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  1. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080928/ap_on_bi_ge/bailout_is_it_working;_ylt=AoUL_ui1TU1zo4Pi4hm1unOyBhIF Good article.
  2. You guys need to click on her profile....you'll find a cutie smilin' at you. (Yes I know who the undertaker is....I was in 6th grade (maybe 7th) when he started the WWF (no WWE....WWF). That's how "old school" I am.)
  3. I have got to start clicking on people's prior posts before I respond...... You're the vantage score guy.....lol. Ehhh....I will leave my original post be as it will show that my opinion has not changed.
  4. Well... One of the key differences between this board and that one is that this place is very civil. Even if there are disagreements, I haven't seen any of the ridiculousness that I see at that place going on here. With that said, you will find that you are in good company here with your opinion of myfico scores. In fact, they are called sucker scores by some. I tend to want to know mine not because I'm a sucker, but because I want to track my progress and not to mention the fact that they are close to the scores I would see if I wanted a mortgage (+/- a few points). I just posted today in another thread a list of my scores from March til a couple of days ago to show others my progress with the hope of encouraging others. I have bought scores more than once a month but I am stopping that practice. I only did it when TC showed something significant on one of my CRs. $38.76 (or whatever it is with a discount code) equals a tiny expense for me, and not terribly expensive. So I hope things work out well over there and even if they don't...perhaps you can add your experiences here (good, bad or indifferent).
  5. A secured card from BOA or Chase is great. Look for the secured card thread(s) where myself and creditreformer are talking about them. I too hated secured cards, but it is the best thing you can do for yourself right now. That, and a secured loan. I have an auto loan already so I don't need to deal with the secured loans, but it is going to be something you personally want to get into. It is very hard for people with even good credit to get loans right now until this bailout issue is addressed by our government. Liquidity needs to go into the markets before you or I or Mr. 800 FICO score (yeah even him...) can even see credit.
  6. Your state is only second behind mine in the highest cost of living in the Union. Plus, I worked in Grenwich for 3 months.... Don't get me wrong, I've been to Stamford too and heard about Bridgeport...but Grenwich is definitely a money town....Ferrari dealerships....lmao.....
  7. In that case, why not just talk about a real woman? Real and fake ones appreciate a Mr. Happy that isn't a part of them...lmao.
  8. In case anyone wanted to see my numerical FICO progression from crap to better scores, check out this post: http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showpost.php?p=973786&postcount=17
  9. There are days you are going to want to give up and say f'it. That's normal...everything worthwhile will always give you days like that. The true difference between success and failure, really, is perseverance. Either one comes from something that you started out to do in the first place, but the outcome you want comes with how persistent you are in the attack. Take a look at my FICO progress from March til a couple of days ago. I usually just show my current in my sig, but just to give you guys an idea of the fluctuations I went through (rehabbed student loan, tax lien showing up, a JDB trying to stay on my reports, but gets defeated NDAed, new credit showing up, etc.). You will definitely see ups and downs, but consistency will eventually win.
  10. While you are waiting about a few months for credit, try to get a "secured loan" so you can add installment loans to your mix. Do a search on what I put in quotes as well.
  11. NO, Crown Jewelers has NOTHING to do with the "Sterling Trifecta". The Sterling Trifecta represents Kays, Jareds and JB Robinson. Basically, your 3000 Kays will give you 3000 Jareds and 3000 JB Robinson, making you appear that you have 9000 in available credit. You will only have 3000 internally with Sterling, however. So for example, if you use 1500 with Kays, you only have 1500 left with Jareds and JB Robinson. But the reason it is coveted is because it helps with your OVERALL credit utilization.
  12. Or, the OP can simply do nothing for an entire month, other than pay his bills on time. I am 100% sure he'll get his 1 point plus a few more. If the OP doesn't have any negatives pop up, he'll be ok. He's going to get his stuff pulled again though so he'll want to worry about killing any INQs within that month. Assuming he can't then he should ask for a rate lock/extension for 2 months. By then he'll be able to withstand the extra INQ his lender will do and have his "1" point.
  13. I had tried about 3-4 times with scores higher than those allegedly approved. Crap 1 always denied me. (and I'm talking like around 630s-650s). I am discouraged from trying them now, plus they pull all three so I am in INQ management right now. You are most likely going to need to both get rid of negs and have positive paying showing for a few months before you bother trying with them.
  14. You are always welcome to call an OC. CAs you never want to call. JCP might work with you too....it never hurts to try. People understand that sometimes "life" happens.
  15. I can't speak for Target, but Macys was a creditor I had burned around '95/'96. Around '00/'01 (definitely before 9/11), I had went to a Macys store and paid off my balance straight up. At that time, I felt morally obligated to pay for my past f'ups without caring about cleaning up my credit. I did not want a Macys card at that time though or any card. Fast forward to 11/07, I applied for Macys and got a $100 limit. Maybe if you call Target and tell them that you want to play ball again, maybe they'll work something out. What you could do is applying and then do a recon/goodwill letter to the CEO or whomever over at RNB. Can't hurt.
