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  1. You will get lots of different responses here. It is good to rebuild your credit if you know that you will have the ability to repay for the next 2 years. With that score you can try They charge an annual fee, but that is it. There is They fee you to death. That previous one is probably the best one. Getting unsecured or secured card from the CU is not a bad idea. Getting bad information off will help, but it will not rebuild your credit unless there is a new track record. Just hav
  2. It doesn't there if that is the whole thing, but does every creditor sign the same contract? Where did you find that at?
  3. ...that that 3 cylinder Geo Metro after being rolled off of the 3rd story parking garage fell into the trunk of that old 1973 Buick and fit in there..
  4. I agree there is nothing in the FCRA that says this, but how did you figure out that the big 3 don't have an agreement with creditors that says they can't do a PFD. I thought some creditors had this in their contract with the CRAs?
  5. ...And since no one found the Ace of spades, this tread started to die of natural causes...
  6. You said you looked into this operation? I hear they have a serious mark up on their merchandise, its substandard, and yet they report to the credit agencies. How much trouble is it for one to set something like this up? Heck if I could do it, I would give my self a 2K limit on all 3 CRAs...
  7. That is okay. I am trying to do both at once. You know, that age of accounts thing. Plus I know my score will dip temporarily when I take on new accounts. So its like take the dip now so that six months latter it will bounce back mostly. I guess you have the credit cards you want already? Did you put the FA on all three?
  8. I had two medical collections. One of them I did a pay for delete on. Both of them I went through the regular 1-2 punch process, and when that didn't work then I escalated the tone in my 2nd DV letter to both of them. At the time I was completely convinced that DV was not complete without a signature, but after re-reading that FTC letter, it is talking about a CA just going by what THEY have in their computer instead of what the OC has. But I did not know this at the time and sent them semi-nutcase letters telling them that they didn't validate because of no signature and that what they prov
  9. I applied for two different accounts and I had the FA on there. I think the FA kept me from getting approved, but I have not heard anything back from one of them yet. I think you can call up and have the FA removed, can't you?
  10. I would think it would. People talk about timely DVs, but I think when you get an dunning that gives you another 30 day window. Did it spell out your rights to get validation? If so then I would do it. If not, then I would go the FCRA 623 route after having it "verified" with the CRA. Notice the quotes.
  11. 1. Did you send them a DV? 2. Has it been 30 days? 3. Did you dispute it with the CRAs? 4. Did it come back verified? If the answer is yes to all 4 then I would send an FCRA 623 letter.
  12. ...Now we will never know what our FICO scores were, Oh NO! I wonder who has the Ace of spades....
  13. Is it reported on the CRA? I don't think its a violation unless its re-aged on a credit report. This friend could send a DV to them. If it is not reporting yet this should legally keep it off at least until they do validate it. If it is being report as late in 2007 and it was actually closed 2004, then I would dispute it on that basis. I had one where they said it was opened in 2007, but it was actually opened in 2005. I had the document to prove it, but Ijust simply disputed it online stating that the open date was incorrect, and it got deleted from the credit file.