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  1. Check out this site for questions on Credit reports and credit scores. Take the quiz at the end. AB-85o:roll: eta: site removed.
  2. AMEX wants me to apply for Optima card when I got a collection account with them. I wonder if this will work. AB-85o
  3. This is good info, thanks for sharing. I got a problem with them also. AB 85o
  4. Very good information. Thank you interesting.
  5. andbowd

    Cookware help!

    I have a hard time cleaning my Stainless Steel cookware also.
  6. That response told me everything I need to know about .FICO. AB
  7. This info is great for me. I cheked out the site. Bank of America's secured cards
  8. this info is helpful. I just had a lien filed.