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  1. It really depends on the cards honestly. I've seen people who have cards that start to grow with them but I wasn't that lucky. I had my $400 capital one cards for years. The oldest was 12 years old and they NEVER gave me an auto CLI and when I requested one, denied. I got $200 in Nov only after escalating to the executive office. In Feb I applied for the Venture card and was instantly approved for 5K. Two months later I requested a CLI and was instantly approved for another 3K. In your situation I'm not sure. I have a pretty thick credit profile and my low limit cards were 6-12 years old. 6-12 years ago my credit profile was very different. If you got your current cards after your bankruptcy and they're only 2 years old than opening a new account may not net you largely different results. Are you a member of any credit unions? They tend to be generous with limits. Wish I had more advice but the bankruptcy is a variable I'm not familiar with.
  2. A lot has changed in a year. Glad I created this so I could see the difference. Not gonna create another long post just a general update. Credit scores are all hovering around 670ishClosed a lot of accounts that just hadn't grown with me. Have a few more (store cards) to close over the next few months.Paid off a lotGot a lot of late pays deleted. Did a PFD with the collection that was mine. Had the unknown one removedI opened some accounts that would fit my current credit profile and actually grow with me. All have much lower interest rate than any of the starter cards I was trying to hold on too. I only rotate using 2 or 3 at a time depending on reward structure. Having them all helps my utilization which (at it's highest) has only gotten to 14%. AMEX Green NPSL/AMEX Delta - $5K - Current Balance $0C1 Venture - $8K - Current Balance $760Navy Federal CU - $12K - Current Balance $1KNavy Federal CU LOC - $6K - Current Balance $0Chase Freedom - $5K - Current Balance $0Chase Marriott - $10K - Current Balance $2K - This is my daily use card!Sallie Mae WMC - $4.5K - Current Balance $1.2KMy Local Credit Union - $5K - Current Balance $0I'm pretty proud of myself and just how disciplined I've become. *Edit I also learned I didn't need to be debt free I just needed to gain control. I save more, use my card for things I'd normally pay for in cash, PIF and earn cash back/travel rewards as a bonus.
  3. Thanks!! I should have the utilization down next week. Pardon my ignorance, it's been a while. What do you mean by "Item Verify?" Also, my unsecured loans and cc debt is about 12K. Do you think it's worth it to Chapter 7? All the recent lates are just so overwhelming. Not to mention the personal loans that I got to help me catch things up. I just keep thinking about a friend who filed a year ago and now has a score in the mid 700 and not a care in the world. The stress is gone and she's moving forward!
  4. Hello!! I'm back Ok, so I guess that's not really a good thing, but I'm here. :-/ I'm on another repair journey but I'm glad to say this one is mostly the result of a lot of things beyond my financial control happening around me all at once. Not gonna go into details as it will probably make me emotional and I wont get through this post. I made a lot of progress as a member of this forum and worked my way from hopeless to homeowner. I'm hoping now to get to totally debt free, a clean report with scores in the 700 and 1 reputable credit card with a limit that isn't a joke for EMERGENCIES ONLY! I have a lot of goodwill letters to write for late payments, a questionable collection and one public record you may have read about in a previous thread. This time I don't feel doomed but I have a lot of work ahead. Here we go.... FICOS 4/21/2014 (TU/EX/EQ) 599/624/? Open Capital One CC - Current - late 30-3 Sept 2012 Fired! They wouldn't raise my limit Victoria Secret - Current - late 30-3 60-2 Late pays deleted Conn's Credit - $102 balance - late 30-1 last recorded late Dec 2012 PIF Bank of America - Current - late: 30-11, 60-4 last recorded late Nov 2013 Capital One CC - Current - late 30-1 Sept 2013 Chase Auto - Current - late 30-5 60-2 last recorded late Oct 2013 Late pays deleted PIF NY&Co - Current - late 30-2 last recorded late Nov 2013 Late pays deleted The Limited - Current - late 30-2 60-1 last recorded late Oct 2013 Target - Current - late 30-2 60-1 last recorded late Sept 2013 Fired! - They wouldn't raise my limit! Macy's - Current - late 30-1Fired! - They wouldn't raise my limit! US Dept of Education - Current - Never late Best Buy CC - Current - Never late Fired! - They wouldn't raise my limit! Merrick Bank - Current - Never late OneMain Financial - Current - Never late PIF Jared - Current - Never late Buckle - Current - Never late Capital One CC - Current - Never late Fired! - They wouldn't raise my limit! Ann Taylor - Current - Never late Closed Applied Bank $0 Paid as Agreed Capital One CC - $0 Paid as Agreed - Purchased by another lender Conn's Credit - $0 Paid as Agreed Mid America Apartments - $0 Paid as Agreed -This is the apartment I lived in prior to buying my house. Didn't realize they reported but at least it's positive. CareCredit - $0 Paid as Agreed Chevron - $0 Paid as Agreed Rooms to Go - $0 Paid as Agreed Wal-Mart - $0 Paid as Agreed Kay's - $0 Paid as Agreed OneMain Financial - $0 Paid as Agreed Sallie Mae - $0 Paid as Agreed Honda Finance - $0 - late 30-5 60-1 last reported