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  1. Was late once, APR raised to 31.% on a 2400.00 balance. Having trouble paying more than 100-200 a month and interest is hitting at $67 this past statement. Need ideas for negotiating this APR down with the bank? HSBC Platinum Cash Rewards Card. Any ideas.. please?
  2. I used EQ dispute a few weeks ago to remove inqs and it worked, didnt do all at once though, and now did remainder, got the "factual" mumbo jumbo. but resubmitted it again. Wondering, what credit monitoring service you guys recommend now? I don't have any, pulled my annuals, but want to monitor to watch progress. Just came into some extra money and paying off every single credit card, but want to monitor. Def think I need to peep EX.
  3. this is the site they sent me in an email: https://settlement.transunion.com/MDLRegistration/preOrder.jsp?cb=MDL
  4. anyone else get an email the other day that this was settled? also has a link to follow and code to put in to get my subscription.. https://www.listclassaction.com/
  5. Hey guys, I've been off and mia in life for a while, and havent looked at my credit in probably close to a year. Wondering what companie to subscribe too or sign up with.. Eq??? To take a look and "bump" if needed? And make sure all is pat and good with my credit...??? Went through sort of a divorce situation and wanna make sure all my credit is still ok... Any ideas? Kinda feeling overwhelmed looking through the site, its been quite a while. Thanks guys! D
  6. Hey yall, Ok I recieved a similar letter on 11/27/09. Pretty much saying what you all have said before that they said to you, and I've never held a bank account with bank of america. The account I have with bank of america is still open and its a credit card, so I'm not sure what this is or where they recieved their information. but there letter says i owe 1470.00 and they will accept 1271 in payment if i call, and then if says they are preparing a case for a lawsuit to be filed in my county and will investigate my employment, assets and banking info... blah blah blah I'd like to respond with
  7. opened in 2004. account is closed. status says charge off, 225.00 balance, company i never heard of, have disputed many many times, will not fall off tu or ex. have tried to contact company many times to no avail. they have reported every month since 2004, as KD, key deragotory... how long is the SOL for something like this? any ideas what to do here? im about to shoot off letters to the CRB's themselves since disputes online have failed. want this goneee!
  8. Ok, so on EX WFFNB shows "legally paid in full for less than balance.." blah blah... "paid in settlement" ect. account was opened in 2003. didnt manage correctly.. 2007 I decided to call and work out the debt to fix the TL on my CR's. well somehow I paid $279, and now the CR's show a balance of $39. I've fought with this account since 2007 in disputes ect, and i cant get it to fall off tu and ex permanetly.. but eq its been gone. do you think its advisable to send a letter, or call the woman back i dealt with and negotiate to pay the remaining $39 for total deletion of the TL and hi
  9. welll got a letter saying CC will be turned in a BB branded card no visa, still same limit and terms by chase. i have a bb mastercard already through hsbc. so that was a lil strange. but oh well.
  10. ive had this target card for over a year now.. 1.5 yrs. and still no increase. going to call and close it soon if they dont budge.
  11. i got a letter stating my circuit card would become a best buy card with the same 1000 limit and terms and conditions. not a chase visa. BAHHHHH
  12. ok thanks. i was wondering if it gets like closed and the balance is due immediately or.. u know?
  13. I have a card with them... now what.. will my card be cancelled and ill lose that CL? Cause they closed! its through Chase... and im paying it off.. what now?
  14. so what monitoring service can we use now? what works for BU? i was getting bumpage every 3 days!!! ughhh
  15. I called today and canceled and told the guy when he asked - what i signed up for in the contract isnt what im getting. cancel my membership at once and refund the last charge u made for the membership fee. he tried to do a sales speil and i said in harsh tone " Listen, just cancel my membership this isnt what I signed up for, if u cant handle that, transfer me to your supervisor." in 2 seconds his voice tone changed to some pleasant tone and he said he would process the refund at once and cancel the account, and i can still monitor my TU if i download the desktop agent they offer. haha