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  1. Collection in the amount of $2K from an old roommate dispute. It was posted to my report in 2003. Is an apartment likely to overlook this since I have good rental history from 2003 to NOW...especially given the current market? I want a new place, but refuse to pay this old debt that technically isn't mine anyway. Please advise!
  2. Had a collection that originated in 2004 in MD. The SOL was 3 years, so 2007 came and went with no suit. Now, I live in a state where the SOL on a written contract is 6 years. If they can bring suit here, they're covered clean up to 2010. Question: can they sue me in the state I currently live in when the contract was formed in MD and is past that 3 year SOL? -BB UPDATE: 10/24 They validated by providing me with a signed copy of the lease. Is there any way I can get this temporarily deleted? I just need it off long enough to apply for a new apartment. I tried disputing with the credit bureaus, but no luck so far. Thanks guys!
  3. NO...NO...NO!!!! Kreepy...stop listening to these guys. They're obviously guessing, which is worse than just admitting that they have no idea. 1- I doubt they will close the account, but phone to verify. That way, you know for sure. 2- Your 1st purchase is what triggers the account and causes it to appear on CRs. If you don't buy anything, it's not showing up...period! Good luck and be careful about the advice u take!!!
  4. That's unacceptable and rude. He's a Marine for God's sake. I'm pretty sure he's a US citizen.
  5. He posted under "6 approvals...what should I keep/decline" Some individuals are encouraging him to open 6 new accounts. Some were as little as 200.00 limits. Please nulify the damage the replies in his thread have probably done before it's too late! I strongly suggested against it (in bright red)!!! Hope he listens.
  6. RECIPE FOR DISASTER: Keep the top 3 and let the small ones (Old Navy/Target) go. Your overall utilization will be lowered, but your overall score will probably PLUNGE due to opening up 6 accounts at one time. I'm sure some "expert" who has been through it will chime in soon. Good luck!
  7. "Sorry, we can't start your Investigation Request" What exactly does this mean w/ Equifax? Obviously I know my name and last four, so the info I'm entering cannot be incorrect. I also have an up to date file #. What gives? -BB
  8. Ran (7) inquiries last night to test the waters. Approved for 4 and denied 3. It tanked my score 10 points. Is there a way to delete these inquiries? I only plan to keep 2 of the new lines of credit. How do I get rid of the inquiries? Should I dispute them as not mine? Should I include the 2 I plan to keep in the disputes as well? -BB
  9. DV'd and the collection came off of all 3 of my reports in about 3 weeks. It's past the SOL, but not at the 7 year fall-off mark until January 2010. Today...2 months later I get the following: "We have received your request to verify this debt. While we investigate, we have placed this acct in a dispute status and all collection activity has ceased. Meanwhile the information we have on file is as follows: OC: Current Bal: SS#: Charge off date: Open date: Account #: Please contact us if any of this information is incorrect or with any other questions/concerns. Truly yours, Palisades Collection LLC
  10. Probably 2001/2002. But remember it's no longer on my report. I'm thinking dodging them is the best answer at this point. If I pay, they may decide to place it on my credit just to be spiteful!
  11. My highest score is with Equifax and I want to open a new line of credit w/ at least a 3000 credit limit. I need to apply with a company that uses Equifax only tho, as it's in the 670s, while TU (644) and Experian (631) are significantly lower. Any suggestions: Target Bank of America Best Buy -BB
  12. Thanks a million. #1 asked and answered! Good news being that there's little I can do about it at this stage anyhow.