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  1. Does anyone know if Discover black lists....it's been about 12 years since I burned them? They gave me initially a 1500 limit.
  2. How much does a monthly pass cost? I used to take an express bus that only dealt with highway and my pass worked on it. Then again, each state's public trans might be different.
  3. You'll be grandfathered into a Chase card. With Chase's secured product, it's 18 months and not 12, BUT like I said, you should be grandfathered into your original terms. Might want to check with Chase to be sure though.
  4. JP Morgan-Chase is the definition of prime....put it that way.
  5. It is a free daily puller (but you only get your TU score). That's it. It is used for bumpage.
  6. I sincerely doubt (in my area at least) Chase won't close Wamu branches. In my town and surrounding areas all of the metro-NYC area, there is HUGE overlap of Chase and Wamu branches. No way they're all going to be open indefinitely. Expect to hear about layoffs and branch closings soon.
  7. I didn't have to put an invitation code. Don't know why you would since it's free anyway.
  8. A little late..... At least you got birthday wishes though...lmao.
  9. Smart man. Use your low limits for low purchases (pack of gum, gas, whatever) and concentrate your $2500 for your bigger purchases, while trying to stay within 35% of total utilization (the lower the better, though). Including your $2500, what is the total amount of credit you have now? If you're trying to increase your scores for a house purchase, keeping low utilization while showing use of your cards will give you bigger scores. That I do know. Your score will dip a bit because you took a new account, but after one month it will shoot back up and continue to do so (provided of course, no l
  10. Not for nothing, but you should be grateful you even got that much, with credit being so tight everywhere else. If you're looking for more for the sake of looking for more, then that's not very wise (and that's being kind). If you have a specific plan for "more", then perhaps I might stand corrected. Plus, CUs from what I read pretty much hook up CLIs like it's candy to a hyperactive 3 year old.....
  11. Well, I will try regardless sometime next year. If I get the same crap I got from Wamu, I will recon Chase to death. I was just treated very rude by a phone monkey supervisor who swore to me that Wamu would never extend me credit. That was the reason I didn't even bank with them (and I had filled out my direct deposit to my Wamu account)... I in turn gave him the appropriate response and hung up. Look forward to seeing how this plays out.
  12. LOL, the lovable hippo returns..... How have you been?
  13. I'm sorry, but women will never understand that. Breast cancer is one thing, and I always have a soft spots for breast cancer survivors. I have participated in breast cancer walks in college and have always donated at least $20 to various breast cancer charities. Kelly Bundy (Christina Applegate will always be Kelly Bundy) will always be hot to me, breasts or no. Besides, even though I am a breast man, if my DF had to get masectomies, I would love her no less. Losing the penis, on the other hand, really would have a huge psychological toll on a man. It defines manhood, period. I would not be a
  14. Jq, or anyone else with a Wamu card... Is JP Morgan the one that is servicing the accounts, or is it still Providian? I would imagine that Providian would be the one getting dropped and hopefully all the bad paper..... Hopefully Chase can forgive folks like me and not blacklist me like evil Wamu..... Also, do you still have your FICO scores?
  15. Before I knew how to spell "credit repair" (yeah, exactly), I was wage garnished by Pressler and Pressler. I defaulted on a Discover card, about a year later Pressler got a default judgement on me, and I got garnished. Mind you, I was never served, and I didn't know I could vacate judgements....but this happened in '98-99. By the time I got serious about credit repair it was pretty much extinct. But they got me....only because I did not show up. You can take them head on and I strongly suggest you get legal advice on this. I did send you a PM.
  16. Tell me you asked for a lien withdrawal (or were you hit with a lien at all)? That will be one more negative you will have if you didn't get that when you did your installment agreement. I paid off my back taxes, and a few months later got whacked with a lien reporting on my CRs (EX and EQ). Been trying to fight this in vain to get them off (by nook or by crook).
  17. At the time folks were reporting the 99/500, I had scores better than they did and yet I got denied (not offered) but yet they didn't. I was happy that I put a portion of my tax refund toward a 4 digit CL anyway (that to this day has not gone over 50%.....yeah!) You can try for it though, but with the current credit crunch, I wouldn't recommend wasting that INQ. The secured card is a better deal, plus you saved money somewhere that you won't get back until 9 months-1 year. It will feel like a bonus when you have it again (provided, of course, you don't mess up paying BOA). My HSBC hit me with
  18. It is very amazing, but also very true. We, and boards like this represent a tiny majority of consumers. It seems like more should know, but try talking to friends and family about this. Fellow homeowners, coworkers, etc. You'll find that they won't know 1/5th of the information that is on this board. I myself was amazed when I was able to apply a lot of what I learned on this site. I actually thought (initially) that all of this was a bunch of ----....but I was very mistaken. I was actually very happy that I was wrong about something....lmao.
  19. As someone who has recently dealt with a JDB (and from NJ), I can tell you that as per my attorney (who I got on contigency), if a JDB can't prove they own the debt or won't show they own the debt, then you have them on violations. If it comes down to them taking you to court, then go. You will already have a lot going for you. I can have a bunch of copies of your statements and mail them to you. Does that mean I owe the debt? No, just means I have a bunch of copies of your statements and I want your money. There has been case law that's already on the books that proves that point. I would s
  20. You honor and flatter me, LB. Thank you, hon. Well, I guess I can just permanently sock drawer those cards I'm not going to use and concentrate on my future PRIME cards. The history can only help me at that point.
  21. That makes sense. I guess it pretty much depends on lender requirements. Personally, I plan on going for "prime" cards after my BOA unsecures and replacing primes one to one with the low limits. I won't care about history at that point cause it'll be buoyed with the BOA, CJ and Macys. By that time the "credit crunch" will (hopefully) be well over. Which is why, right now, app sprees will be a waste of INQs.
  22. If all one cared about was the mortgage score (like me...), should one cancel all of the CCs one has? Would that cause a significant boost? I know one of the lender requirements would be to see a number of tradelines that have been open at minimum 6 months, but generally 2 years.
  23. I was of the opinion you needed to be 59 1/2. I had planned to retire at 60 because of that. I would love to retire at 55 as that's when I'll be pension eligible (yes, I said pension....I also have a 457b and a Roth that I will start making contributions on beginning this comming January). The 457b and Roth prevented me from retiring at 55 because I have to wait until 59.5....boo. LOL. I don't want to depend on social security, as it probably won't exist, and I want to try to get whatever my current income will be in 25-30 years. Can you please point me in the right direction for this "age 55