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  1. Ok Thanks for the update. Does anyone else have any ideas on the other two questions?
  2. Why won't they remove it? It has a release date of 9/22/1999 thats 13 years. I though its removed after 7 years.
  3. It’s been awhile since I’ve been here but I’m back working on my CR’s again. I have a question regarding a three of tax liens. I have one state and two federal liens I’m dealing with. The state lien is simple, it is on Equifax only and the release was dated on 1999 and I have the release so I’m going to send a copy to Equifax which should get it removed from my CR. Now the other two is where I need the help and advice. The other two are both federal liens, both are listed on all three of my CR’s; both liens were filed in 2006. I have the documents showing the release of both liens. Lien 1 was released on 12/14/2010 and all three CR’s show that release date so my first question is, will it be 7 years from the 2010 date before it will be removed from my CR? Now for lien number 2 I have two release documents showing that it has been released but all three of the CR’s show it is still an active lien with no release date. Now here’s where the tricky part comes in. I received document one from the IRS on 12/14/2010 and in the space where the other documents show the lien release dates, here is an example “*Lien Released* 12/14/2010”. This one says **Self-released**, with no date on it now. For the next question is what does self-released mean? The second question on this document is what is the date I use to count out the 7 years to have it removed from my report? The only date I have found is the lien recorded date of 2/7/2006, the date it was faxed to me which is 12/14/2010 and the last date is on the bottom that states “This notice was prepared and executed at Seattle, WA on this, the 20th day of January 2006. So which date do I use? Now the second document I received was because I had couldn’t find the first one and called the IRS and they mailed me the new document (then I found the first one). It is a document titled Certificated of release of Federal Tax Lien and it gave the date of when the lien was filed and a statement as followed “This notice was prepared and signed at Seattle, WA, on this, the 28th day of Feb, 2012. My plan is (unless someone has a better idea of what I should do) send a copy of the last document I talked about to my daughter still lives in Portland OR and she is going to take it to the county recorder’s office and have it recorded to actually show that it is in fact released. I then plan to send a certified copy to all three CRA to they can record that it is in fact released. So the big question is what date should I work to have the CRA display as my release date? And again is it 7 years from the release date until its removed to my CR’s? I really enjoy spending time on this forum as everyone is so helpful and the answers are so great. I really can’t believe the amount of knowledge that is on this forum. That’s why I keep come back. Thanks in advance of all your help.
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    Hey HamInaCan I'm still working on a solution to our problem. It helps to know that I'm not the only one having the problem. Can you email me at so we can talk about this offline. With your help I'm hoping to find an answer. Thanks Dave
  5. That is great, I need to find out one of those nasty number and start giving that to them......LOL They would be shocked when they all it
  6. Thanks for the reply, you make a good since. Just today I was in a store with my sister and when she was checking out the cashier asked for her phone number and she just spit it out without batting an eye. I told her afterwards I NEVER give out my number when asked and I told her there is only one reason they are going to use that number and its to call you. So thanks for bringing me back to reality and practice what I preach.
  7. M Thanks for the reply, I have the paperwork from the federal and state that is an official release. Is that the same type of document your talking about? D
  8. I'm disputing all of the items on my CR, on TU they have an old phone number, should I give them my current number to make sure everything is all up to date? Or should I just work at getting the old number removed?
  9. Thanks, that is what I will do
  10. I need validation to the plan of attack I plan on using. I have 2 to 3 tax liens on all 3 of my reports. One state and 2 federal. To start with all three of them have been released, that state they have been paid and it was released 4/2000 and the federal wasn't paid but the fact is they just reached the SOL and federal just released them on 12/2010. TU has just the 2 federal liens and one states paid federal tax lien while the other just states federal tax lien. Now EQ shows all three of them, and it’s the same as TU one of the federal show released and the other one doesn’t while the state doesn't show released and the released date was 11 years ago, Now EX just shows the federal and neither show it was released. My plan is to dispute the inaccuracy of the two federal listings and if that fails I will step back and contact the IRS. Now the state Lien I plan to dispute the inaccuracy because it doesn’t show it is released and the fact its past it date to remove the record. Now my question is will this be a viable plan of attack of should I approach it from a different way.
  11. I have a couple of TL that is scheduled to drop of on Sept and Nov of this year. Is it work firing off a dispute letter for them or just let them fall off on their own?
  12. I will pass on any information I come across on this error.
  13. some messages go through like this one but the message I was trying to send is I am creating my letters to send to the CRA and I'm working on TU and it has the account name and address but the account number is not complete, here is an example of one number 5386 and two asterisks Now my question, when sending in the letter to TU under the account information can I just put in the number exactly like its listed or is there a way I can get the complete number
  14. I keep getting this error message in this part of the forum Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 20971520 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 35 bytes) in /var/www/html/forums/includes/functions_search.php on line 196
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    I keep getting this error message just testing
  16. Thanks Hal This is is one of the address I did find. Just knowing it worked for you is reassuring that it will get to where it belongs. All of the address I have are all from TX just different PO Box numbers.
  17. I know they can be a pain it the butt, I installed Firefox as a browser because it had a lot of add-ons but I have these stupid add-ons popping up all over the place and I know I wouldn't have loaded them...LOL
  18. Yes it is when I run a search. I have tried different lengths in my search but doesn't seem to effect the outcome. It doesn't happen all the time, I could run a search and get the error message and a different time I could try the same search and it goes through. It has me baffled.
  19. That is a great suggestion, Thank you
  20. GertschMom1121, yes we could put more then one TL per letter, there is pro's and con's when we do this. Sending on TL per letter cost more but we are insured that the one TL will be addressed. Putting multiple TL's per letter is cheaper but it is possible for one of the TL's to get lost in the shuffle. I'm not sure which way I'm going to handle this, have to sleep on it tonight,
  21. Damn I'm going to have to take out a stinking loan to pay for the postage and with my bad credit I will be paying more interest.... So its going to cost me 100 bucks and its only one CRA, I have the two other ones also. Damn catch 22, you need to pay to get better credit but you need better credit to get the loan to get better credit, my head is spinning,,,,LOL
  22. I just called the post office to check on the cost of postage. I was told the letter was $.44, certified $2.80 and return receipt is $2.30 for a grand total of $5.54. I then have 17 TL for TransUnion alone which makes it $94.18 I will end up in another collection just trying to pay for my postage. Is this the correct amount everyone is paying or did I calculate it wrong and how can I cut some corners to save some money?
  23. OK I need the correct address to mail my dispute to Experian. I have done extensive searches through google, creditinfocenter, experian web site and other credit boards. I have come up with at least a dozen PO Box numbers and I don't want to pay all that money to send my disputes and have them all returend. Can someone please give me the correct PO Box number. Thank you
  24. I'm getting the following error message every time I try to search the forum. Can anyone help me? Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 20971520 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 16 bytes) in /var/www/html/forums/includes/class_core.php on line 3312
  25. I'm trying to get the mailing address to Experian where I can send the TL disputes. I have searched their web site and tried every search pattern I could think of for this forum. I’m sure I need new glassed and its going to be right under my nose. ** NOTE I found the address, thank