  16. Did you pay for the report? Maybe I should do that too...to see if it is split. What are the indicators for a split file? That stuff is missing? Maybe *b should be left alone. I only have 5-6 INQs on TU anyway and the EX and EQ methods will no longer work for me (my EX method...*sniff sniff*) because every INQ I have (now) is tied into stuff I do have and I don't want an FA on my reports anymore. I opened up way too many accounts (according to myfico and TC) and I might have to consider doing a mere monthly monitoring instead of the daily. Monitoring for me is important only because I was hit with legitimate fraud. Something new opens up without my knowledge, I need to know about it.
  17. Yup, yup. Remember though, that's only for your CAs. You use this one for your OC's (the 623 method). http://www.creditinfocenter.com/repair/DisputingWithOriginalCreditor.shtml This link is pretty much is the general way you want to organize your attack: http://www.creditinfocenter.com/repair/Repair.shtml This is when your "patients" start getting tested...I had no patience period when I started this but you are pretty forced. You're an ex-Army guy, so you pretty much know about the "hurry up and wait" process. You'll be doing more waiting than hurrying up. If your 1-2 punch fails, go ahead and use the BBB method (search BBB here). You'll be amazed and shocked at how your collections fall off. Throw in AGs and the link and you're good to go. And remember, make sure the letters you send out are as close to your own words as possible. Don't send sample letters....they'll all hip to the game.
  18. Haven't you ever seen Sex in the City? Women are WORSE than guys. They definitely go into more graphic detail. Where I work, we pretty much see much sweet tail. We never really need to go into detail because as man, it's pretty much understood. At minimum we would just nod our heads approvingly and say she could definitely get it. A woman would pretty much write a romance novel.
  19. Tom, What had helped me with many of my bads was the 1-2 punch method, followed by the BBB method. I had about the same negs as you, and now I'm down to 3-4 (plus the darned lien). Have you found the flow chart on the regular creditinfocenter.com page yet?
  20. Not for nothing, but this topic went off-topic sometime ago, way before folks asked me about how I go zero balance. No argument from me though....just found it wierd that this is the first time I've seen a mod get mad for a topic going off the beaten-track...even though the original topic was already answered adequately anyway. Sorry though.
  21. You can go by your statement due dates. My cards start reporting either the day my statement hits or a couple/few days after. I try to keep a zero balance by the time my card reports. I'll give you a real life example. I get paid on October 3rd. Now BOA reports for me on the 10th/11th of the month. HSBC reports on the 30th of the month and B&N reports on the 3rd/4th of the month. Now because I get paid on the 3rd, I pay off BOA in full and will sock drawer the card until probably the next pay. My first CC (with either HSBC or B&N) purchase during this time will be grocery shopping as it's always done every two weeks and scheduled for payday weekend. Since I'm salary, I pretty much know how much I get paid every two weeks and I budget accordingly, never overspending as I don't want to defeat my PIF strategy unless it's a true emergency. Which is why I try to have cash on hand as well....I have gone from double digits to triple digits paycheck to paycheck, and knock on my head-in-lieu-of-wood, I hope to continue doing so. My utilization with this strategy has seen my util go from 7% to 1%. October SHOULD see zero...it would have seen zero this month, but had to get bathroom stuff for the wife and I was by Target. But 1% is pretty much not going to kill me (or 7% I suppose), but I'm trying to employ WTC's strategy for a high mortgage score. I want a house...that's pretty much why I deal with credit instead of cash-money (like I had been for about 5-7 years).
  22. If you don't owe the government any money, definitely do VA...as Charles said, it's 100% financing.
  23. If it helps I just got rid of a $35 medical through the BBB. Go to the BBB.ORG and choose the BBB that is located where your CA is. You can do the complaint online and you'll get an e-mail/snail mail about your complaint. If it's like mine, it will go away from your report. You have to put in your complaint that you want the CA to stop reporting to the CRs if they cannot prove to you that it's valid. Good luck though.
  24. Dawn, I have two parents that are hundreds of miles away. Dad just turned 70 and Mom is a year younger. I am well aware that a setback such as their passing would probably put me in a situation similar to yours, which is why I have also been socking pennies/dollars a check to help mitigate that. Worst case scenario, the plane ticket, etc goes on the cards and I'll deal with that the best way I could. Having said that, life definitely happens, and it wasn't terribly long ago that I was behind. Like Robert Nashville said, one messup with me right now will put my plans (and plans like it) in the crapper. Me putting money aside would definitely help mitigate that. But it is definitely possible that I could get that call this week (which would bad financially speaking) and I'd have to be on that plane. It wouldn't even be thought of, it would just get done and then be dealt with when I got home or what have you. You are definitely wise in putting more money toward your higher interest card. I am sure you will be free of that soon enough. The only thing I would suggest is perhaps opening up a savings account like HSBCdirect or ING and put a few bucks in there. 50 here, a 100 there...you'll find that it adds up, and quickly. I myself did not believe it...but I got some green....but could always use more. Just hope you don't think I was crapping on you personally...if I can help it, I don't want to get into CC debt. If I can help it.