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  1. I have a store card here and it was closed Jan of 2001. Delinquent of course. But it should have fallen off now. But I see they have re-aged the account and they are saying I closed it 11/2007. It remained on my report even though it sold the debt to 2 other agencies. They have been removed after doing a DV. However, I don't know how I can do a DV on an OC or how to get them to follow the rules and stop reporting false information to the bureau's. Thanks!
  2. First, the thing about my loans is that I've been in school for 7 years. I changed majors a couple of years out. My financial situation was far worse back then. I REALLY had nothing at all and my car that I had was always broken down because I was paying about $300 a month (one month it was $900) in just repairs. And I lived about 40 or 50 miles from the college. So, I needed loans for my expenses. Then the change in major added a couple of years. It's likely that in 5 years, the 30K could be 50K and in 10 years I could make 6 figures if I chose the path to that. There is alot of room for gro
  3. Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.
  4. I'm one semester away from graduating. Why I would do that?? I've worked long and hard for my degree and I'm getting it. I'd be lucky to get paid 15K without my degree. I'd get paid 30K entry level in my field. Maybe 35K with the right employer. The math does not add up. Sorry.
  5. We've downgraded as far as we can downgrade. We weren't UPgraded to begin with! *We haven't had cable for months. We have pre-paid cellular too for emergencies and necessary calls only. *I don't eat out because of a medical diet I'm on permanently and for the same reason, I can't eat those foods you mentioned. I can eat peanut butter, but I have pretty strict dietary requirements I have to meet for the sake of my health. If I don't, I get sick and malnourished. * My hobbies are not expensive. They are generally hiking, reading and painting. The former are free and the latter is not expensiv
  6. My husband and I are in a predicament and not sure where to go. We are not yet in collections as we are between 1-4 months late on many of our cards (some are still current) but we can't afford to continue the minimums, muchless the new payments which are last months minimums plus late fees and interest. We do not have a card that is below 28% interest and our debt is around $64,000. I'm in college full time and have a part time job. My husband works full time. I graduate in May and can start working full time after that and at a job with better pay. We could get a handle on payments then exce