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  1. This week I have a hearing to be evicted from my home. Is there any point in attending since I have no defense? I realize I have to move before the sheriff shows up. How many days after the hearing do I have to move? If I thought the lender might show me some mercy and give me a few days provided I turn over the premises in good condition then it might be worth it to go but as I read the summons, im being sued here not invited to a friendly conversation
  2. Just printed that BAD BOY! Thanks a million....well if I had a mil i wouldnt be here but you know what i mean.
  3. Ok but what about when they sell the debt to the next CA? Then do they have to validate? And if they sue...they have nothing to get. That's what I don't understand...aren't credit cards unsecured debt? What could they possibly hope to gain? Why go through the motions to chase someone with no assets and no reportable income? BTW...whats PFD?
  4. Ever since I discovered this site, I stared DV'ing everybody, even CA's I've ignored for months. I mean I'm simply out of work, out of money, can't settle, can barely keep the lights on...and I'm a CPA for godsake. The Michigan economy is just in shambles. The responses that come back are not any form of validation, but rather settlement offers, either payment plans or anywhere from 50% to 80% of the total amount outstanding. Are they ever going to validate these debts? If they don't, what is my next move? Thanks for everything.
  5. WAIT A MINUTE...ive got all these credit problems AND NOW you tell me you won't post again?? Holy canoli, when will GOD stop PILING ON!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Do you know you need to log on every day to read the new posts, they dont just email them to you to your subscribed threads like some forums do. Or maybe your problems just has the universe baffled...it happens....sorry....but keep trying my friend.
  7. THANKS! Does it have to mention the FCRA specifically for them to do a credit check or does that fall under the generic term "BACKGROUND"? The last page of the online application has an AUTHORIZATION AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT section where it disclosed the "background and drug screen". It did not use the word credit. I signed it digitally.
  8. Im in foreclosure and have horrible credit...Ive been doing the DV thing and am doing alot of waiting. I was turned down for an awesome job at Plante and Moran (big accounting firm) because of so many negatives. Now I have one final phone interview with an excellent company called Ceridian Corp, which is a Human Resource and Payroll outsourcing firm. The job would be for a Sales Manager. On the application, they stated I would be subject to a "background and drug screen" but they did not mention the word "credit" nor did they mention they follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which someone told me must be on the application if they are to pull my report. This has my stomach in knots...I should be thinking about blowing away the Area Vice President in this "final blessing" telephone interview but I seem to be worried about being shot down AGAIN because of my bad credit, which was awesome until 18 months ago. Does anyone know if they must mention FCRA on the application for them to check credit? If they do check and decline me, can I appeal or try for some probationary move or do anything to salvage the opportunity? Any advice greatly appreciated.
  9. Gotta tell ya, its tough to keep up with who is who on this site. You read about the DV letters and the "wink" "wink" "nudge" "nudge" story of Eduardo then you get every ambulance chaser working nights at Starbucks trying to scold you into giving up your first born baby. Can anyone answer me this...are the letters and techniques on this site legit for validating debt, removing inquiries, and possibly having legitimate debts removed from your credit reports due to CRA errors? As for my parents, when they do take the calls, they say " he doesnt live here and has never lived here now please give me your full name, address, and that of your company, and phone number." Then the callers promptly hang up.
  10. That address is listed under my "Personal Information", along with every other place I've ever "lived" in my life. I have no idea what TL are associated with it though. How do I find that out? Does it even matter? Can my parents just write them a letter to get them to stop? Does any of the steps on the DV flow chart get them to stop, at least temporarily?
  11. Interesting....actually I opened the accounts several years after I used that address as my own mailing address so they would never have had my parents address as an address for me anyway, ie, it would never have appeared on any credit application. Does that matter?
  12. At one point maybe four years ago I used my parent address as my own since I was traveling a lot and wanted any important mail to go there. Well I have owned my own home since 2005 and am in in collection or charge off on several credit card accounts. To this day, my parents get 2 or 3 calls EVERY DAY from CA's looking for me. Am I entitiled to sue for $1,000 under FDCPA for each of these calls? If so what info do I need from each caller to actually file in small claims court? They are unbelievably rude...no shocker there...but despite the fact that my mother has told them I do not and never have lived there...the calls keep coming. This has gone on for well over a year now. Any suggestions?
  13. I just discovered this site and am wondering if there is any point in sending DV letters long after the 30 days from receiving the first letter from the collection agency. I have several accounts for which I am now receiving 2nd and 3rd letters from the CA (to the effect that..."we sent you a notice under the FDCPA...you still have time to exercise those rights"). Since I had no idea of my options when I first started receiving these letters, unless you count PANIC as an option, I did the worst thing...NOTHING. Then I discovered this site and am feeling empowered to not go down without a fight. So should I send DV letters to them anyway or ignore them and wait until the accounts get assigned or bought to another CA and then send them the DV letter within the 30 day period" Also, can someone tell me what a FOAD letter is? Ive seen it a few times and am wondering what it means....surely it doesnt mean the infamous F* off and die????? Or does it??? Finally, does anyone know the SOL in Michigan? Thanks to all of you for contributing such great info and helping good peeps like me feel like we have a fighting chance against the man!!!
  14. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Today I was informed that although I was set to be hired for what could be called my "dream job", because of items uncovered during the credit and background check, they will not be able to hire me. These items include a pending foreclosure, a few charge-offs, and about a dozen other negative items. Since ive been working on a 100% commission basis and the new job is for a nice salary, Im completely at a loss with what to do about my employement situation. I cant get this job because I didnt make enough to at my last job to pay everything on time. It seems like a vicious circle that has my future career doomed.
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