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  1. No, the total is around $1250, and thus I assumed that this was the concession fee. We had lived there for so long, that after the first year, the deposit was used as rent for the first month of the new contract. I now live in NC, and the apartment is in AZ. We didn't take any pictures, as we didn't think this was going to be an issue.
  2. I broke a lease in August 2013, and was informed by the office staff that I would have to pay a concession fee of around $1200, but I never heard any more about it. I recently pulled my credit report and found that this account was assigned to a CA. I sent a validation letter to the CA, and they sent me two pieces of paper, the final page of my lease, showing my signature, and a move out form, which was not done in my presents, that listed a cleaning fee of around $150, and Damages at around $500, along with numerous other fees. The apartment was clean and there wasn't any damage to the proper
  3. Thanks for the information! As far as I know, I have never been contacted by this company, but who knows I probably was years ago and just tossed it in the trash like an idiot. Should I send a validation letter to the credit bureau, in hopes that they will not be able to validate this debt and remove it from my credit, or just wait it out? Thanks
  4. I'm attempting to clean up my debt rather than declare Bk, and I recently pulled my credit report and found an that a CA is reporting an old debt as current almost monthly. The date of my last payment was in 1/2010. The debt originated at a sporting goods store in Montana where I applied for a credit card. I was in Montana on a temporary work assignment, but lived in Arizona. I have since moved to North Carolina. The SOL in each state is as follows: Arizona (Where I lived at the time I got the card): 6 years (Changed in 2011), but was 3 when I entered into the contract (2009), as well as w
  5. How long do I have before the C/A can attach my assets, and what can they attach to? Is property that is in my wifes name subject to this?
  6. The day prior to christmas, the court denied my motion to vacate and awarded the C/A the full amount, (Over $15,000) what do I do now? Is there a way to appeal this? Where would I look for an atty that handles this type of litigation? Or should I declare Bankruptcy?
  7. So should I file an answer to their answer, or just file a new motion to have the case vacated with prejudice? The answer I received that they had filed basically said that I have no grounds to have the summery judgment vacated, because it was based on my original answer. After doing a little research, I found out that I had made a mistake and had not filed an answer to the plaintiffs asking for a summery judgment, I didn't know i had to file, and have since learned of my mistake! As far as I know, the court has only vacated the summery judgment, and I am prepared to move forward with this cas
  8. Today in the mail I received an answer to my motion for the court to vacate the summery judgment. It was filed with the court 1 day after our pretrial was supposed to take place. As far as I was told by the court, the judgment was vacated. The CA Atty is claiming that i am the party that must prove I do not owe this debt, stating that they have shown a contract that I signed, a copy of the auto title and a statement by someone I do not know of, (possibly an employee of Drive Time) that the amount is correct as evidence of their proof. I have not seen the statement, I only received a copy of th
  9. Thanks all for the advice, I will keep you updated as it unfolds, if there is anything else to update that is!
  10. I went in to the court for what was scheduled as a pretrial conference, and I was informed by the court staff that it was vacated, and I was done. I am not sure what that means, and what I need to do next. The CA Atty. had filed a motion for judgment that supposedly was based on a summery judgment issued, and I had filed a motion to vacate the judgment based on the fact that the CA showed no relationship between them and the original creditor, as well as the fact that they had not shown detailed account history. Am I still on the hook with these guys? What should I do next? Also I have recentl
  11. The pretrial conference is what is scheduled for Monday, I had no idea what the case was about when I was served the summons, so I basically said that I was unlawfully served this summons due to the fact that no prior validation of the debt occurred, and that I requested the court to dismiss this case until I had enough time to investigate the claim. Now that I look back on it, the answer that i filed sucked, and I should have waited until I had more knowledge before I filed the answer. I am still learning this whole process, and any help would be appreciated. Also, can they legally go after m
  12. I have found some violations that the original creditor has committed, such as not notifying me of the auction or outcome of the auction, and they have been reporting this debt as if it were new to the credit agencies every couple of months, thus bringing down my credit score. Can this help me in my case against a CA? What should i do now, and is there anything specifically I should bring up while in court on Monday? Do I ask for disclosure during the court proceedings, or do i have to file for this?
  13. what type of loan is an auto loan considered? Do I go by the SOL for the state that it was purchased? (Nevada) or the state in which it was repossessed? (California) Or where the lawsuit was filed? (Arizona)
  14. 1. Who is suing you? RJF Financial LLC ATT: James R Vaughan 2. For how much? Balance:$8,251.03 Interest: $7,027.16 Att Fee: $550 Costs Advanced: $102.80 For a Total of: $15,930.99 3. Who is the original creditor? Drive Time Credit, aka Ugly Duckling 4. How do you know you are being sued? Served a summons and schedualed court date from the Justice Court 5. How were you served? Were you served? Process server, at home 6. What was your correspondence (if any) with the people suing you before you think you were being sued? Nothing, never recieved anything prior 7. Where do you live? Arizona 8. W