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  1. I really hope Providian disappears....damn I wanted a Chase card too.......hopefully Chase will do a better job at forgiving a guy then Wamu ever did.
  2. Not bad for a little letter writing and time. 10 months into serious credit repair (on top of rehabbing a defaulted student loan a few months earlier) and the results are nice. EQ was a 15 point jump cause I got rid of a tiny medical through the BBB method. First time I'm "good" on all three. Still believe I can get to 700+ by end of the year. At this point, between Cavalry being a pain, plus the two baddies that should be gone next year, I think now I should focus on saving for a down. By the time I have something respectable, I should be 700+ with the credit I do have now. I'm not even gonna bother with APP sprees...I haven't used Hooters and Itunes since it was christened. I think I'll use Hooters on my next grocery run, providing my statement got reported already. Gotta check that....Trying to be near 0 on all my lines of credit.
  3. Good day to go to Mohegan Sun or Foxwoods.
  4. Guess I know what I'm getting you for x-mas..... A Sliver DVD and a nanny cam....(acceptance of both will be implied permission....) :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
  5. LOL...only because I needed my credit score up a wee bit for my eventual mortgage. As I have said countless times, I use them like cash, not in lieu of cash (as I did wonderfully "back in the day"...). Since I have started (re)using credit cards, I have YET to pay any finance charge. Even for whatever emergency that might happen, I am also building a cash reserve in case of that eventual emergency (i.e. my parents, who are a couple thousand miles away from me...). In any event, my point is that no Jedi Mind Trick was used in me using/having credit. The only way CC companies make money off of me is when I use their cards with the Visa or Mastercard logo and they get their little processing fees each transaction. If I decided to close my credit cards right now, I could do so, but I enjoy the buffer it gives me. Every paycheck is used to pay off my balance in full and I budget accordingly.
  6. While I am very happy that Ms. Owens got a fresh slate, and that judge hooked her up, this is a bit different than me calling about a problem, and then being pushed into something that I probably don't want. Her thing was that she was paying the minimum on her card and got hit with those high interest charges and fees. Consumers can say no and it has nothing to do with education. Just common sense. If you know you can't afford a $25000 loan, you know shouldn't get one. If you do get one, you know you have to pay and there wasn't anything "deceptive" about it. Yeah they were pushy, but it all comes down to the Jedi Mind Trick....don't say yes. This Discover thing was messed up too, and I am glad that the law was on her side.
  7. Ummmmm....and for so many reasons that may exceed my 1500 character limit..... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! That guy deserves everything that he has coming to him. Everything.
  8. LOL...maybe it's just me, but those Jedi Mind Tricks simply wouldn't work on me. I would pretty much say no and hang up. I would definitely make sure that the issue I called about got resolved first, get the CSR's name and then say hell no at the end. Really....who's fault is it really? The CSR who pitched it to you, or the customer for accepting something they didn't want in the first place? Now, if they gave you something you definitely said no to, that's something different, and one definitely has recourse. But if one's weak mind allowed this to happen, then hey......
  9. (Sigh)... Surely you can find one discrepency with this collection. There always is a discrepency with these little BS collection jobs. Hell, you can even say in your dispute that believed at the time you were paying the City, if you wish. If you have morality issues, then hey, wait the little 7 years and call it a day. Otherwise if this is really so "devastating" [here's a page from the Cliff Notes: IT IS NOT DEVASTATING], then read up on how to attack this paid $59 collection. Then you can go back to your perfect credit score and perfect life. (Not trying to sound mean or callous...but really OP, you made it sound like your scores were darn-near bankruptcy...) Even right now, you're going to be ok. Believe that.
  10. Since I have BOA and HSBC, I can tell you that you want a soft puller that's going to pull TU. (At least in NJ and most likely everywhere else), both of those do not pull TU (I believe both pulled EX, hard and soft, matter of fact). Soft pulling on EX (or EQ) by itself will not help with *B.
  11. Ehhh...$295k in 20-30 years will be the equivalent of crap after inflation. He's not exactly going to be rolling in dough.
  12. That is some f'ed up ----. This woman pretty much didn't want to pay this man his money and then renegs even further on "services" by crying wolf on him. Maybe it's the chauvinist in me, but this guy did no wrong whatsoever. He is a friggin man, and man will do what man will do. If he's married, then that's a different story (or maybe not....), but if he's a single guy and these are two consenting adults...why not?
  13. So when someone says JDB paid pennies on the dollar for your debt...how do you really feel? :rolleyes:
  14. All the same, with the way credit is getting so tight, they are pretty much hanging with this 1 point as an excuse. OP, concentrate on utilization all you want, but you will want to investigate alternative credit or other avenues.
  15. What needs fixing though? These companies got greedy, took some chances and now failure happened. If Wall Street was left alone by the government, yeah there would be pain felt by many Americans (joblessness, etc) but then it would take some time to correct itself. Why can't the cycle happen the way it should? All this is doing is prolonging the inevitable when this all comes to roost. Laissez-faire should pretty much be followed. What is happening now is that the rulebook is changing as this mess is going on. What I'd like to know is why?
