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  1. It really depends on the cards honestly. I've seen people who have cards that start to grow with them but I wasn't that lucky. I had my $400 capital one cards for years. The oldest was 12 years old and they NEVER gave me an auto CLI and when I requested one, denied. I got $200 in Nov only after escalating to the executive office. In Feb I applied for the Venture card and was instantly approved for 5K. Two months later I requested a CLI and was instantly approved for another 3K. In your situation I'm not sure. I have a pretty thick credit profile and my low limit cards were 6-12 years old.
  2. A lot has changed in a year. Glad I created this so I could see the difference. Not gonna create another long post just a general update. Credit scores are all hovering around 670ishClosed a lot of accounts that just hadn't grown with me. Have a few more (store cards) to close over the next few months.Paid off a lotGot a lot of late pays deleted. Did a PFD with the collection that was mine. Had the unknown one removedI opened some accounts that would fit my current credit profile and actually grow with me. All have much lower interest rate than any of the starter cards I was trying to hold
  3. Thanks!! I should have the utilization down next week. Pardon my ignorance, it's been a while. What do you mean by "Item Verify?" Also, my unsecured loans and cc debt is about 12K. Do you think it's worth it to Chapter 7? All the recent lates are just so overwhelming. Not to mention the personal loans that I got to help me catch things up. I just keep thinking about a friend who filed a year ago and now has a score in the mid 700 and not a care in the world. The stress is gone and she's moving forward!
  4. Hello!! I'm back Ok, so I guess that's not really a good thing, but I'm here. :-/ I'm on another repair journey but I'm glad to say this one is mostly the result of a lot of things beyond my financial control happening around me all at once. Not gonna go into details as it will probably make me emotional and I wont get through this post. I made a lot of progress as a member of this forum and worked my way from hopeless to homeowner. I'm hoping now to get to totally debt free, a clean report with scores in the 700 and 1 reputable credit card with a limit that isn't a joke for EMERGENCIES O
  5. Hello Denita!! How are you? The house is great. I still walk thorough sometimes and think "Wow, this is really mine!" Besides trying to convince myself that it's ok that it isn't fully furnished, painted, and decorated the way I want just yet, everything is great. Wish I could say I was just checking in, but unfortunately I received a letter (not certified) from the court saying I'm being sued in small claims for a medical collection from 2006 So I'm here doing a little research. It's only $470 so I'm hoping I can just pay it before the court date and it goes away. The lender didn't wanna wa
  6. I agree. Probably not worth your time and would do you more harm if you for lack of a better word "woke a sleeping dog" It should be dropping off soon. I would speak to your parent though. Not that this is the case, but my ex had several items in collections by the time he was 18. His mom had utilities and all sorts of things in his name because she couldn't get anything in hers.
  7. I'd start here New Member 101 And then make my way here Credit Repair Forum - Info For Newbies That should cover it
  8. Same for your post, not getting emails about new post so I apologize for the late response. I send inquiry disputes to all three credit bureaus, and to the companies that posted the inquiries. Contact information for each company should be listed at the end of your credit report.
  9. Sure this is too late, but for some reason I'm not getting emails about new post so I apologize If I remember correctly it was in the upper 500's. I've heard that they have since gotten a little more strict.
  10. It has been forever since I posted! I have a question, but since I'm here I'll give a quick update. Everything with the home if great. A year later and I still wake up at night while my boys are asleep and walk around thinking "I can't believe this is all mine." I actually still get emotional. I will say that I knew exactly how much I wanted my mortgage to be based on the previous rent I had been paying and what I was sure I could afford. I did not however plan for all the other expenses. I didn't think of lawn care, pest control, and all the other little utilities that you don't have to worry
  11. I'm confused?! They continued your service AND sent you a regular monthly bill, even though they had you in collections? When you received the collection notice why didn't you just call charter? Your account, from what I understand, was still active so why wouldn't they speak to you about a past due installation charge? Also, it doesn't appear to be even 30 days between the time you get the notice, make the payment, AND find out it's on your report. Usually you have 30 days to dispute the validity of the debt before they report it. If the payment hasn't processed because they haven't even
  12. Closed on my home this morning. Can't type because I'm so emotional, STILL, but I really wanted all you guys to know! You have been such an encouraging part of my life for the last year that I had to share this with you. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!
  13. Meet with the builder today to check on the things that I thought needed to be addressed during the walk through. Everything looked good so the house if officially finished!!! Lender emailed me to say that underwriting approved the loan with one condition. I had a large deposit from my retirement to my checking account. They needed the paper trail for that. I emailed it to her immediately and she said if I didn't hear back from her then everything was fine and my file would be off to USDA today. She said in her experience it's been taking up to 5 days to get the approval back from them. Of cou
  14. YES...Almost there! I may just layout on the lawn and cry when this is all over with. I will post as soon as the papers are signed and the keys are in my hand!