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  1. Hey all! It's been awhile... Got this email today... : Now that WaMu is becoming Chase, online access to your credit card account will be moving to Chase OnlineSM effective March 9, 2009. You’ll have access to many of the services currently available at wamucards.com (or wamu.com if you usually access your credit card account through that site) including credit card account management, online payments and email alerts. After the move, you’ll have the convenience of exciting new features including: Online Statements and Paperless StatementsMobile BankingOnline enrollment in AutoPayManagement of employee spending limits plus online access for employees (for Business card customers) However, please note that your free FICO® credit score will no longer be displayed, and only 3 months of transaction history will be available online. If you wish to access your historical transaction information currently available online, you will need to save, download, or print it by March 1, 2009. As we move your account to Chase.com, online access will be unavailable from March 4-8, 2009. If you’d planned to make payments online at our site during that time, please make arrangements to log in prior to that period to ensure that your payment reaches us by the due date on your statement. Important dates to remember: Print or download WaMu transactions: By March 1, 2009Online access unavailable: March 4-8, 2009Log on to Chase.com:March 9, 2009 For additional information about the transition to Chase Online, please visit www.chase.com/wamucards anytime. If you’re concerned about online security, you may type the URL directly into your browser. Sincerely, WaMu Customer Service The free FICO was the only reason I got the stupid card to begin with!!!
  2. 20 bucks and a condom. The condom is for if I get lucky. The 20 bucks is for if I don't.
  3. Agreed. I too, do not believe in parents kicking the crap out of their kids, but a stern lesson that there are consequences to one's actions is part of teaching kids how to behave.
  4. TT SBB because it seems he thinks I was talking about giving toni a sheep to play with and keep her in her room!
  5. WickeD, you little whore! Is that why we love her so much!?!?
  6. I don't "dip my tea bag" that way either, but shouldn't we change the subject?
  7. Those green babies must be from a different father, they are a different shade of green! (I didn't know WickeD "got around" so much! )
  8. LOL! Would it make me Gay? (not that there's anything wrong with that, of course)
  9. TT SBB because we all know what you would have given toni to play with!
  10. TT, do you mean if it was YOU that dragged me (against my will) into a small book room and forced me (again, against my will )to feel you up?
  11. Sorry, been busy getting ready to move. What have I missed? YES!!! Number 3 most definitely!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I'd get 2 or 3 with a belt from Dad if I REALLY screwed up. The best thing though, was he made me go get the belt! I can remember it to this day. I think it only happened 2 maybe 3 times before I got the message. I have a great Dad and had a the greatest mom.
  13. ooooo! Number 1,000!!!!!!!! What a whore I am!!!!!!!!!
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