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  1. If a company contacts you at your place of employement after you sent a Cease and Desist, what law does that violate. Need to know, this happened today.
  2. I don't think they can refuse to validate , can they? I would send them a CMRR letter, stating simply; your account number with them or a photo copy of the information they have reported to the credit bureaus and a letter stating; "This letter is being sent to LVNV, The Better Business Bureau, My state attorney general, my attorney, The three credit bureaus, etc... You have placed the above information on my credit reports. This is my SECOND request in three months for you to POSTAL MAIL me verification and validation of the above debt as I dispute it. You have thus far not sent me this validation,.If you refuse to POSTAL MAIL me this information to the RETURN ADDRESS stated in this letter within 30 days of the date stated on this letter, you are in VIOLATION of the FDCPA. Furthermore if you refuse validation I demand you remove the erroneous and false information that you have placed on my credit report."
  3. Yea I agree with you I'm going to do the former with the HSBC accounts since they are bouncing around to collection agents, I found out, through investigations through my bank who is tracking the payments I sent, that HSBC sold to First Financial who outsourced to Empire Solutions on one account and to Recievables Performance Management on another account. When I have saved up $800, I will offer them each $400 to settle the accounts since that is the orignal amount I owed HSBC, I won't pay the collection agency's inflated interest charges (almost$300 just in interest) and I will only settle if ALL of the companies who are reporting on my CR (HSBC, RPM) agree that the debt is settled and agree to remove the account from my credit reports. If they ALL (especially HSBC) don't agree, I will send them a **** OFF AND DIE letter and they will have to take me to court and get a judgement against me, to get paid. Period. I don't feel a moral obligation to the CA, although I feel some obligation to the OC and am willing to pay what I rightfully owe. Empire isnt reporting on my CR, and all of the CRA's actually deleted RPM when I DV'd because RPM cannot prove I have an account with them (because I don't). So now only HSBC is reporting on my CR. The First Premier account told me that I was found not liable, and it will come off my report soon and she said they will send out a letter to me stating this, dated today so i can send it to the CR if it doesnt come off my report immediately. The Medical Account I will do the latter but I am going to pay until I owe $95 and before I send the $95 I am going to ask nicely for them to delete the account from my CR in exchange for the final payment and just see what they say. They are being VERY reasonable with me and I also feel the hospital and Dr's should be paid for their services to me, so morally I do feel an obligation to them. that will pretty much take care of everything on my CR's (except student loans but those are in good standing) unless i get judgements for some older accounts that are scheduled to fall off this year due to SOL. Hopefully in 6 months my CR will be free of all debts and collection agency's and at that time when everything is paid off I will put all the money I am currently using to pay those debts towards my car note so it can be paid off early. I am on the Dave Ramsey, GET DEBT FREE plan, trying to do the debt snowball. Once the car is paid off, I will use that combined money total of $441 [car payment ($275), and the debt payments ($166) = $441] to start paying down my student loans even though I am still in college and am not obligated to do so until I graduate. I owe about $45,000 in student loans currently, If I can start paying that down in 2 years then I should be debt free, with a great credit score, in 6 years when I recieve my Ph.D.
  4. won't know for sure till they do whatever they are going to do Can't say I have it ALL figured out, I wouldn't have to conduct this experiment if I was sure of the outcome, that was half the point of doing this.
  5. Maybe when they see money coming in they might decide to take the account back or maybe they lied about it being turned over to a collection agency seeing as how THEY, the OC, are the ones reporting to my CR, or maybe they will forward the money on to their collection agency. Either way in a court of law, it will show I sent them the payments and they accepted them, cashed them. They didnt return it to me. The OC cashing a check with my account number on it is an agreement that I am paying on that account. I would be willing to take that to court, as I have done with a prior landlord who claims we had no agreement but yet he cashed the checks that clearly said RENT on them. I won that case, the courts found that him accepting and cashing the checks with my account on them was in itself an agreement. We didn't need a lease or verbal agreement. I will only ever (unless ordered by court) send money to the people/company I had a contract with. If those people/companies decide to send the payment on to a agency they have contracted with, that is their business. My business is with the OC.