  16. Fizz, do a google or read the link I wrote earlier....I believe it will reduce your tax liability dollar for dollar.
  17. I didn't want to bother with BS certs either. I only got my Comptia certs 3 years ago, but I was doing that stuff 8 years before that, and it was (of course) all self-study (job paid for it). Security is going to be where it's at. No company worth its salt is going to outsource corporate IT security to Bangalore, Mumbai, or Hyderabad....not many people can do it, because it's not as easy as turning on a PC and installing Windows (which is how a lot of techs got jobs initially before they got weeded out). Plus there are so many paper MCSEs...many from those places I mentioned. As for pissing off your coworkers, f' them. They're not going to care about you one way or the other....it's all about your upward mobility...not them or theirs. Yeah, I'll work with a team, but I will not let the "team" get in the way of getting the job done or impeding my success. They only care about doing the most minimal of work to get their paycheck from what it sounds like. I had to push myself to be a DBA as I was tired of doing Level 1/2 work but wanted to stay in the field. It took alot of reading and doing but I finally made it a few years ago. With your drive, you probably will too in getting in backoffice. I warn you though, if you're a people person (which you would have to be if you're in the front lines), you will find yourself quite lonely. (It will pass though... )
  18. OP, I had a buddy that was going through similar nonsense. This underwriter is basically being a d---. Call your loan officer and tell him that you will walk away from the deal and use someone else. Tell him you are dead serious; at this point you did not sign anything and they are basically playing a dog and pony show with you. If this loan officer is worth his salt, he will go to the underwriter's boss (you will never get to talk to the underwriter) to see if they can work something out. What is probably going to happen, is they will basically try to see if they can get half a point or a full point more on you. Have you tried asking them to do alternative credit with you? (Cable, utilities, anything that you have paid 12 months on and on time that's in your name). Also you may want to ask a mod to move this to the mortgage section, though if one of them sees it, I'm sure they'll do it. IMO, I would definitely run from this...I have a feeling they are seriously playing some games with you and you should not have to deal with this. Plus...1 FICO point is never a dealbreaker under any circumstances if you are so close to closing. Is this conventional, fha? What kind is this? Don't be played for a sucker, man.
  19. Before you go for an easy snag, people, if you are like me and already have an HSBC card, make sure that you can have more than one HSBC card. I know from their soft pulls I can get their Weekend card if I wanted to, but I want to wait the year and see if they'll play ball.
  20. Basically, it is ok to spend my taxpayer monies keep rich men rich but when it comes to spending money on good social programs, that's bad, evil and darn-right communist..... This is just wrong and we as Americans need to hold those accountable to this plan responsible for this. "Voldemort" (he whose name we dare not speak lest this thread be dead [God I feel like such a dork for using a Harry Potter reference...I swear I don't read the books....]) will be gone soon. But this will be out of the hands of the Executive Branch and go straight into the Legislative....to go back to the Executive Branch. So this will really be Congress' fault, if anything. Folks need to pay attention to those who rubber stamp this and remember this when the time is right. But people need to know this: those who hate welfare and social programs because they don't want to spend money on poor people, but yet say hey, Bear Stearns, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and AIG ----ed up, lets use taxpayer money to save them and have socialism for the rich ought to pretty much call themselves hypocrites....and if certain people were smart, they would use this very thing in the next coming weeks....but that's pretty much as much as I'll say about that jazz.
  21. Get the Mike Myers All-In-One book for your Network+. Very easy read and makes the concepts very understandable. See if you can find Transcenders or MeasureUp practice exams too. When I was able to pass those exams at 90% or better, I knew I was ready to spend my money on a voucher. Actually, I would actually recommend you get A+ and then Network+...it makes the Network+ exam much easier to pass when you take the A+. Also, if you are really going to get into MCSE-land, focus on Security. BIG BIG BIG money, right there. With Security in your bag of tricks, I'd be very surprised if you could not see, at a minimum, double your current salary. Best of luck...truly. AboveAverage, A+, Network+, 11 years of straight-up IT experience...with the last 6 in back-end support.
  22. I see what you're saying, jq,...and with that you're right. If someone was not looking for a house and all of a sudden has a carrot dangling in front of them, then they would be foolish to jump into something such as homeownership. I just happen to be looking for a house and have been for quite sometime. Just waiting for the right time for me to have a GOOD downpayment. But this "tax credit" was just icing on the cake for me as I meet all of those requirements (lesson for those making over $75k....if you need a reason to sock money away into your 401k or traditional IRA, it will lower your AGI). I would never advocate homeownership to someone who would not know what they're doing. I was on a website reading some guy's blog about some people who bought a house and then their water heater broke and then called their mortgage company about it and was asking when the "super" was coming. At first, after I laughed really hard, I thought man, this guy has to be joking...no one is that stupid. But I think he was trying to illustrate a point: some people are not ready to own a house OR may never be ready. Just because the government, or anyone throws money at you to buy a house...does not mean you should do it. It takes work, mental and physical work, to bother with a house. And I believe I'm near my time to be ready for it...
  23. WB, hon. I have a friend in the Marine Corps reserves who is begging for a 2nd tour of Iraq. I told him to ST(x)U with that ----; he did his time, as an American I am grateful for sticking his neck out, and that he now needs to be with his family and friends. I won't say yay or nay one way or the other, but if you're going to do something definitely do Coast Guard or Air Force. No disrepect to any branch, but at least if you did one of them, you'll most likely be ok. (And that is not a flame either so please AF or CG people, do not take it as one--anyone who will put a uniform on to help defend my country, even if his MOS is pencil pusher, is much braver than I). I am glad that you're doing ok besides...your posts have been missed.
  24. False!: I hate reality TV with a passion and will always prefer a good sitcom or drama show. "Reality TV" is just a way for producers to save money on actors and writing staff. Some stuff I will watch like a couple of VH1 shows, but that's about it. TNP: Is wondering watching the stock market and wondering whether to sell, buy or hold right now.