's nice. I'd go for a second secured card myself, but by the time I save up for that purpose, my BOA would have hopefully unsecured and I'd get a huge CLI that way. There is this one thread on CB where this lady had a 99/500 and the thing went to like 19000 or something crazy like that. A HUGE CLI after she unsecured. I'd personally be happy with half that amount but I'm hoping for 5000 after I graduate. I am waiting until the end of next year for another app spree
  22. I have tried getting a CLI twice with citi (My exxon card). Those POSes won't double my limit....and this is after they hard pulled EX and EQ. It's ok.....I know they'll crash and burn soon......I hope Well Fargo wins the Wachovia prize.
  23. If you send a different reason for why you're disputing no, it should not be considered frivolous. But sending a letter to the CA will almost never get you the result you want. Which is why if the 1-2 fails, you'll probably be served best going to the aforementioned agencies you stated in your letter.
  24. When wealthy people use credit, 9 times out of 10, they use it to increase their wealth. When "lower middle class" folks (and I am pretty proud to be a part of that class) use credit, it's to pretty much borrow against the future, even for a short time. We don't try to get wealthy, we just borrow against ourselves (and hopefully without interest). I don't agree that only the wealthy should be extended credit, but I do agree that folks responsible enough to use credit should have it. I never wanted the credit in my sig. I only have it so that I can get a house. If I so wished (and I don't),