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  1. I just found out from my freecreditreport.com (not spamming, just stating fact) alert that Hooters pulled TU on me too to deny me. Funny thing is I only have 5 derogs BUT 9 inquiries. (a number of which were from NCO group). You bet your ace I started writing 6 dispute letters (I put all the NCO Groups in the same letter to save postage. Just made sure I put the dates) and mailed those suckers as well as asked for a copy of my credit report. If they are smart like EQ, they will send me just one report with all in the INQs gone. I'm not even going to touch Hooters (well the card anyway...) unt
  2. I saw a nice one for $750. Was figuring on making the down and shipping then pay $80 a month for about 6 months. If their jewelry is true is truly inferior, then nevermind. I'm just get the crappy earrings for the DF (fiance).
  3. What a difference two years makes for you, huh? I'm in this for the long haul anyway...I figure I can increase my wardrobe while increasing my credit can't hurt. I wish I could have had the 200 though. Saw this really nice peacoat that was on sale. Thank you Cav.
  4. Cav, just wanted let others know since on the page it said do not use a debit card. I know from reading this thread that your CL went up after some time. Would it be better to buy one thing and PIF during that billing? Or buy one thing and just make slightly above minimum payments? What would be better for my score and potential CLI? I guess from reading the thread it would just be PIF, but I wanna be sure. I'm still in shock that I can get a Macys card, but not Walmart (who did in fact deny me...lol). Ehhh, just as well. Alot easier for me to get to Macys than it is for Walton's Employee Hell
  5. I just thought I would share my Macys experience. Last night (it's 12:45am on EST), I was reading this board and clicked on a link that was in someone's sig about scores that would get you a particular card. [http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?autocom=creditpulls ](You will have to register to use the database). In any event I know my FICO on EQ is about 595. I tried Walmart, Hooters, and Target and got either denied or we will send you something in the mail (dispute INQs time...damn stamps). Then I read about Macys. Someone had about a 540 and got $100. Now a little back story. I had a
  6. I personally tried applying to Kays...this is what I got. Thank you for applying for a Kay Jewelers Credit Account. We were unable to fully process your request for instant credit at this time. We will notify you via US mail of our decision regarding your request for a Kay Jewelers account within 20 business days. Does this mean that I got denied? Does it meant that I'll get credit via the mail? I guess I'm gonna have to write one of those letters to the CBs asking them to delete my inquiry...damn I thought I was good. I applied to Crowns though...but I needed them to report to EQ. Now I hear
  7. I was under the impression that once it went to collections, it was out of the OC's hands, even if it was a hospital. I figured these scumbags want their $35 (which is pretty much a night at the bar....or lunch) and I want at negative TL out of my report...how can they refuse? Alot easier to pay than to go through the hassle (I would imagine), providing I get a promise of deletion in writing. If you are saying to write Columbus Hospital, I'll give it a go. BTW, The SOL in my state is 6 years (NJ), and this is from 1/2005.
  8. Hello. I found this site today. I have about a 575 score and need to bump that up to something respectable. I want to pretty much share you with what's going on and then appreciate any comments on how to proceed (negative and positive...from what I read so far, you folks seem to be pretty damn knowledgable). During my youth, I did some pretty stupid things (I am sure I'm sounding like the typical n00b so far). Suffice it to say, here's the stuff from my Equifax: I have a repo on which I owe $7599 (Americredit), Credit One Bank (there isn't even a past due amount, just says Account Transferre