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  1. I am sorry, I work on credit very sporadically (life is crazy with 2 sets of twins in the house ) so I do not always see things directed at me timely. Around the time that I got those cards my fakos were: TU: 560 EX: 652 EQ: 617 Update: I applied for Kay Jewelers in store, I was approved for $6300, but apparently they give you a higher limit while in the store when you are first approved. My actual CL on each card is $5,000. I bought a $100 necklace from Kay to get it reporting, well all THREE cards are reporting each $5,000 limit!!
  2. Thanks, I was thinking the same thing when I was typing the signature. I did not realize I had so many. That also does not include the Nissan Armada and Nissan Titan that I have as good lines on my credit as well. That is almost another $70,000 in good credit!! Now those are new but all of my credit cards have less then half on them and I plan to keep them that way!!
  3. Crown Jewelers was one of the first lines of credit that I got when I was first starting this process. Every little bit helps, especially an account like this. I ordered a pair of earrings I liked. I did not spend much on them at all. This was about a year ago and I have never ordered anything else from them. This line is still reporting as good credit with a $0 balance. I think it is worth it.
  4. I went today and applied for a Lowes card and got approved for $900!! I bought some paint, a paint brush and a drop cloth for my bathroom and did not get ANYTHING ELSE. I will pay off that $75 when the bill comes and then I guess next month I may go and charge the 2nd bathroom supplies and then pay that off. It feels great being able to get credit again. I am done....done......done with new cards for a while. I am sure my scores will take a major dip once all of my new cards hit my reports but I know they will come back up and hopefully rise in time.
  5. Thanks to everyone. I guess I need to do a little more research about whether or not it matters as to what card you have (Visa, MC, etc.) I was assuming it did make a difference and it was harder to get a Visa since I have yet been approved for a Visa yet I have 3 MC's now since I was approved for Hooters.
  6. Well this last spree was fun! I applied for Kay's and was approved for $6300. I applied for JB Robinson and was approved (guessing for $6300) and I just called Hooters to check on the processing of my application and was told I was approved! I am not sure of the CL for my Hooters card. I will be through now with my applications for a while, that is unless someone can tell me a Visa I may be approved through considering my recent approvals of these TL's. Any suggestions?????
  7. You are right on the mark with your last paragraph. I think the first time I ever said "I wish I would have listened to my parents because they were right" was once my credit was not so good. I really would just like a visa card. I have Orchard Mastercard and then I have a Pearl Mastercard. Eventually I would like a Mastercard that is better then those 2 and a good Visa.
  8. You may have seen my thread about my fiance being approved for $5000 with the Target Visa. My credit is better then his is so I decided to try. Sidenote: I had a charged off account at Target over 7 years ago. Neither the OC or CA are listed on my credit report. Last year I applied and got a letter declining due to this old account. So I replicated his steps. I applied online for the Target and Target Visa card. I got a message saying it was processing I would be notified. I then waitied until the next afternoon and called into the New Credit Department. I found out a little more
  9. His report is not that great. Now I am not sure of FICO's, but his FAKOS are: TU: 587 EX: 577 EQ: 588 He has a 30 day late on a car loan last August 2007, that account is closed paid and current. He has something from Global Checks that I need to work on getting rid of. A check from his account that someone stole and bought PIZZA at Papa Johns, lol. He has a car that was repossessed in 2001 or 2002. This account has been chargedoff and guess who has it??? CRAP 1, I think I need to really research this because the 7 years should be close by. CA's: Arrow, this is close to the 7 yea
  10. Ha, well the first time I see that on my credit reports I will remember your advice because I may just want to.
  11. I can't believe it. His credit is actually a little worse then mine. He applied online last night and he just told me about it. I asked him why he did that without me knowing (I was not being mean just sarcastic) because he knows I know how everything works. I told him he should have applied in store instead of online. So I gave him the CS phone number and had him call, she told him that he was approved for $5000. Now I am wondering if I should apply. The problem is that I had a target account many many many years ago. I have gotten rid of both the CA and the OC from my reports, I tr
  12. :mrgreen:ARE YOU SERIOUS???? So I POSSIBLY just got an additional $18,000 of credit line???? WOW! Well then how quickly does that start to show because I can't wait to see what my scores are going to do. That will be a HUGE help on my utilization!!! I am soooo excited now!!
  13. Just got an email that I was approved for JB Robinson Jewelers!! Not sure for how much, but I got approved!
  14. Ha ha, thanks and I promise I won't!! I feel bad that I did apply for the other 2, but I did. No more though. I am happy with getting approved for that much! I have waited and worked too long to get my credit even where it is today!
  15. CONGRATS!!! I almost did the same thing, I applied in the store the other day. I was standing there talking to the lady and telling her that I doubted I would get approved because I was cleaning up my credit and blah blah blah and next thing I heard her say was that I was approved for $4300. I could not believe it. I then came here to get back to cleaning and I found out that I should apply for the others, which I just did do. They both said they would let me know within 7 days so I will wait and see!!
  16. Thanks for the information. I will cetainly do this!!
  17. The other day I was at the mall to return something and walked past Kay Jewelers. Well I stopped in to browse for a wedding band since I am getting married in October. The matching band for my engagement ring costs $900 and I wanted to see if I could find something that would look ok for less until we had the $900 for the matching band. Well I found something that looked great and told her to try to run my credit. I did not think I would really get approved. My credit is nowhere near perfect. Next thing I knew she was informing me that I was approved for $6300!!!!! SHOULD I APPLY FOR
  18. Yes I know, I HAVE tried to change my name and I requested, but it never got changed, I guess I need to try changing it again, thanks!!
  19. No offense taken!! I do not have time, between 2 sets of twins and a career, lol. BUT I would like to track things properly so I will be prepared if need be. The DOLA is May or June of 2001. I am thinking this means this should be falling off my CRs middle of next year but I am scared they are going to reage. I want to do everything possible to be prepared if this does happen.
  20. ALSO, if possible I would not mind getting some money out of these idiots if I can. Any tips on the paper trail needed. I am sure they are going to do enough for me to file suit so if they do I want to be prepared so I can at least get something from the headache of dealing with them!
  21. Ha ha, this has become a hobby of mine in my spare time as well. I do not see how some can sleep at night with what they do to people.
  22. OK, I will work on this tomorrow morning. Should I mention anything about the letter or the phone call? Or should I just send them a letter basically out of the blue telling them where they can go?? Also what would I need to prove that the debt is out of SOL? All I have are credit reports showing the original account with the DOLA and then I have new credit reports where the original creditor are no longer there.
  23. Thanks for this site, I had not seen that one before. I wish I would have known what I know now 5-6 years ago when they were all calling. But thankfully I found this site and know now!!!!
  24. Thank you. That is the same PO Box they have listed on the letter they sent to my mother's house. These people are EVIL:evil: