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  1. Thank you. That's what I thought. Does anyone know if a CA can report longer than the OC for a particular debt? If the OC has fallen off and the CA is still there then that is an issue correct? Just trying to get my ducks in a row to fight a CA for re-aging. Thanks in advace!
  2. Good evening all! I now officially have the results of my first round of disputes back from all 3 CRAs. Equifax has definitely been the strangest as far as responses. They verified a collection account and I wanted to see if anyone has had a similar response. In particular there is a CA for which the original debt (OC) has fallen off my report but the CA remains (re-aging). EQ responded as follows: "The results are: Adverse accounts that have been paid in full will automatically be deleted seven years from the date of last activity. Activity. If you have additional questions please contact: Cavalry." What the heck? I thought they are deleted after seven years from the DOFD regardless of whether paid? This looks like a canned response I'm assuming? Also, the DOFD shows 8/2003, and the 'Date Major Delinquency first reported' as 9/2006. It is the DOFD that I care about correct? Also, if the original debt had a DOFD of 8/2001 and is gone, then this should be too correct? None of the CRAs will remove this TL so I think I'm going to have to get more serious and want to make sure I have all my facts straight. I think the original creditor was Texaco, then Shell bought them and now the CA says Shell. The CRAs appear to be having trouble associating this CA TL with the OC b/c of the name (just guessing). Thank you in advance for the help! C
  3. I had/have a similar situation that has also been tricky. I have a Calvalry collection listed that is over 7 years old and the CRAs keep Verifying it with Cavalry. The original OC charge-off is long gone but this one wont' go away. I wish I had some good advice. Maybe try getting your account history from the OC and send that in with your dispute. This might be good proof of the DOFD.
  4. This is just too dang funny. I think it would work around here if nobody just plain tossed it.
  5. Thank you Wiser Now. I believe you are right about the credit score and I need to try to remember that credit repair is not an easy or overnight process. Sometimes the set backs are difficult, but this forumn helps a lot. Appreciate the information on the different databases as well. That makes a lot of sense. I think I will re-dispute with TU and send them the very letter they send me saying that the TL was corrected. Hopefully they will see that and delete the double listing.
  6. Hi all, Thank you in advance for reading this. I'm a bit upset at the moment as it seems my dispute with TU has actually done more harm than good. I disputed 3 collections with them and 2 were deleted. The one that was verified is with Cavalry. I sent them a very angry letter as they are re-aging this account. I believe I can get acct history to prove this and re-dispute, but a bit discouraging. I also disputed a 90 day late on my CR. It came back updated and they removed the late. Great news right!? Welll.... I went out to order my FICO (couldn't resist) and my FICO has gone down. After I looked into it, not only is the 90 day late still there on the MyFICO report but now it's listed twice. Also, there is a new collection on my report that I have never heard of! Any ideas what can be going on here? I will DV the new collection, but why would the letter from TU say one thing and MyFICO another? So bummed...
  7. This is such great information, thank you. I am not done with them. At this point I will be patient and see if they verify with the CRA. IF they do, then I'll do some more fact finding and fire back with another letter. thank you all for your help! This board is teaching me so much.
  8. Very good points! Thank you both for taking the time to respond to this. I suppose I will send them another letter after I see if they verify with the credit bureaus. Even though the amount is small, it's kind of the principal at this point. I guess they throw out these statements and hope we just believe them and back off. You would think that any time they could get someone willing to pay the whole dollar amount (when they paid maybe $5 for this debt) they would jump on it!
  9. Good evening all! I have been reading and reading and just recently sent out my first PFD letter to a CA called 'H&R Accounts". I received a letter back from them today and was hoping for some advice on how to proceed. The letter basically says that in response to my letter about the account, their records indicate: Original Creditor: Creditor Name Account Number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Account Name: My Name Account Address: My Old Address Amount Owing: $91.00 They then state that "the above information is provided to validate a debt under the FDCPA." In regards to my PFD offer the letter also says "We are required to enter into agreements with the major credit reporting agencies. Under those agreements we are obligated to report fair and accurate information as mandated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Our responsibility as a Data Furnisher does not allow us to remove the account from your report unless the debt is not valid or was placed with us in error, nor can we credit barter for payment in full in exchange for submitting a request to have the account removed from a consumer credit file. If you have additional questions please call...." So basically they said "No" to the PFD. My questions are: 1) Is this enough information to validate the debt 2) I don't believe they are correct in that the TL cannot be removed, but wondering if it's even worth sending a follow-up letter saying so. Has anyone had experience with this? 2) The amount that they are reporting on my CR and in this letter is incorrect. I was offering PFD in an attempt to resolve quickly, but at this point perhaps I wait and see if my CRA dispute comes back verified and if it does then is there something I can challenge due to the wrong amount being reported? Sorry for the long post and thank you very much in advance for any help. This is a bit discouraging given the small $ amount. C
  10. Wow, what a blast that would be! The website must be flooded as the link to the main site is not working. thanks for posting!