late July 2008 Collection Ad Astra (collection for payday loan) - $933 - 4/11DELETED PIF IC System - $417 - 12/12 - I have NO idea what or who this is. Need to investigate ASAP DELETED! Public Record Oral Surgeon - $470 - Should have been paid by the insurance. I lost this case and I should have really paid this already and moved on but I'm bitter since it's already reported so I've procrastinated. Inquiries (2 years) TU – 1 EX – 2 EQ – 0 Average age of accounts - 4 3yrs Oldest account is 11yrs old - Capital One and I still have the same sad $400 credit limit SMH CC Utilization 48% 0% Total outstanding CC debt $3,088 ZERO As you can see, the end of last year was rough!! Medical issued caused major issues with my finances. Just from writing this list I can see where I went horribly wrong, but I also know what I need to do to fix it. Game plan -goodwill letters for lates -pay public record and goodwill letter for removal -pay off credit card debts and sock drawer immediately -continue on time payments to boost credit score over the next year or two or three or four - -research collections and options to remove
  5. Hello Denita!! How are you? The house is great. I still walk thorough sometimes and think "Wow, this is really mine!" Besides trying to convince myself that it's ok that it isn't fully furnished, painted, and decorated the way I want just yet, everything is great. Wish I could say I was just checking in, but unfortunately I received a letter (not certified) from the court saying I'm being sued in small claims for a medical collection from 2006 So I'm here doing a little research. It's only $470 so I'm hoping I can just pay it before the court date and it goes away. The lender didn't wanna wake a sleeping dog while I was in the homebuying process but something told me to just pay it. Good talking to you again!
  6. I agree. Probably not worth your time and would do you more harm if you for lack of a better word "woke a sleeping dog" It should be dropping off soon. I would speak to your parent though. Not that this is the case, but my ex had several items in collections by the time he was 18. His mom had utilities and all sorts of things in his name because she couldn't get anything in hers.
  7. I'd start here New Member 101 And then make my way here Credit Repair Forum - Info For Newbies That should cover it
  8. Same for your post, not getting emails about new post so I apologize for the late response. I send inquiry disputes to all three credit bureaus, and to the companies that posted the inquiries. Contact information for each company should be listed at the end of your credit report.
  9. Sure this is too late, but for some reason I'm not getting emails about new post so I apologize If I remember correctly it was in the upper 500's. I've heard that they have since gotten a little more strict.
  10. It has been forever since I posted! I have a question, but since I'm here I'll give a quick update. Everything with the home if great. A year later and I still wake up at night while my boys are asleep and walk around thinking "I can't believe this is all mine." I actually still get emotional. I will say that I knew exactly how much I wanted my mortgage to be based on the previous rent I had been paying and what I was sure I could afford. I did not however plan for all the other expenses. I didn't think of lawn care, pest control, and all the other little utilities that you don't have to worry about in an apartment. Those things including the little stuff you realize you need (or just want). Trips to home depot and lowes for little things here and there. For example, my property came with Sod. I didn't realize that you had to fertilize and protect from disease and bugs. I had a case of brown patch that cost me a future in trial and error products until I found a company to take care of the lawn. It was much cheaper then letting it die and having to re-sod, but it wasn't something I planned for. It took a few months to get adjusted and honestly for a while I felt like I was back to living pay check to pay check. I'm saying all this to say BE PREPARED. Save, Save, and Save some more I slipped slightly back into a little credit card debt a few months after I closed because I started trying to get everything I needed instead of waiting and saving. I had all this available credit since I paid things off in the process of buying the house. I realize now that I'll be in the house for a LONG time. I have plenty of time to get it decorated and furnished the way I want. I'm working to pay those cards back down and will be paying them off this tax season. Which brings me to my question... I may have to post this somewhere else although I'm not sure where. I've always done my own taxes online with no problem. I'm guessing I should hire someone this year since I have no clue what documents I need. I've been told that buying a house would significantly help me get more back since I should itemize, but what do I need? This is my preliminary list. Can anyone tell me if I'm missing something: Interest paid on my student loans Money I paid for school last semester. I'm a student again..YAY:neutral: Medical, Prescription expenses Property Tax Information Interest on Mortgage Charity receipts Child Care Expenses That's all I can thing of. Hope everyone is doing ok in your jury. I may be back posting again soon since I still some baddies that I want to try and tackle again now that I have the house.
