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  1. I didn't think so either. Guess the AU trick doesn't work anymore. Was paying my Mom's Wal Mart Discover today, and noticed you only need names to sign up AU there too.
  2. I don't take it as a letter per say, more of a method. Read the link at the top , or hyperlink and you will see the method. You are disputing with the original creditor. Dispute letter examples are easily found with google. Look at an example and write your own. Best advice is to wait for someone more knowledgeable than me to respond in this thread.
  3. Read the link at the top of the page -623 Dispute Method. Sample letters are available here. You should tailor the letters to your unique situation. Good luck.
  4. Had my Mom add me as an authorized user on her Lowes account because I figured it would only help my credit. $5000 limit owing @ $800, and she has had the account 10 + years. They are sending me a card, but never asked for my social. How will they report on my credit without it? I don't care about the card, I just want the positive aged tradeline.
  5. I am no credit or judicial expert, but there is no way a boyfriend could be held responsible for your debt. Read some of the threads in the attorney section. Lots of advice on what to do/expect. Good luck.
  6. Should I 623 with the OC when they are no longer on my credit report? They came off when I did my initial dispute online. MMC bought the debt, and they are the only ones reporting it. I defaulted on two CC's when I lost my job. One in 1-2009 and the other in 3-2009. MMC picked them both up in September of that year. Only reason that is relevant is because the SOL is 3 years in SC. I probably won't do anything for 5 months. I think it would be smarter to go after MMC after they have no legal recourse against me.
  7. I have a friend that works for the KB Division of Countrywide. If you want the condo now, you should go ahead and apply. If you want to wait 10 months, wait 10 months and your situation will only improve. 3.5% down vs $20,000 down used to be a simple answer. Real estate used to be a safe place for your money. Tell that to the person that put $20k down on a condo in FL two years ago. Get your loan officer to quote you an FHA loan at 3.5% down and with $20k down. Compare the payments. Go with the one that makes the most sense for your situation. It wouldn't hurt to get the advice of a financial
  8. I work with Realtors in the San Diego area - it seems to be turning around there. Homes are in the price range you quoted, but the good homes don't stay on the market long. Several customers have lost homes because they didn't offer the listing price. Like a $300,000 discount wasn't enough. The true bottom depends on state, county, and possibly neighborhood you are in. A good buyer's agent is a must in CA! I hope everyone voted today!
  9. I would say you have a good shot at an FHA loan with that explanation, but I am not an Underwriter. They will look at your entire credit report. Hopefully your score is over 580, and the only issue is the foreclosure. If there are other issues, use the help of people on this forum to fix it before you apply somewhere. Good Luck,
  10. If you can prove what caused the foreclosure, you have a good case for extenuating circumstances. This is the last update from Fannie Mae that I have seen regarding time frame. You can get 90% 3 years out now. Lenders start counting from the redemption date, not the date on the CR. That is the date the original creditor got their money. You can usually find that info online. It is when they sold the property. Good luck, it sounds like you are on the right track.
  11. I have had several people refinance their car in order to qualify for a loan. Your debt ratio's are as important as your score. Go for the house first, your loan officer should tell you if your ratios are a problem. You can always refi the car while in the home loan process. Good luck
  12. Credit score doesn't effect the rate on an FHA loan. It does effect your mortgage insurance cost. You need at least a 680 score to get the cheapest upfront/monthly mortgage insurance.
  13. (a) I think that is crazy. You put 20% of your hard earned money into a house, chances are you would do anything to keep it. ( You need a 740 or better to qualify for the best rate now on a conventional loan. Just my 2 cents on (a), fact instituted by Fannie Mae on (.