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  1. My husband is considering bankrupcty and the nearest bankruptcy lawyer is four hours away. So before we decide to make the drive I wanted to know how income is calculated. While searching online I found a website that says the only proof of income you need to provide is your last tax return and a copy of your most recent paycheck. Is this correct? My husband is a contractor and no two paychecks are ever the same. For the last six months he has had a lot of luck with work placing us above the median income, but on our last tax return we were below the median income. Thank you in advance.
  2. My husband had a hospital account sent to a collection law firm. The collection law firm sent a notice to my mother in law's address which is in a different state that we live in. I have looked up the collection law firm and they are not licensed to collect in my mother-in-law's state or ours. I was reading in a sticky that I should send a letter CRRR right way? What does that mean?
  3. My husband had a hospital bill sent to collections. He paid the amount in full and his Experian credit report it states that the account was paid in settlement. Do we dispute this with Experian or the ca? If we dispute with the ca and they do not fix it, can we sue?
  4. My boyfriend made the mistake of calling a collection office to ask for a settlement. He charged a tv @ best buy and he had the chance to pay it off with 0% interest for a year. Unfortunately he did not finish paying it in a year and the interest for that year was added on. The balance from $1400 to about $3100. The collection agent was willing to settle for $2500 and wouldn't budge. He was on the phone for about and the agent grabbed her manager because he wanted a lesser settlement amount. The manager was rather rude and said that she was going to sue because of his unwillingness to pay. He was telling her that he is willing to work out a payment schedule and she hung up on him. He called back and was put on hold for 23 minutes. He hung up and called again and her assistant said she was in a meeting. He left a message for her to call back and she never did. What is the next step he should take?
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