  6. I know who "supposedly" owns the debt, have pulled all my credit reports, Everyone on the reports have been DV'ed, Followed the proper process, got some things deleted others validated, have gotten my score improved. I know exactly how much I owe, etc.. have spreadsheets, etc.. CMRR reciepts, etc,.. I know who they WANT me to pay, I just refuse to pay those people. If they want to forward the payments to them, be my guest, the debt still decreases. I just refuse to work with them. Plenty of people have gotten PFD for amounts less than $75. I followed the original steps offered on this website, then decided to take a detour as is per my curiosity.
  7. The OC wont make an agreement with me, I refuse to deal with the C.A., so I took my chances with sending the O.C. payments to start paying down the debt. The debts are mine. I will pay them in full, but I won't make a final payment unless they agree to a PFD but I wont request a PFD till I can afford the payment I request as a payoff amount in the PFD letter whenever I send it, which will be the amount of whatever is left of the debt after I've paid it down over 6 months. They'll get the final payment when they agree to the PFD. In some ways this is an experiment on my part to see what would happen. I think I asked the question on this board months ago but didn't get a response, so I just decided to go ahead and do it and see what happens. I'll let you guys know the result of the experiment in 6 months. but was curious if anyone knew the answer to my question in advance. BTW I stopped sending the payments to First Premier and both HSBC cards this month cause I've decided to follow the Dave Ramsey plan, and I am on Step 2 (debt snowball) . So I combined those 3 payments and am sending it all to Sun Health since that is the smallest bill, to get it paid off quicker. The Sun Health bill will be almost paid in full in 2 months, and then I will request a PFD if they want the final payment.
  8. my understanding is that if they accept or cash the payment that constitutes some sort of agreement if brought before a court.
  9. So I dunno if this was a smart move or not, but starting in february I started sending $20 payments to particular Original Creditors reported to my CR. including First Premier, 2 HSBC (Orchard, Household), and Sun Health. Each of those 4 debts are less than $500 but more than $250 and are less than 2 years old but were Charged off or sent to Collections and reporting negatively on my credit report. I dont have a lump sum of cash to offer a settlement. I did DV them, followed that process, returned validated, etc. etc.. so I started sending $20/month payments to the original creditor of those accounts, ignoring the collections agencies even though the O.C. sent letters informing of what collection agency they sold to. Again I did not inform the CA or even the OC that I would be making payments, etc.. I just started sending them without notice. So far 2 payments have been sent out to each. The CA for Sun Health contacted me this month as they hadn't yet recieved the $20 payment for March. I was surprised a CA was contacting me or even knew about the payments as it was sent to the OC. Turned out the OC has cashed it, it cleared my bank account, but it takes 5 days for it to show on my account with them. It's fine, its a medical account, my plan is when the debt gets to around $75 to offer a PFD. Since the CA called me and let me know it takes 5 days to credit to my debt if I send it to the OC and only 1 day if I send it directly to them, I changed the payee address to send it to them directly instead of to the OC. That's not even my QUESTION, lol, all of the above was just background info. My question is, What do you think has happened to the $20/month I have sent to the other Original Creditors (First Financial, HSBC)? I haven't had any communication with them at all, I'm wondering if they are forwarding the payments to the collection agency? are they just crediting it to my debt?? Curious?
  10. Got my latest Equifax report today; 4 INQUIRIES - deleted ALSO 1 Collection Account Deleted: Recievables Performance MG
  11. vickinicole


    my apartment complex sent my account to his agency as well, possible around 2-4 weeks ago this collection agency has NOT contacted me YET This account is NOT on my credit reports yet either I want to stop it before it gets there Should I write the CA and ask to make payment arrangements and ask them not to send the account to collections. The amount is $1800, I can afford to pay $50 a month for 3 years. What do you all suggest?
  12. did you have an address for National Credit Systems
  13. Does anyone have a address for National Credit Systems, phone number 1-404-629-9595
  14. I sent the apartment complex a letter requesting contact information for the Collection Agency they sent my account to they sent me back a handwritten note ON the letter I sent them with the following; This is who you need to contact: N.C.S. Inc 404-629-9595 i called the number and they asked for my social security number, i refused to give it, they changed me to different people who kept me on hold so I hung up. What should I do? Should I call them, request their address then arrange $50 monthly payments for 3 years until my account is settled. This account has NOT yet gone on my credit report and I would like to avoid that happeneing. Whats the best course of action when the apartment complex refuses to accept my money and sends the account to collections?
  15. oh good to know!! in this case, the apt. complex sent me a letter stating someone moved in on 1/18/08 they subsequently revised the bill from $2400 to $1800