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  1. True: this summer has possibly been one of the best summers in term of the weather TNP: is craving a thick slice of cheesecake
  2. i was once like this because i knew my credit was so bad i was afraid to look but i eventually got over that hump
  3. it essentially means the account will wither fall off or if it was a late payment on the account it will be removed and the account will go back into positve status.
  4. False: I dont speak another language even though i have an accent True: Would engage in pay to play politics
  5. True: I am a silly person and i would totally do it for jokes TNP: is feeling the Christmas Spirit
  6. True, especially the ones that are freshly baked and soft. TNP: Believes that internet access is a necessity rather than a privilege.
  7. You should call them and find out if you dont activate the card will you still be responsible for the fees. i doubt they would hold your daughter responsible for the fees and card if she changes her mind and chooses not to activate it.
  8. are you talking about 1FBUSA located in n. sioux City, well i cant remember who i sent my goodwill letter to remove a 30-day late but it was redirected to someone else and they told me that what they report is correct and they wouldnt change it. what information do you have so far maybe i can remeber if i see the name.
  9. i am so sorry for your loss, this literally tears me up on the inside. i have never lost a pet but i came close to it on 2 sepertae occasions. i know its hard now but please believe that time heals all wounds. i will keep you iin my prayers
  10. sdott313


    the scale and dwarf ones were hilarious
  11. $2.27 it felt good to fill up my car for $29, feels damn good
  12. some weird stuff happened to me the other day also i went into Macy's to buy something for a party and when i was checking out i was paying with my Macy's card, and the lady said that someone was on the phone for me and needed to verify some info. i said okay and he asked me did i know someone named Leopold, i said yes and he asked me in what month is his birthday and i remebered it was May because its the same month as my mothers. he then said i was verified and they increased my limit to $600 but i found it funny because i do not know how they connected me to leopold because i have basically
  13. False: A scrap piece of paper will do just fine TNP: was forced to see High School Musical 3