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  1. Thank you! I was very suprised to see that my scores were that high. Should be in the 700 club very soon!!!
  2. sad doesn't even come close to what I'm feeling about this. Stomp someone's head in just because you disagree with the song they chose to play on the jukebox? Add onto that the fact he was in the Army and wounded in service.....
  3. Just bought updated scores on the 30th. TU: 676 EQ: 651 EX: 661
  4. They'd better enjoy it while it lasts. The 49ers are taking the NFC West next year!!!
  5. If it makes you feel any better I hope Texas beats the crap out of Ohio State.
  6. Finish paying off my small CL cards Save up a little more for a down payment on a new vehicle Shift focus to paying off the 3 big CL cards I have Join the 700 club....very close to that one. Keep saving money Make very minimal use of my CC's Get a couple prime CC's mid year or so
  7. Oh those 49ers came closer to the playoffs than I thought they would after that 2-5 start. If they would have beaten the Cards on MNF, and not collapsed in one other game they would be in as the NFC West Champs. They should have beaten the Eagles. I believe if Hill had been QB and Singletary the HC the entire year the Niners would have been the division champs. I took great joy in seeing Romo and the entire Cowboys team choke again. Even better that it was to the home state team I root for. Also Go Dolphins and Ravens for keeping the Patriots out of the playoffs. I'm a Niners fan that is rooting for the Eagles in the playoffs!!!
  8. I played COD4 quite often online before this deployment. Can't wait to get back and play EndWar online. I got bored with Halo 3 very fast. I played the first level and didn't play again for a couple weeks then I traded it in on COD4.
  9. One of my favs! I see nothing creepy about that cover. It's a what? I think she should take it off....and then there goes the controversy!
  10. Oh god I can't stop laughing. This thread is hilarious. I've become quite good friends with Palmela Handerson the past 4 months I've been deployed...
  11. and the fact that he insulted the entire state of PA..... My wife survived the mass firings a couple weeks ago at the hotel she works at. They basically eliminated half of the staff. They didn't lay people off they fired them.... They basically kept all of the management and got rid of everybody else except for a barebones staff to work the place.
  12. I'm not in the CIC FF League, but I won in the 3 leagues I'm in! Kellen pickup EVER!