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  1. I've gotten that email and complied with their request by faxing the documents. A couple of days later I received the same email again, and refaxed the info. The third email I ignored and they processed my dispute anyway. Keeping in mind my previous dispute, with the next one, I ignored their email and my dispute was still processed as it should have been.
  2. I've been having the same issues for a few months now. The customer service dude I was speaking with said they would have to delete my account and re-issue another. The only draw back was that I would lose past reports I'd pulled. I told him that's bull and fix it. I now have to wait 5 to 7 days to have it fixed. I did get the credit for this month though.
  3. Here's what worked for me: **Sent via US Postal Service Certified Return Receipt** September 10, 2008 Gator944 Gator's Street Gator Town, Florida 33555 Equifax Credit Information Services, Incorporated Post Office Box 740241 Atlanta, Georgia 30374 RE: Tax Lien Dear Equifax: In April 2008, I disputed the trade line shown on my credit reports with all three major credit reporting agencies including Equifax. Here is the trade line from my credit report at that time: Public Record Information (This section includes public record items obtained from local, state and federal courts.) Lien Filed 05/2006; Wake County Courthouse; Case or ID # - 5M5555; Amount - $5,555; Class - State; Address: PO BOX 351 RALEIGH, NC 27602-0351 Both TransUnion and Experian deleted the referenced trade line in just a few days since they either found that it did not belong to me or could not verify the information. You replied to my dispute with the following: >>>We have reviewed the lien information. Case or ID # - 5M5555 The results are: Equifax has verified that this public record item is reporting correctly. Equifax verified that this item belongs to you. If you have additional questions about this item please contact: Wake County Courthouse, PO Box 351, Raleigh, NC 27602-0351 I have tried to obtain information from the Court you show reporting this information, and they advised they do not report this information and could not provide any details. As provided by Federal Law, I am requesting that you now provide me with the method you used to verify this entry on my report to verify that you have followed the necessary processes to ensure accurate reporting to my credit file. Sincerely, Gator944
  4. Shortbus: First let me say that I have benefited so much from your posts here. With that said, please accept my humble thanks for all you've contributed to this forum. I too married my wife while I was unemployed. Today we have an awesome house and the coolest cars with our mortgage being our only debt. We are also so very fortunate that we can afford for her stay at home with our 2 year old. She laughs when people comment how she married me for my money. If they only knew. Your attitude makes it crystal clear that you will emerge bigger, better, and stronger from your unemployment. The most successful corporations in today's market were started by folks who did so out of similiar necessity. Microsoft is probably the most well known. Best of luck with your business. From the outside looking in, it appears you're difinitely on the right track with it.
  5. Damn guys......take it easy. I got it. Florida isn't a community property state. Does anyone even remember what the point of my post was. I was trying to show the OP that all is not lost with her husband's credit in the toilet. The OP doesn't even live in Florida so I'm sure they could really give a crap. There are now more posts about community property states than the original topic. Oh yeah......thanks........I stand corrected.
  6. Check your state's version of the FDCPA. Here in Florida, anyone collecting a debt (OC, 3rd party, or JDB) is classified as a collector, bound by the Florida version of the Debt Collection Practices Act.
  7. Not sure. All I know is when I asked my Loan Officer if I could have the loan in my name alone, but put my wife's name on the deed, she advised that although the mortgage is in my name alone, legally the deed must be filed in both names.
  8. To the OP: The best way to rebuild your credit is to change your way of thinking or approach to your finances. I had every card you could think of, all gold an platinum. In 2001 my industry fell apart and ALL of my cards went belly up. Always having credit cards, I viewed them as necessary to operate day to day, so I signed up for a couple of "second chance" card offers that came in the mail. I thought "whew, all is not lost". That was the worst decision I've ever made. Of course, still out of work, I couldn't make the payments on these either, so they went the way the others did. Out of necessity, I started peeling off cash for everything. and I noticed that I began second guessing every purchase. Before I knew it I actually had a savings accountThe cash made my spending real and forced a paradign shift in my view of my finances. I found that I was living within my means for the first time since college. If I couldn't buy it (not charge it), I didn't get it. Five years later, I OWN (not financed or leased) 3 automobiles (one a very nice Jag) and I am debt free except for my mortgage. I simply told myself that I refuse to pay $150 for a $75 shirt or $7500 for a $5000 television. When you buy this stuff on credit, that is essentially what you are doing. I'm sure the thought has crossed your mind that if I can get my credit back with cards, I will pay them off every month. A friend of mine thought the same thing, and did just that. However, he found himself having to charge stuff because all of his cash was going to paying his balances in full. He therefore carried continuous balances on these cards until he bit the bullet and paid them off without charging new. He said this was the most painfull month financially he'd experienced because to do this, he had to live on half of his resources. Cash for this month's necessities and cash for last months necessities. I'm sharing my story with you to show how being debt free can remove so much worry from your life. It raises your confidence level exponentially, and affords you opportunities that you never thought you'd have. Instead of paying interest to some credit organization, that money effortlessly goes towards savings. If you really think about it, I'm sure you'll realize that credit cards serve only one purpose: making credit card companies rich. Why put your money in their pockets instead of yours. Credit wasn't your friend before, and there's nothing you'll be able to hang your hat on that tells you it will be your friend now.
