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  1. Only with EX. 633. But that was before I paid my CC down. It was nearly maxed out 2 months in a row. As soon as I got my expense check I paid it below 15%.
  2. Thanks TomnTex. I was unclear if that language was for CAs only. I've turned my house upside down looking for the fraud investigation paperwork but I can't find it. I have two more boxes in storage. That's my only hope. Do you think I have to have this or is the burden on them? BV80, What's got me stumped here is the card had a 0 balance until the number was stolen. It was when I got the statement that knew something had happened. I can't recall how long the balance had been at 0. Maybe 6 months. So if the card was paid off and the fraud happened in 12/07 how did TU arrive at the fact that the TLs should fall off 9/13? Why doesn't EX and EQ give this info? Will they give it if you ask? I could have sworn they use to put this on the report. Part of me is thinking about waiting 30 days and doing another dispute then a 623 letter if I strike out. I'm unsure how big an impact this has on my credit because I haven't had any credit declined. I got a new credit card last summer no problem. I pulled these reports because I was thinking about purchasing my FICO scores. I want to get a new car, or a new to me car, this winter. Then I found this hot mess.
  3. I disputed with the big 3. All had the same 4 neg TLs. TU is clean, EX & EQ deleted and keep the same two TLs. The four TLs were related. I had a retail credit card (Lane Bryant). In 12/07 the card number was stolen, charged up online and the fraud was reported. I closed the account after fraud investigation was completed and fraudulent amounts removed. 6 years later I pulled reports to find 4 neg TLs concerning this account. OC reports "Transfer/Sold, Purchased by another Lender, etc" Comenity Banks reports two TLs, with two different account numbers as "Purchased by another lender" and next TL as "Purchased by another Lender, Transferred to another office". JDB - "Placed for Collection" EQ and EX both removed the JDB and one of the Comenity TLs (same one). Should I do another round of disputes or send letters to the OC? When the fraud happened on my account the card was in the process of being sold to a bank. LB use to handle the cards themselves but now Comenity does. They still do. If I send letters to the OC, do I send to both? Technically wouldn't they both be considered the OC? Being Texas resident do I get use TFC-392 or is that for CAs only? One other interesting thing I noticed is on TUs report it said these were due to be removed 9/13. EX and EQ don't give any removal dates but all 3 showed the last payment date as 12/07. Wouldn't mean the removal date would be 12/14? Thought that was odd.
  4. Sorry I did not reply! I didn't see this response in my email. I've been working crazy hours so I haven't been on the forums. TransUnion and Equifax give you a separate report to print at the end of the process with the date of investigation and Experian does not generate a separate report but does give the beginning date as "report date". I printed a screen capture for my records. You can log in to with all three at any time to check the progress. Also with all three, while the investigation is active, each time you log in it shows the date the investigation was started and when it will be complete. TU is 21 days EQ 30 days EX 45 days I've attached what my investigation reports looked like when initiated with TU and EQ. EX is the screen capture. Since my investigations with TU and EQ are complete I can't show what the status windows look like but I've attached my husbands. We each only have a few things to clear up and I figured I had nothing to lose. One report came back completely clean and the other two will need a second round of disputes. Funny how all three had the same items but I got different results. I guess it's the luck of the draw. Still I'm happy with the results and it saved me tons of time, hassle and little bit of money.
  5. I had no interest in suing them and actually they all respond with date stamped summary/verification when you logged the disputes and included the day by which they'd respond. Interestingly enough since I had obtained my reports through annualcreditreport.com I thought it'd give a 45 day response window but they all noted they'd respond in 30 days. As I stated, TU is already complete, EX has two left and EQ is still remaining. Technically I still have 11 days before they have to respond. I guess if it's ultra critical for someone to have the CMRR then one should do that but for me the online dispute worked well and I had 30 days to wait it out. I'm not in a rush. That's just how it worked out for me personally and I'm pretty satisfied thus far.
  6. Maybe try again using the online method. I did all my disputes online. TU responded via email with all TL removed and an updated report in one week. EQ is constant contact via email saying that they are working on the investigation. EX has updated three of the disputes and is still investigating the remaining two. EX does not contact you via email during the investigation but all you need is the credit report ID to view the status of the dispute. I made my online disputes on 7/26 so in less than one month I've see progress with all three.
  7. Thanks, I'll just sit tight then. I'll wait 45 days after my due date with Capital One. I know that card being near it's limit will bring the score down.
  8. I've had some good luck removing items from my reports. Two of the three have returned updated reports with all items removed. My only credit card is near it's limit because I've had to rent a cars a few times last month but after my expense check comes in that will be paid down to below 15% next week. My payment due date is the 25th but I'll paying in advance. After I hear back from the last bureau how long should I wait to order my scores? Will Capital One wait to report the payment on the 25th? I'm assuming if all three reports come back clear that's immediately updated? FICO scores are expensive so I don't want to do it too soon.
  9. Read this post, http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=280712&highlight=fizzle, that will help. Follow the advise in post #6 from Fizzle1979 as well. Probably best source of information regarding Texas.
  10. What I find odd about the letter is, if they are so sure they are correct, then why did they write such a long winded "spin". If I know I'm right, it takes me two paragraphs to get to the point, sincerely, end of letter. I think they need some whine with their cheese.
  11. When your old and gray, it will be your family that takes care of you. Take care of them now. You'll always be rewarded for having your priorities in the right order. The work, it will be there tomorrow.
  12. Weird. Just dispute the TL's as you would the others. Hopefully they'll delete.
  13. Yes, please keep us posted if the delete really happens. I'd honestly like to know the outcome.
  14. Did you send DV letter for the debts to the CA? If so, they have to mark your report accordingly during the investigation.
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