  11. Hi there! May I ask, did you mail these 7 letters all at the same time? How do CRAs respond in that case? Just wondering whether I should be doing that instead of just one with several items. I was thinking it may not be good to send them a lot of letters either.
  12. All, I hope that this is not a duplicate (could not find this posted anywhere). This is a great article regarding the FICO 2008 scoring model that should roll out this spring. I sure hope it does as my utilization is a bit high, but my collections are all under $100! Discuss.
  13. That is a great idea to contact the OC for account and payment history. That may help show when they transferred to Cavalry. It went delinquent in August of 2001. I'm not sure that my CRs show the DOFD for the CAs but I may not be reading it correctly. Thank you!
  14. Hi all! Back for a little moral support/advice... Cavalry has now changed the 'Date Assigned' on all three reports to 2006. So it's back on TU now as well. This collection is tied to a charge-off from 2001 (of course I don't have the old statement) and that charge-off has fallen off. So discouraged and frustrated and not sure what to do now. Do I send a more serious letter to Cavalry?
  15. Thank you for the advice! I agree that it shouldn't be there at all and I will keep fighting it. The really annoying thing is that the original CO that eventually became a collection fell off of all three! Just the collection remains on two. Ugh... Really appreciate what you said about the PFD amounts. Since they are smaller I think I will go ahead and offer paid in full in exchange for deletion. Love this board!
  16. Hi all! It has been awhile since I last posted, however, I'm happy to report that my credit repair journey has been fairly successful so far! I have two related questions on a PFD situation with a CA. Advice greatly needed! 1) I have a CA that is reporting on 2 CRAs and has rightfully fallen off the other.. It's technically past the 7 year mark and has been re-aged on two reports. I can't seem to get rid of it. Should I write them and offer a PFD in this situation or just continue to fight it with the other two CRAs? I'm finding it difficult to pay a company that is reporting in violation, however, this is really affecting my score. 2) Is there any recommended amount for a PFD offer? The account above is about $250 so I was thinking of offering $100 but I don't know if that is too low. I have two other CA's that are $90 each and was going to offer $60 settlement. Did I mention how great I feel that I ruined my credit over approx $300? Smooth... Thank you in advance for your help!
  17. Does anyone know if the latest address on the BBB link is correct for Experian? Desperately trying to find a good address for them for disputes. Thanks!
  18. congraultations LB! I have enjoyed reading about your journey as well! It's so great to read about success stories.
  19. $3.80 even for the cheapest gas (Colorado Springs, CO).
  20. WF, 29, not yet married, hoping to get engaged soon! He's shoppin'! Thoroughly enjoying and benefiting from this forum so far!
  21. I have a related question I believe. When you dispute with the CRAs and you DV the CAs, you're looking for the CA to mark the account disputed correct? if they don't that's a violation? In order to check this, do you just order another credit report and look for this notation? (newbie question I know) Thanks!
  22. Has anyone mentioned this one yet? "Hold me closer tiny dancer..." = "Hold me closer Tony Danza..."
  23. Ugh... how unfortunate. Thank you for the information though! Too bad they don't take more PFDs, you would think they would want to. This one is going to be fun I'm sure.
  24. Has anyone ever had any luck getting the OC (Sprint) to pull back an acct from AFNI? I have a similar situation to the OP (owe appx $90 to AFNI) and am wondering if I call Sprint if they might let me pay them. Sounds like it's a good idea to avoid dealing with AFNI at all costs!
  25. Adding this thread to subscriptions! I'm in about the same boat you are although I think I have a plan... I think... I have a couple CA's, 2 CO's, some misc. late payments. I think I'm going to start out DVing the CAs (not timely), but unless I'm misunderstanding... you can still send a Section 623 out if you need to. Also hoping to negotiate some PFDs. Good luck and you are not alone!