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  1. loan-$160,00 and closing cost $7150. Is this too high?
  2. scooby21

    Asking price

    In todays market what would you offer for a house that is priced 165,000 and you want them to pay closing cost as well.
  3. If a house is listed for, say 150,000 and your loan is 160,000. Can you give them 160,000 and ask them to pay for your closing cost since you gave them more than asking price?
  4. scooby21

    FHA loans??

    I was not on maternity leave when I applied. I had just gone back to work. I told this to the loan officer today but still is going through FMA where I have to have 10,000 in account. Can he now go through FHA since he has the update and would I still have to have 10,000 in order to be approved for FHA.
  5. scooby21

    FHA loans??

    I was decline for an FHA loan because of being on maternity leave, they said "we cannot prove enough income that will allow us to move forward with an FHA approval". I sent in Aug. and Sept. check stubs. In Oct. and Nov. I did not receive full pay because was not at work but had short term disability. I did get full pay in Dec. Is there anything I could do or say to try again to get an approval for FHA loan?
  6. I've applied for FHA loan-they had questions about old medical bills. They wanted to know how much I pay a month out to these but I told them they were collections and didn't pay anything. Asked if needed to pay them off. Loan officer said no and better to pay it off through loan. Why is that?
  7. DH has on credit report-sears credit which was closed by consumer. Husband was an authorized user. It was opened in 1996 and is still reporting. Can that be open back up?
  8. Being reported by Bank of America
  9. Just pulled husband's CR. There is a recent collection for $71 from Bank of Amer. He had a credit card and checking account with them a while back-defaulted on credit card and we paid that in Aug. I called cc company and they said they showed 0 balance. Rep stated it might be from bank and to call there Wed. We never received anything in mail. What should we do?
  10. Why can't i dispute with transunion online? Have this happen to anyone else? Does that mean you have disputed online too many times?
  11. is a pretty good site
  12. scooby21

    FHA Letters

    Hi, I'm applying for FHA loans and have 4 to 5 unpaid medical bills-some were when I was in college and the others due to unpaid maternity leave. I need to write letters. Is there a template for letters like that?
  13. I use Credit Check Total for about 2 months now. I pull daily but none of my inquiries have been taken off.
  14. I have a medical bill in collection-will come off credit report Fed 2009. The balance is 589. Do you guys think this is affecting my credit score? I would like to apply for a mortgage loan in the spring of 2008. Should I try to PFD or not?