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  1. Thanks for posting this. I just got this same letter and was wondering what new information did I send. Then I realized that I disputed a separate account over the phone AFTER i sent in the MOV letter for the unpaid collections account that came back verified twice with nothing coming from the CA to me after two DV letters. So if I call to let them know that these are two different dispute items and that tech. they don't get a 15 day extention?
  2. Congrats on your improvements. When you applied for the AMEX who did they pull from and what is the Oasis?
  3. Congrats. I'm looking forward to the day I when i post this same good news.
  4. If I may add another two cents here. I am going thru the same deal with a different CA. Spoke to and gave CA banking information to make payment arrangements. Became aware of my rights and so on because of this site. I too was concerned about the headaches and time it was going to be to closing my checking so I initially did a stop payment and with the advice given on various forums I decided to close it. And realized with my bank that they would close the old one and open a new one and all of my regular deposits into my old checking will still be transfered to the new checking until I change that information with my employer. I can still use my same debit card all electronic withdrawls can still be made. The only thing that will change is ANY electronic CHECKS or PAPER CHECKS that did not post to my old account at the time of closing will be sent back. And when I decided to close the account the ONLY electronic check was the one to the CA for the payment arrangements. All my other banking is done by ATM check card, thank GOD. So it wasn't as hard or bad as I thought it might be. So you may see if your bank has similar arrangements I'm at Wells Fargo. But just know your not the first to make that mistake!!! We just learn and move on. hope that helped some
  5. Oh okay. So then my SOL is from the DOFD in 2002. which expired in 2006. on the EXP. CR it says the estimated date of removal is 12/2008. thanks for that.
  6. I'm also dealing with midland. I took the 1-2 punch approach. DV'd midland twice, Disputed with all 3 CR. Midland hasn't responded. CR's verified as accurate both times so I MOV them still waiting for their response. DOFD is listed as 2002 but Date account opened is listed as 2005? WTF. So it looks as though Midland re-aged the account. They continue to validate with CR but haven't sent me anything they sent two dunning letters since they received my last dv request. Called 8 times left a name once. So I have a number of violations that are listed in my ITS letter. Their 30 days from receipt of the last DV request is up on 2/25. I will be filing a complaint with BBB, FTC, California AG, and Pennsylvnia AG.
  7. you apply to all three if you choose to achieve the trifecta effect.
  8. Just applied to Target. They gave me the wait and see... So I guess we'll see. I did get approval for Kays for 1500cl though. on step at a time.
  9. Read all the post so far on this thread and got approved for Kay 1500cl. Next Jared's right? Should I wait a couple days or does it matter? on my way to the 650 club!!! I know I know probably no such thing but its my own personal goal for right now anyways.
  10. Great thanks for the information i'll keep that in mind if it does come to that. Please update when you get your settlement and the violations counted against them. Were there any listings on your CR either before or after your wife made the payments? And if not did they list with the CR after you stop payments?
  11. Just cancelled old checking open a new one. THANKS GUYS!!!!
  12. Well I put a stop payment and informed the bank of the situation. Is this not enough? could they actually still go and try to withdrawl even more money after they figure out that there was a stop payment.
  13. Other than the initial phone call I received 8/07 from their offices and when i made the payment arrangements with them that day. I never received a "dunning letter". The only communications I have received are the ones about the notices of the pre-approved draft amounts from my checking account after 8/07. So i'm not sure your paragraph would work for me since i did communicate with them over the phone PLEASE correct me if i'm wrong. The initial DV letter that I sent was 1/08 after i came to my senses and found this site. However instead of sending the simple letter I sent the two page one since I was SO angry. And today I received another letter "notice that a pre-approved draft in the amount, ect.....". Even though my initial request was delivered and accepted a couple of days after i sent it. So I think this would constitute as further collection activity even though they have not validated yet, right?. But before i send off my second DV request I have another question now: Since I did start a payment plan is my SOL out of the window? Thanks for your advise I will save that paragraph though for future reference.