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  1. I'm in the process of removing some of the other ones. I had 6 deletes so far, and waiting for some little ones to be removed. Lender told me to remove as much as I can, and it appears that the repo still showing and due to fall of this year. my average is 580 and I am in the process of settling 3 accts. Last 2yr everything is current. I should probably try not to wake up the giant for now!!
  2. I have a repo with Chase in 2001 and its due to fall end of the year. The problem is I am in the process of buying a house and I need to clear it. I am not sure if I should send the request for investigation and wake up the sleeping giant since I am stil within SOL in IL 10 yr. Please, I am desperate for some advice!!
  3. I have had a repo with chase in 2001 and its due to fall of in June 08. I am trying to get a mortgage and I need to clear this up. Should I send an investigation request to OC? SOL is 10yr in IL or try my luck in hoping they have no records? Anybody had experience with CHase auto??
  4. Do not pay unsecured with secured debt!!! These people are just trying to sell you a Home equity line, so don't fall for it. Settle with the cc
  5. I have a repo from chase in 2001 and it came back verified. How do I go by disputing with OC????
  6. I have an eviction notice with tons of debt racked up totaling 3K from 2001.They included outrages cleaning and painting fees. I live in IL and SOL is 5yr on open acct, and 10yr on written contracts. Would this be a written contract??? I sent DV to CA and they sent copy of docs for those fees. I tried with CRA and it came back verified. Need some advice please!!!!
  7. I am looking for a Mr.Gibson from NCO that keeps harrasing me
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