  9. From what I've read and based on my wife's tangle with these clowns, the request for time was filed by the attorney in anticipation of MCM having the necessary documentation. In my wife's case all they filed with the suit was a hearsay affidavit from an MCM employee. Chances are (not guaranteed, but highly likely) they won't have anything with teeth to give to their attorney and he will end up bluffing or dismissing the case. As always, hope for the best, and plan for the worst. Make sure you show up for all court dates, even if their attorney says you don't have to, so nothing is snuck by you. If you read up on these guys, you'll find they hang their hat on the law of averages. Meaning most defendants won't show up and they get defaults. Now they've taken a worthless debt paper and turned it into a rock solid judgment that is very collectable. Just keep your eye on the ball and you should make out fine on this.
  10. We just bought our house 12/31 based solely on my credit history and income. My wife is a stay at home mom with no income contribution. FHA would only want to see her credit history if our loan was based on any of her income. In our case they didn't even request her social security number. I was pre-approved within 30 minutes and the whole process went off without a hitch. In your case, if you are having to claim any of your husband's income to qualify for the home, then they will want to see his credit history. In our case the morgage ended up being in my name and the deed was filed in both our names since Florida is a community property state. Best of luck with your house. It sounds like you should be A OK on it.
  11. Contractually, you are obligated to what you signed when you saw the Doctor initially. By that I mean when you go to the doctor, they have you fill out some paper work: Medical History, Insurance Info, Payment Procedures, etc. If that initial contract did not say anything about paying a third party $100 if you don't pay your bill, then you shouldn't be obligated to pay it. If it does address non-payment, then it should also state how much will be added for collection fees. Your obligation is to the payment contract you signed at your visit. If that paperwork does note that you will be obligated for collection costs, then you should look up Florida collection fees and limitations. There should be a cap percentage they can charge that I'm sure a 50% markup would be well over. Robert brings up many great points also. All of which are character centered. Life is about character and the only way to maintain strong character is to keep your moral compass calibrated. That is your task though and can't be done remotely through a computer screen. NOTE: This is just my $.02 worth, and represents my thoughts and how I might handle such a situation if it were mine.
  12. Here's what worked for me: I kept my processes very simple. Here's what I did and it is still working successfully for me. 1. I got copies of my credit reports from all 3 bureaus. 2. I disputed all negatives on my reports online. About half of them fell off. 3. As the results of my disputes started coming in, I drafted 623 letters to the companies that verified the negative info. My letter gave them 30 days to respond. This weeded out about 3 more negs. 4. After 30 days I sent a follow up letter to the companies that ignored my initial 623 letter now giving them 10 days to respond. 5. I filed BBB compaints against the companies that were still ignoring my request. Although it didn't get any more TLs removed, 3 other companies gave me documentation that they had requested their TL removal, but the CRAs hadn't followed through. 6. I wrote to the CRAs enclosing the info from #5, and this is where I am now. I started with about 17 derogatory items on my CRs, and I'm down to about 4 now. 2 of the 4 have not responded to anything I've sent them, so once the last BBB complaint cycles through, I'll be going down to the courthouse to file my complaints. Again, that's what has worked for me. I hope it helps.
  13. Not sure what page you're referring to. Of course if you have evidence to back up your claim, include it. You should still be able to claim the defense without it. Maybe someone else will chime in with their experience with it.
  14. Not up on MN procedure, but here in FL any defenses used must be put in your answer to the suit.
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