  11. I'm confused?! They continued your service AND sent you a regular monthly bill, even though they had you in collections? When you received the collection notice why didn't you just call charter? Your account, from what I understand, was still active so why wouldn't they speak to you about a past due installation charge? Also, it doesn't appear to be even 30 days between the time you get the notice, make the payment, AND find out it's on your report. Usually you have 30 days to dispute the validity of the debt before they report it. If the payment hasn't processed because they haven't even received it yet then it couldn't possibly have been 30 days. When did they report it to the bureaus? Maybe I'm missing something, but it's all really confusing. Can you provide some dates? That may help clear some things up. I've had collections on top of collections reported, before I started acting "credit responsible" and I don't think I've ever seen a collection cause a 220 point loss. Something else must be going on and I suggest you get a copy of your report. I would also suggest that you file a BBB complaint against charter. If what you say is accurate then it is utterly ridiculous that they sent you to collection for an account that remained active and connected. Also, it is highly unlikely that you will receive back the majority of the points you lost. Updating a collection to paid doesn't change it's effect on your report. It's still an account that wasn't paid and allowed to go into collections. The only way to recover a good chunk of the points would be to have it removed all together.
  12. Closed on my home this morning. Can't type because I'm so emotional, STILL, but I really wanted all you guys to know! You have been such an encouraging part of my life for the last year that I had to share this with you. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!
  13. Meet with the builder today to check on the things that I thought needed to be addressed during the walk through. Everything looked good so the house if officially finished!!! Lender emailed me to say that underwriting approved the loan with one condition. I had a large deposit from my retirement to my checking account. They needed the paper trail for that. I emailed it to her immediately and she said if I didn't hear back from her then everything was fine and my file would be off to USDA today. She said in her experience it's been taking up to 5 days to get the approval back from them. Of course I had to ask if they had ever had a file come back denied from USDA after it was approved by them and she said "None that I have seen since I've been here." I asked her if she was confident enough that I could finally put notice in at my apartment and she said "Yes" Looks like it's a done deal and I'll be posting just as soon as I have those keys. Closing is scheduled for the 29th, but of course that all depends on USDA.
  14. YES...Almost there! I may just layout on the lawn and cry when this is all over with. I will post as soon as the papers are signed and the keys are in my hand!
  15. Closing date pushed back again Geessshhh!!!! But I got some really good pictures during our little winter storm.
  16. Well that is 3 Target CLIs this week. I've been at $500 since last december so maybe I'm next...
  17. Thanks for all the well wishes!!! Just got the email from my lender that Underwriting said my file looks GREAT! All I needed to provide was a 12 month proof of child support payments (which I promptly forwarded right after reading the email) and I should be cleared to close on Nov. 25. My mid score is 2 points off from 620 so I am doing an FHA loan. If I get to 620 before my closing then they will convert it to USDA and I can close with zero down payment. After the builder puts in their portion, I would only have to go to closing with $200!!!! Come on 620 come on!!!!! Since they appear to be extending the tax credit and my builder is 100% behind me, I may wait it out until I get the 2 points. I'm just so anxious to get into the house now. I'm anxious, but $200 vs $5400 is a BIG DEAL
  18. Got a letter today saying that due to the holidays Jared's has decided to raise my limit $600! I'm guessing Kay's will follow suit. I'm surprised since both have had a zero balance for several months. Oh well, I hope it helps the utilization!
  19. Got a letter today saying that due to the holidays they are raising my limit $600! I'm guessing Kay's will follow suit. I'm surprised since both have had a zero balance for several months.
  20. Can someone please clarify this statement for me: The Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code provides a 4-year limitations period for types of debt. The SOL begins after the day the cause of action accrues, (Section 16.004 (a) (3)). I have a CA trying to collect on a Private Student Loan (has been removed from my credit report by Sallie Mae, and DOFD is 2002 but I can't remember what month) I just got a letter yesterday and have been calling my home, work, and cell non stop since Saturday. NCO was trying to collect this, but when Sallie Mae removed it from my credit, for whatever reason I didn't hear from them again. I'm hoping to close on my house next month and I'm trying to see if they have the ability to put this on my credit AFTER 7 years, or sue me for it. It went delinquent in 2002, but back in February I started paying back my regular student loans and I noticed that a portion of my payment appears to have gone to this debt. I just pay what Sallie Mae say I owe, and my other loans are paid as agreed with no late pays. Not sure how a portion is still going to this loan when before they removed it, it was listed as a charge off. Does "day the cause of action accrues" mean when it was charged off? I'm SOOOOO confused...please help!!!!!!
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