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  1. In the past I used Lexington. I did my research including calling the better business bureau.They are based in Utah and because of the large Mormon population there I found myself dealing with a group of people with good integrit and work ethic. They were expensive but they did a good job. I have found more success doing it myself and no longer use them but if you don't have the time Lexington did a good job for me. I know that goes against the other posts but that was my experience with them.
  2. hambone

    Tax Lien

    Well dang it. That's what I get for not handling my business.
  3. hambone

    Tax Lien

    -Semper fi Yea, I didn't want to just pay and it stay on there. I have heard of these pay for delete or nondisclosure letter but I don't know the best way to handle this. I got late student loans (now consilidated) from a previous deployment. Any ideas?
  4. hambone

    Tax Lien

    I have a small tax lien on my CR for 280.0. I want to pay it but I also want it off my CR. What is the best way to approach this?
  5. I want the negative trade lines off. I am still trying to get use to the terminology. My late loans are with EDFINICIAL-4 SALLIE MAE MOEHELA-2 US DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION I had several loans out as once and was in basic training the first time they came late and deployed the second time they became late. I have since consolidated them all and have had no further problems with them. But the ones that are on there now are killing me.
  6. Don't I want a negative "Trade Line" to come off or am I more confussed that I think??
  7. Never mind. I googled it. Thanks!
  8. "TL"? What does that stand for?
  9. "Pay for Delete letter"? I am new, apparently a dumba**, and I can't find it on here. Were can I find a " Pay for Delete letter"?
  10. Is there anything I can do about the the same late payment entry appearing on my credit report on two seperate occasions?
  11. If I pay off the CO (charge off) will they remove the entry from my credit report?
  12. When dealing with student loans are defaulted and 60 (90-120) days late on a payment the same thing?
  13. On the grounds that it is old and with another company now and maybe they don't feel like dealing with my constant dispute letters anymore.
  14. Would disputing it be worth my time?